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8.02 – Introductions

Previously, the twins aged up to YA and Crystal took over as gen 8 heir; Crystal and Hannah visited Egypt and brought back a mummy; the family moved to Monarch Bay.

Also, I now remembered to turn on the SP notifications for the town, so be prepared for spam.

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8.01 – Heir Monarch


I was about to post chapter 8.02, and realised 8.01 isn’t yet posted, oops! Previously, Audrey and Seymour aged up to YA, while Hannah and Riff Raff were adorable together.

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7.10 – Best Friends Forever


The results are in, and Crystal will be our gen 8 heir! Since she is gay, we will have another female spouse – there hasn’t been a male spouse since Flamingo in gen 4!
It also means Riff Raff gets one more chapter; the twins won’t age up for another 7 days.

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Gen 8 Heir Poll

We have 3 options to choose from for the gen 8 heir! As Crystal is gay and the other two straight, the spouse poll will be after the heir is decided. I’ll probably even allow the heir to meet all the options so you can see the chemistry – much like we did in the first few generations.


Eco-Friendly, Rebellious, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined
Future: Will likely go into Medicine and complete a martial arts-related LTW
Genetics: Hannah’s head, jaw, mouth and hair colour, Riff Raff’s nose and eye shape (the legacy Rourke shape!), Brillo’s brown eye colour


Lucky, Family-Oriented, Loves to Swim, Unstable (Rebellious to be added at YA)
Future: Probably go into Journalism, and have a bunch of kids
Genetics: Riff Raff’s eye shape and mouth, Hannah’s head, jaw, nose and eye colour, Seaweed’s hair colour


Unlucky, Absent-Minded, Star Quality, Eco-Friendly (Rebellious to be added at YA)
Future: Not sure, could go the Film career and let her spouse clear this generation’s requirements
Genetics: Facial sliders exactly the same as Crystal, but with Riff Raff’s hair colour

7.09 – Winter Slumber


Previously, Spooky Day led to a feast party and Seymour’s birthday.
My sincere apologies for the long wait; I have now finished uni exams, so will have some more time to play!

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7.08 – Spooky Day

Yes, I made it to silver in SimNaWriMo! Now to take another month off to prepare for uni exams. And also because I’m finally caught up to in game! It’s only taken 3 months – the pics in this chapter were taken in August. And I haven’t reopened the Rourke save file since then. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up on me *crosses fingers*

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate (not me), and Happy Melbourne Cup day for my fellow Australians!

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7.07 – Family Bonding

Previously, we had much toddler cuteness, and family socialising.
Update #6 for October! I’m pretty sure I can get one more out by Monday, to get the silver medal for SimNaWriMo.

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7.06 – Blue Yellow

Previously, Hannah gave birth to identical twin girls, Crystal and Ronette.

So the great start to SimNaWriMo was taken over by RL drama and illness. But I’m still aiming for silver, so will be trying to get another few updates posted in the next few days. Have all the pics, just need to write them up.

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