Points Tally

I’m actually going to track my points, because I haven’t really done a points challenge before.

Full list of restrictions is here at Boolprop.

– 5 for each restriction broken
100 points for finishing all 10 generations
1 point per $100,000 the family has accrued
1 point per each skill maxed per generation (by any family member)

Generation Objectives Completed: 10 (+10)

Money accrued (I’m taking this to mean net worth, given business investments): $16.8m (+168)

Skills maxed: 150 (+150)

  • 1. Bruce – athletic, handiness, gardening, fishing
  • 1. Phoenix – cooking, gardening, charisma, sculpting
  • 2. Jess – painting, gardening, fishing, sculpting
  • 2. Chance – guitar, handiness, gardening, logic
  • 3. Fiyero – inventing, logic, handiness
  • 3. Yttrium – gardening, fishing, handiness
  • 4. Nessa – cooking, handiness
  • 4. Cosette – athletic, martial arts, charisma, gardening, handiness, logic
  • 4. Flamingo – fishing
  • 5. Seaweed – fishing, charisma, logic, cooking, athletic, gardening, science
  • 5. Penny – science
  • 5. Brillo Pad – athletic, alchemy, gardening, cooking
  • 6. Velma – sculpting, painting, inventing, charisma, athletic, handiness
  • 6. Story – alchemy, athletic, charisma, cooking
  • 6. Roxie – piano
  • 6. Billy – athletic
  • 6. Flynn – logic
  • 6. Kelly – drums
  • 7. Riff Raff – painting, street art, mixology, photography, handiness, sculpting
  • 7. Hannah – writing, guitar, drums, logic
  • 7. Frank – logic, photography
  • 7. Magenta – inventing, handiness
  • 7. Rocky – martial arts
  • 8. Audrey – gardening
  • 8. Seymour – logic
  • 8. Ronette – painting
  • 8. Crystal – charisma, social networking, writing, logic, gardening
  • 8. Raspberry Rose – logic, charisma, gardening, athletic
  • 9. Max – logic
  • 9. Gretel – athletic
  • 9. Kurt – martial arts
  • 9. Louisa – writing
  • 9. Friedrich – cooking, charisma, handiness, fishing, bot building, painting, athletic, logic, advanced technology, gardening
  • 9. Freya – charisma, athletic, logic, cooking, social networking, handiness, advanced technology
  • 9. Liesel – sculpting
  • 9. Marta – painting
  • 9. Brigitta – writing
  • 10. Envy – cooking, handiness, bot building, laser rhythm-a-con, logic, gardening, fishing
  • 10. Rizzo – scuba diving, logic, advanced technology, charisma, athletic, handiness, drums
  • 10. Kenickie – inventing
  • 10. Danny – logic, photography
  • 10. Sandy – bass
  • 10. Jan – fishing
  • 10. Sonny – painting
  • 10. Eugene – painting
  • 10. Cherry Pie – athletic, martial arts, charisma
  • 11. Maria – athletic
  • 11. Anita – logic
  • 11. Rosalia – writing
  • 11. Minnie – gardening
  • 11. Graziela – logic, cooking
  • 11. Tony – painting
  • 11. Diesel – writing, photography
  • 11. Bernardo – fishing, cooking
  • 11. Pauline – logic, martial arts, inventing, athletic
  • 11. Estella – fishing, handiness, nectar making

Restrictions broken: 5 (-25)

  • One child – 4 (Boq, Marius, Eponine, Penny)
  • No parties before phones are unlocked – 1 (Fiyero’s child birthday)

Sub Total: + 418
Restrictions Broken: -25
Mini-Challenges (below): +349
Total: 742

Mini-Challenges being attempted:

  • Generation Mini-Challenges: 1, 2, 3 (+9)
  • Roll the Dice: Give yourself 5 extra points if you randomize traits of all children for the whole challenge (minus the required traits following the crossroads). You can still do this mini-challenge if you choose to have a passed-down family trait, as long as you roll for all the rest of the traits besides the family trait. COMPLETE +5
  • “Every family has one…”: This mini challenge is in addition to the Roll the Dice challenge. Give yourself 1 point for each sim who rolls the Insane trait. (+4 – Fiyero, Velma, Kurt, Rizzo, Anita)
  • Business is Booming: Every three generations, the family must purchase as many businesses as they are able to, bringing their funds down to almost nothing. Businesses, once purchased, may not be sold, and must be maintained and, if possible, upgraded to the highest level. +5 points
  • Gnome Mania: Give yourself one point for each gnome on the family lot by the end of the challenge. (+226)
    Additionally, give yourself one point for each TYPE of gnome the family has collected. (+14 – Mysterious, Rabbit, Witch, Invention, Sculpting, China, Caveman, Laundry, France, Egypt, Vampire, Summer, Winter, Voltron)
  • Hoarder: An extra 10 points if the family has at least one of each type of insect/metal bar/gem at the end of the game. (COMPLETE +10) In the case of gems, another five points if the family has one of EACH CUT of every gem type.
  • Changing the Past: After child restriction is lifted, someone in the family must use the time machine to change one thing about his/her life such as: Must add a time-child to the family, must use time machine to add family friends, or change everyday outfit. +5 points (COMPLETE – Kristi)
  • Creature Comforts: 3 points for each type of occult creature which joins your family’s household at any point in the challenge.
    (+39; alien – Boq, simbot – Nessa, IF – Fantine, werewolf – Penny, witch – Story, plantsim – Seaweed, vampire – Rocky, mummy – Vivektaa, mermaid – Max, genie – Kurt, fairy – Friedrich, ghost – Crystal, plumbot – Envy)
  • Beautifully Decorated: If you have a sim in the painting or sculpting career, every 3rd piece of artwork MUST be placed somewhere in the home. +5 points (COMPLETE – Jess)
  • Seasoned Traveler: Give yourself 3 points for each maxed visa your sims have earned in other countries (+21 – China; Cosette & Seaweed, Egypt; Cosette, Hannah & Crystal, France; Cosette & Penny)
  • DIY: No handyman may be called at any time during the challenge; all broken appliances, plumbing, and electronics must be fixed by someone in the household. No maid or butler may be hired. +5 COMPLETE

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