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10.05 – Poolside Birthdays

Previously, Rizzo was hot and cold with her romantic interests, she had our first boy, Tony, and began pregnancy #5.

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10.04 – Orange Bowl

Welcome back to Update #4 for SimNaNo! We’ve already hit gold, but I’m going to try and keep the updates coming – we’re so close to the end!

Previously, Rizzo gave birth to of another set of twin girls, and there were a whole lot of birthdays – more to come this chapter!

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10.03 – Shades of Pink and Green

Post #3 for SimNaNo, and we’ve hit 200 pics, so this is Gold!
Previously, Rizzo checked out her three spouse options, and decided to keep all of them as baby daddies. She had the first three children, all girls.

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10.02 – Labor Pains

Post #2 for SimNaNo! And we’ve almost completed the picture count already, lol.
Previously, Rizzo and the family went to the future, Rizzo befriended 3 spouse options and decided to breed with all 3.

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10.01 – Pink Oasis

First post of Gen 10, and the start of SimNaNoWriMo! I’ll be attempting to get through the majority of this generation in September – depends how snap-happy I get with all the babiez.

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9.11 – Bot Dance

Previously, our three of our teens found love interests, and Rizzo met a mermaid.

I apologise for the long wait between chapters, I was a bit unenthused by my Rourkes for a while, and started another challenge for Boolprop’s 12th Birthday celebrations, so have been working on that for a few months. But now it’s too hot to actually play, so I’m forced to go through my screenshots folder, finally. You guys get a very long chapter this time, and at the end we have the heir poll for the final generation!

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