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7.06 – Blue Yellow

Previously, Hannah gave birth to identical twin girls, Crystal and Ronette.

So the great start to SimNaWriMo was taken over by RL drama and illness. But I’m still aiming for silver, so will be trying to get another few updates posted in the next few days. Have all the pics, just need to write them up.

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7.05 – Colours of the Sun

Previously, Hannah and Riff Raff welcomed baby Seymour to the family, and eldest Audrey was a headstrong toddler.

Another update! Number 4 for October, so I’m officially racing for Silver in SimNaWriMo. Pretty sure I can get 7 done, but I doubt I’ll get to 10 – we’ll see.

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7.04 – The Dating Game


Last time, Hannah and Riff Raff had an impromptu beach wedding, and had a baby girl.
Yes, another update already. I’m competing in SimNaWriMo on boolprop, and this is the bronze medal update! I’m finally getting through the photos I took back in August.

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7.03 – Love in the Photobooth

Previously, Magenta and Rocky aged up, and Rocky was turned into a vampire by his girlfriend Helen Mist.

Yes, another post already; I am participating in SimNaWriMo at boolprop, which means I’m going to try and have as many updates as possible during October. I already have a bunch of pics (Hannah & Riff Raff’s children are now all teens in game), so just have to write em up.

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7.02 – Rebel Arts

7.01.14 - Hannah attracted
Previously, the family moved to Starlight Shores and into a converted warehouse. And Riff Raff romanced Hannah Bathory, his chosen spouse.

I apologies for the mini-hiatus, work and uni have been kicking my butt lately, and I’ve had no time to write up all the pictures I took during break. There are two more chapters already done, so expect another new update soonish.

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7.01 – Skills by Starlight

6.16.43 - Story topped career1
Last time, Story finally topped the business career, thus the family can now have computers and video games.

Generation Seven is finally here! It feels like Six went on for a long time, though picture-wise is was shorter than Four (Cosette).

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6.16 – Rebel Strike

6.15.26 - greeting card
Last time, Riff Raff and Frank aged up to YA, and Frank honed in on his twin’s ex-girlfriend.

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6.15 – How Do I Adult?

Gen 7 heir

The votes have been counted, and Riff Raff is the winner!

Gen 7 spouse
Despite strong competition from Lev Langurd, his wife will be Hannah Bathory.

But since this challenge is about completing careers, we will remain in gen 6 until Story tops the Business career and completes the requirements for Gen 6.

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6.14 – Paintings and Phone Calls

6.13.09 - bob for apples
Previously, everyone had fun! The family went to the fall festival and had a Feast Party, and generally had a good time. Nothing huge happened…probably why this generation is the longest yet.

This may well be the last post of Velma’s generation. OMG finally, it seems like we’ve been on this gen forever. If Rocky wins the poll, Velma might have one more chapter, but if either of the twins do, that’s it.

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6.13 – Just Wanna Have Fun

6.12.34 - ask to prom
Last chapter, Rocky aged up to child, Story made progress both on her LTW and in her career, and the twins went to prom and found romance. I may have stymied myself with that chapter, because I posted it and then the Animal Award one a few minutes later – so if you missed chapter 12, read it here.

New update already! And I have another one in the works; then we need an heir poll, because Velma’s uber long reign is almost at an end! And we actually have multiple options for heir.

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