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6.06 – Bam! Toad!

6.05.45 - proposal4
Man, 6 chapters and we have yet to see babies. Get a move on, Velma!
In the previous chapter, Story and Velma got engaged, and both fell pregnant. Ah, fun with same sex couples and multiple babies at the same time. Roxie also aged up and moved out, but not before maxing the piano skill and earning the family a point – from now on all spares will be required to max one skill before moving out as a YA. Because I’m playing for points, and also coz they need to do something while living the life of luxury in the legacy house.

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6.05 – Points and Pranks

6.04.54 - exit
Last time, Cosette died during Roxie’s birthday party, leading to the biggest crying fest in my game to date. Story Moss was revealed as the winner of the spouse poll, and she moved into the house.

More updates? Yes, finally catching up to my binge playing over Christmas. Get ready for some nooboos! Wait, not yet, this chapter just has a hormonal, insane pregnant woman.

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6.04 – Tears of Purple

Gen 5 spouse
We have a winner! By a long shot, Story Moss takes out the most coveted crown of being the next Rourke spouse. And I’ve been having so much fun playing with her and Velma that I have 3-4 chapters almost ready to go.

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Merry Christmas from the Rourkes!

I wanted to play enough to get a full chapter, but RL Christmas planning took over. So instead, see how the Rourkes celebrated their Christmas.

Xmas 1
The Christmas tree takes pride of place in the living room (from this free Store set).

Xmas 2
Seaweed prepared the turkey dinner.

Xmas 3
While everyone else changes into their festive best. (I used these patterns from MTS)

Xmas 4
Everyone eats together, on the patio.

Then gather for a family photo, overlooking Bridgeport bay.
Xmas 5
Nice face, Billy.

Take 2:
Xmas 6
Couldn’t have left your runny nose for two seconds, Kelly?

Take 3:
Xmas 7
Stop fidgeting, guys!

Xmas 8
This will have to do.

Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) to everyone, from me and all my sims families. Hope everyone has a nice break.

Gen 6 Spouse Poll

I just posted the most recent chapter, so go here to read it before voting.

Who will you guys choose for Velma’s spouse? Whomever is chosen will be completing the Business career, to complete the gen 6 requirements.

406 (2)
406 Bathory, of the Bathory villain legacy
Traits: Loves the Heat, Slob, Bookworm, Snob, Good (fairy)

Alyssa Vinson, of the Vinson Epic Legacy
Traits: Loser, Heavy Sleeper, Ambitious, Rebellious, Photographer’s Eye (genie)

Eskarina Winters, of the Winters ISBI
Traits: Unlucky, Loner, Insane, Dog Person, Good Sense of Humour (witch)

Story Moss, of A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (DIFT)
Traits: Daredevil, Ambitious, Absent-Minded, Adventurous, Dramatic (witch)


(Eskarina and Story were both missing their 5th trait when I downloaded the file, so I randomised the last one)


6.03 – It Was All Yellow

Another update so soon? Uni is almost over for the semester, and I have to procrastinate studying… so sims! 🙂

6.02.59 - 406 romance4
Last time, Velma befriended all the spouse options, and had a sleep over with 406. She also graduated, while the four teens various skilled and were taught to drive.

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6.02 – When We Were Young

6.01.20 - Eskarina silly faces

Previously, Velma aged up to YA and took over the family. The first thing she did was moved everyone to Bridgeport. She then met her four spouse options, and showed all of use her unique way of flirting.
The triplets aged up to teen, with the girls being indoor nerds and Billy a typical jock.

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6.01 – Childhood Daze

5.11.61 - elder bday3Previously, there were many birthdays, including Roxie to teen, the triplets to child and Brillo and Seaweed to elder. Everyone did lots of socialising and skilling…and not much else.

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