Grab a Rourke! These will only be the Rourkes born in game, since all spouses will be from other legacies, so you’ll have to get those from their respective sites.

All downloads are CC-free, so they may look slightly different from the pictures here. Feel free to give them makeovers and change their traits as you see fit, just please don’t change the genetics or claim them as your own.

My default replacements are listed here – the only other custom content I use is hair, so just ask if you want to know where it came from!

Just click the picture to download (all .sim files)

1-Bruce Small

2.01.62 - Jess Title Card

3.01.64 - Fiyero title card


(Seaweed’s freckled skin is Miss Skitty’s freckled version of Papercat’s skin – in the download he has EA skin and freckles on his face only)

(Velma’s freckled skin is Miss Skitty’s freckled version of Papercat’s skin – in the download she has EA skin)

(Like his mother and grandfather, Riff Raff has Miss Skitty’s freckled skin – see above for link – in the download he has EA skin)

(Again with the freckles – see Seaweed for the skin link. Download has EA skin)


3.08.14 - BoqYA
Boq Rourke
Evil, Friendly, Unstable, Supernatural Skeptic, Great Kisser
LTW: Fashion Phenomenon

00DL - Marius
Marius Rourke
Athletic, Excitable, Absent-Minded, Handy, Adventurous
LTW: Astronaut

00DL - Eponine
Eponine Rourke (face clone of Yttrium)
Neurotic, Artistic, Night Owl, Charismatic, Dramatic
LTW: Star News Anchor

4.07.91 - PennyA
Penny Rourke (werewolf)
Loner, Loves the Heat, Genius, Great Kisser
LTW: Leader of the Pack

4.08.113 - MaybelleA
Maybelle Rourke (werewolf)
Excitable, Perceptive, Neat, Artistic, Inappropriate
LTW: Master of the Arts

6.04.45 - RoxieYA
Roxie Rourke (see above for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Lucky, Hydrophobic, Supernatural Fan, Neat, Rebellious
LTW: Superstar Actor

6.08.22 - FlynnA
Flynn Rourke
Bookworm, Rebellious, Loner, Genius, Loves the Cold
LTW: Perfect GPA

6.08.21 - KellyA
Kelly Rourke
Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Rebellious, Shy, Vehicle Enthusiast
LTW: Dynamic DNA Profiler

6.08.20 - BillyA
Billy Rourke
Grumpy, Daredevil, Rebellious, Sailor, Charismatic
LTW: Super Popular

6.15.09 - FrankA
Frank Rourke
(witch)  (see above for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Family Oriented, Good Sense of Humour, Charismatic, Rebellious, Vegetarian
LTW: Zombie Master

Magenta Rourke (witch)
Eccentric, Childish, Lucky, Rebellious, Dramatic
LTW: Monster Maker

Rocky Rourke (see above for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Friendly, Rebellious, Diva, Supernatural Fan, Snob
LTW: Max Influence with all Social Groups

Audrey Rourke (see above for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Disciplines, Loves the Outdoors, Eco-Friendly, Rebellious, Shy
LTW: Martial Arts Master

Seymour Rourke (photo is a teen, in the DL he’s a YA)
Genius, Family-Oriented, Rebellious, Never Nude, Technophobe
LTW: Chess Legend

Ronette Rourke (see above for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Unlucky, Absent-Minded, Star Quality, Eco-Friendly, Rebellious
LTW: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Max Rourke (human; the mermaid wouldn’t transfer over)
Friendly, Clumsy Loves to Swim, Rebellious, Adventurous
LTW: Seasoned Traveller

Gretel Rourke
Athletic, Can’t Stand Art, Socially Awkward, Daredevil, Rebellious
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Louisa Rourke (see Seaweed for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Good, Loves the Cold, Star Quality, Snob, Rebellious
LTW: CEO of Mega Corporation

Kurt Rourke (genie)
Disciplined, Rebellious, Insane, Supernatural Fan, Loves the Cold
LTW: Physical Perfection

Liesel Rourke (see Seaweed for freckled skin link, download is EA skin)
Hydrophobic, Good Sense of Humour, Vegetarian, Savvy Sculptor, Rebellious
LTW: Master Magician

Brigitta Rourke
Bookworm, Couch Potato, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Rebellious
LTW: Professional Author

Marta Rourke (ghost – watery grave)
Artistic, Loves the Cold, Dramatic, Hopeless Romantic, Rebellious
LTW: Home Design Hotshot

9.12.21 - KenickieA
Kenickie Rourke (werewolf)
Eccentric, Good Sense of Humour, Sailor, Supernatural Fan, Socially Awkward
LTW: Paranormal Profiteer

9.12.67 - SandyA
Sandy Rourke (fairy)
Unlucky, Hot-Headed, Nurturing, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb
LTW: Greener Gardens

9.12.65 - DannyA
Danny Rourke (fairy)
Friendly, Light Sleeper, Loner, Photographer’s Eye, Avant Garde
LTW: World-Class Gallery

9.12.76 - SonnyA
Sonny Rourke (fairy)
Loves the Heat, Loves the Outdoors, Neurotic, Unflirty, Vegetarian
LTW: Grand Explorer

9.12.77 - EugeneA
Eugene Rourke (fairy)
Slob, Can’t Stand Art, Coward, No Sense of Humour, Natural Cook
LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef

9.12.75 - JanA
Jan Rourke (werewolf)
Daredevil, Can’t Stand Art, Over-Emotional, Family Oriented, Virtuoso
LTW: One Sim Band

10.09.20 - DieselA

10.09.70 - BernardoA

10.10.18 - PaulineA

10.10.49 - EstellaA

  1. Just downloaded Billy and Frank! Are you okay with them being used in my legacy (the Gordons) as potential heir spouses!?


  2. Could you tell me where you got Magenta’s hair please. I plan to use her in my ISBI as a spouse. (I think I did ask you before?). Plus I just really like her hair. ❤ Thanks


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