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3.06 – Searching for Grandpa

3.05.81 - Cosette hugs ChanceLast time, Cosette aged up to child and became best friends with grandpa Chance. Boq was a friendly not-evil spawn, who wanted to make friends with everyone he meets. Yttrium and Fiyero aged up to adults, Yttrium had a Mid Life Crisis and Fiyero switched careers for the final time – he’s now a self-employed Inventor.

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3.05 – Ghosts in the Brook

3.04.70 - Cosette
Previously, we had issues with Yttrium going to work; try as I might I couldn’t fix it, so the family has moved. But Fiyero and Yttrium did manage to have a child, the gen 4 her, a girl named Cosette – she has her father’s red hair and her mother’s gold eyes.

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3.04 – Try and Try Again

3.03.59 - wedding5
Previously on the Rourke Legacy, Yttrium was chosen as our Generation Three spouse, and Fiyero proceeded to break up with the other three. Boq the alien progeny aged up to toddler, and Chance was abducted once again. As soon as Yttrium moved in, we started having issues; much of this chapter is me attempting to fix said issues.

I played this about a week ago, just haven’t been home long enough to upload the pictures; the Asian Football Cup is currently on in Australia, and I’m going to games every other day.

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3.03 – Making a Choice

Gen 2 Results

 So you guys have voted, and Yttrium is the winner, receiving 5 votes. Dixie came second with 4 votes.

I apologise for the long delay; I had no internet for the entire Christmas period, since we went over our bandwith limit, and also had some family issues to work through. But all that is sorted now, so we get onto bringing our scientist into the family!

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3.02 – Somebody to Love

3.01.92 - Lav + Fiyero pillow fightLast time, Fiyero met his potential spouses, but only wanted to be friends with most of them. And the family moved to Hidden Springs to start a new chapter.

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3.01 – Can Anybody Find Me…

2.07.86 - FiyeroYA
Last time, Fiyero aged up and decided that he wants to be a Jack of All Trades. Then the family moved, since Riverview was so laggy.

And so we begin Generation 3!

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2.07 – Creative Types

2.06.38 - graveyard
Last time, we said farewell to our founder, Chance topped his career, and Fiyero became a teenager.

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2.06 – It Moves Us All

2.05.84 - pillow fightingLast time at the Rourke’s, Fiyero was adorable and started learning inventing; Jess completed her LTW and Chance started a Midlife Crisis.

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2.05 – Mid Life Stupid

2.04.75 - Fiyero astronaut3
Last time, Fiyero aged up into a Technophobic child, and the simselves ignored him at his birthday party.

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2.04 – Party Down



2.03.19 - Chance claw1Last time, Fiyero aged up into an adorable toddler with Chance’s hair and Phoenix’s eyes; Jess went to a costume party as a hot dog and Chance completed the mini challenge for this generation, earning over $1000 in tips.

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