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6.14 – Paintings and Phone Calls

6.13.09 - bob for apples
Previously, everyone had fun! The family went to the fall festival and had a Feast Party, and generally had a good time. Nothing huge happened…probably why this generation is the longest yet.

This may well be the last post of Velma’s generation. OMG finally, it seems like we’ve been on this gen forever. If Rocky wins the poll, Velma might have one more chapter, but if either of the twins do, that’s it.

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6.13 – Just Wanna Have Fun

6.12.34 - ask to prom
Last chapter, Rocky aged up to child, Story made progress both on her LTW and in her career, and the twins went to prom and found romance. I may have stymied myself with that chapter, because I posted it and then the Animal Award one a few minutes later – so if you missed chapter 12, read it here.

New update already! And I have another one in the works; then we need an heir poll, because Velma’s uber long reign is almost at an end! And we actually have multiple options for heir.

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6.12 – Romance in the Air

6.11.45 - bday fire4
Previously, Velma completed her LTW, and all four children had birthdays. At the birthday party of Magenta, Frank and Riff Raff, Brillo Pad died and a gigantic fire threatened to turn the party guests crispy.

Hi all, apologies for the month-long wait, I’ve not had much time to play recently, and even less time to write everything up. But now I have 3 chapters ready, and then it’s heir poll time (finally). Velma’s generation has been the longest yet! Though part of that is the slightly shorter chapters (80 pics versus 100), these guys have also been much more interesting than the first few generations, thus more pics.

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6.11 – The Ultimate Triple Party

6.10.57 - greeting card
Previously, the final child of gen 7 was born; Rocky. And Velma joined Story in middle age.

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6.10 – Those Rainy Days of Summer

6.09.52 - seesaw
Previously, baby girl Magenta was born, and aged up to our first green toddler! The boys also aged up to children – finally we are making some progress on this generation! Seaweed tried to die, but Grim was enamoured by his death flower, and allowed him to live a bit longer.

So, instead of playing over the Easter weekend, I spent most of the time wrestling with my game and AnyGameStarter – after the pictures for this chapter were taken, suddenly all my Store content was gone the next time I loaded the game. Despite zero changes having been made to the system. Eventually fixed it up – I was most concerned about Seaweed’s hair, he’s just not the same with a different one 🙂

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6.09 – The Magic In Her

More updates! I’m alone in the house this Easter weekend, which means lots of simming time 😀

6.08.15 - triplet bday1
Previously, the triplets finally aged up to YA, and moved out. And the toddlers were adorable.

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6.08 – Mummy’s Boys

6.07.44 - wedding8
Part 8 of gen 6, and the next gen are only toddlers. OMG, Sam, get a move on! Previously, the gen 7 boys aged up to toddlers, and Velma married Story. Yes, that’s literally all that happened, the whole post was 2 days. No wonder this generation is taking so long.

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6.07 – The Bride Wore Yellow

6.06.53 - baby Frank
Previously, Story and Velma each had a baby boy; Frank and Riff Raff. And…not a whole lot else, actually. It’s an exciting time for the family, lots of documenting!

It’s been so hot lately that I haven’t been game to open my game for long – laptop gets so hot so quickly. This week, it’s been over 30° Celsius every day (that’s about 85° Fahrenheit for my American readers), with today (Thursday) getting up to 40°C (104°F). Have one more chapter after this one, them I’m caught up with where I am in game! Not sure how long this heatwave will last, so don’t know when I’ll next be able to play. Thank goodness for air-conditioned offices!

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6.06 – Bam! Toad!

6.05.45 - proposal4
Man, 6 chapters and we have yet to see babies. Get a move on, Velma!
In the previous chapter, Story and Velma got engaged, and both fell pregnant. Ah, fun with same sex couples and multiple babies at the same time. Roxie also aged up and moved out, but not before maxing the piano skill and earning the family a point – from now on all spares will be required to max one skill before moving out as a YA. Because I’m playing for points, and also coz they need to do something while living the life of luxury in the legacy house.

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6.05 – Points and Pranks

6.04.54 - exit
Last time, Cosette died during Roxie’s birthday party, leading to the biggest crying fest in my game to date. Story Moss was revealed as the winner of the spouse poll, and she moved into the house.

More updates? Yes, finally catching up to my binge playing over Christmas. Get ready for some nooboos! Wait, not yet, this chapter just has a hormonal, insane pregnant woman.

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