10.06 – Teenage Passion

Last day of September, one more post squeezed out.
Previously, we had a lot of birthdays, including the adorable Diesel, pictured.

We begin with Cherry being the victim of a prank. But he did earn a promotion.

Diesel learns to talk.

Freya is cutting all the gems and smelting the metals we’ve collected. In the final generation, it’s time to rack up the monies.

Tony roped Maria into a bedtime story.

More birthdays! Grazi rolled Natural Cook.

Minnie rolled Hopeless Romantic.

She’s pretty, albeit with sad eyes. Nathaniel’s nose, eyes and mouth, on Rizzo’s overall face shape.

But this gorgeous lady is probably the prettiest sim I’ve ever had born in game. Nathaniel’s overall face shape and mouth, Rizzo’s eyes and nose.

Diesel is now fully trained.

Anita is
really into Krista.

So we made her an RI.

Oh, and I aged Friedrich up to Elder; was kind of weird to have father and daughter in the same stage.

Rizzo got a promotion.

Aw, and just after Friedrich is aged up, Freya died. She was out enjoying herself at the arcade.

To distract herself from her grief, Rizzo goes to visit Burton once more.

Friedrich takes over Freya’s role in smelting and cutting.

Time for Diesel’s TSAL.

While Cherry makes friends for his charisma skill.

Damn fairies… I left Friedrich alone for 5 minutes to check on the others, and he’s dancing.

Cherry isn’t much better, he found the toybox.

Back home, the kids are doing what they’re told; Tony and Minnie are painting.

Anita works on her potions while Rosalia does her homework.

Baby pop!

LOL, first time I’ve been able to catch any of the kids failing out of the elevator.

Diesel is oh so glad to get food.


LMAO, it’s still hilarious when Friedrich does anything in his bot form. He caught Maria skipping work.

Then he brought Diesel downstairs, to show him how to dance?

Anita wanted to prank the school, but failed.

Her father is not impressed.

This beauty is Buck Gwyn.

Minnie introduces herself.

And immediately rolls up this.

They’re both Daredevils!

Diesel was supposed to age up, but refused. So I had to reset him and manually age him up using MC. This is the travesty that resulted.

But once he stretches out…he still looks really weird. Those lips are huge.

More wishes for Buck. And a rating of 8 out of 10.

After her shift at the graveyard, Anita turned into a werewolf then autonomously did her homework.

Rizzo finally rolled a MLC wish! She wanted to change her hair, so I gave her a hot pink streak.

Full moon night means we have hungry werewolves in the morning.

Then family dance party!

And it’s time for another greeting card. City Hall, this time.

No room for Cherry, just Rizzo and 7 children.

He doesn’t mind, he’s doing epic moves on the training dummy.

Rosalia gets back to work on her latest book.

While Rizzo reads in the shade.

Minnie invited Buck out on a date – to the arcade where Freya died.

And seals the deal with a kiss and a boyfriend.

Anita wanted to invite Krista over, and received a lovely welcome.

Cherry maxed martial arts and completed his LTW!

He then also maxed out his charisma.

Friedrich won another bot competition.

Ms Natural Cook wants to learn, so she’s making salad.

Whoops, forgot all about Rizzo reading on a bench until she went into labour!

She got home before our third baby boy was born. Meet Bernardo! He is Family Oriented and Easily Impressed and likes Blue.

Boop! Parenting done.

Not sure how you think you’ll find monsters under that bed, Tony.

Whoops, Rosalia is stuck in bed, because Maria is in the way.

Cherry scared Anita. Random, he doesn’t have any negative traits…maybe the Childish trait at work?

This is Judd Swan, Grazi wants to learn his sign.

They have conflicting traits, not a good start.

But friendly enough?

She doesn’t find him attractive, though.

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  1. Anita and Krista are so cute! Minnie and Buck, too.

    Freya ;_;

    “Boop! Parenting done.” Lmao!


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