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1.06 – A Girl and the Boys

1.05.78 - Jess standing2
Previously, Jess tried to grow up to YA…and failed.

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1.05 – Creative Impulses

4.70 - hungry makeout

Last time, there was lots of fishing and lots of romance. Seems to be the theme of this challenge thus far.

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1.04 – Fish and Kisses

3.60 - first kissLast time, Jess aged up to teen, and found a boyfriend in Applejack II Olympus.

This chapter is the last of the pictures without notes – I have learned that I really need to write as I go, otherwise all the lame witty comments I think of while taking pictures are forgotten by the time I write it up.

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1.03 – Love is in the Air

2.23 - family dinner
Last time, Jess grew into a child, and became best of friends with her dad.

Told you I had lots of free time; I’m sorting out all the photos and getting all the posts ready; I only have enough photos for one more Rourke post after this, trying to keep things close.

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1.02 – Winter isn’t Coming, it’s Here

1.49 - It's a girl
Last time on the Epic Challenge, our founder, Bruce, wooed and married Phoenix Someone, from the Legend of Someone. They had a daughter, Jess, who will be the heir of this generation, due to the one-child-per-family rule currently in place.

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1.01 – A Bachelor’s Life

So, we start on the adventure to bring technology into the world. Our founder is Bruce Rourke, and we’re starting in Riverview, since I haven’t been here for ages. Too many shiny new worlds to explore!

His favourites are: Blue, Mac and Cheese, Indie Music

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