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10.08 – Numero Diez

Previously, we gained our first 3 YAs, and Rizzo gave birth to child number 9, Pauline.

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10.07 – Growing Up

I apologise for the incredibly long wait, it was not my intention to leave you hanging this long! October I was planning Nano, November I was writing Nano, and December and January I have continued writing (a lot). But have finally found the time to play out the last few weeks – we are almost done with this challenge!

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10.06 – Teenage Passion

Last day of September, one more post squeezed out.
Previously, we had a lot of birthdays, including the adorable Diesel, pictured.

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10.05 – Poolside Birthdays

Previously, Rizzo was hot and cold with her romantic interests, she had our first boy, Tony, and began pregnancy #5.

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10.04 – Orange Bowl

Welcome back to Update #4 for SimNaNo! We’ve already hit gold, but I’m going to try and keep the updates coming – we’re so close to the end!

Previously, Rizzo gave birth to of another set of twin girls, and there were a whole lot of birthdays – more to come this chapter!

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10.03 – Shades of Pink and Green

Post #3 for SimNaNo, and we’ve hit 200 pics, so this is Gold!
Previously, Rizzo checked out her three spouse options, and decided to keep all of them as baby daddies. She had the first three children, all girls.

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