So I figured I should keep a list of the CC, which will enable people to replicate the Rourkes exactly, if you should so choose.

Now days, I mostly use EA and Store clothing, except for teen/child/toddler conversions. Hairs come from everywhere, but I’m kind of anal about organising my CC, so should be able to tell you where I got it, if you see something you want in your own game.

Default Replacements:

Skin (NSFW, I use anatomically correct skins!):
~ 1.01-3.02; Lady Frontbum Naughty (Adult), Jack&Jill (Child), Ladybug (Toddler)
~ 3.02-5.02; BrntWaffles CloudParade
~ 5.02-???; Kurasoberina Starfruit Defined Eyes EA Match

Eyes: Aikea Guinea (at MTS)

~ Kitty Klan; beards
~ Simple Life; eyebrows

~ Slimmer male t-shirt by Aikea Guinea
~ BG & SN Skirts by PrettyLadyBabies

Shiftables (wall objects made to shift up and down as per LN patch):

Invisible Plumbob: Garden Breeze (takes some getting used to, no plumbob to recognise who is currently selected, but makes taking photos a breeze!)

CAS Screen: Warm Tones at Dusk by joininmobile

Main mods I can’t live without:

  • nraas StoryProgression, Dresser, Overwatch, Master Controller, AntiMagicScroll, Career, ErrorTrap, Decensor, Dreamer, NoCD, OnceRead, Saver, Register, Woohooer (basically most of them!)
  • Longer Interaction Queue (I use 20) by JustAnotherSimsFan
  • Camera mod by BrntWaffles and Shimrod
  • Painting replacements by Plum (every single painting in the game looks different, it’s so brilliant)
  • CAST-able painting frames by Werismyki (frame your paintings however you want! Wooden, metal, patterns, whatever)
  • User-Directed Scolding by icarus_allsorts (fixes EA’s pathetic coding for scolding actions)
  • Set the Table by icarus_allsorts (reduces the route failure when using the ‘call to meal’ interaction)
  • Remove Stencils/Overlays by velocitygrass (so amazing, remove stencils/overlays from clothes, objects, windows and doors!)
  • Add Any Lot Size by velocitygrass (add a 40×30 lot, or any other size you wish!)
  • Super Hampers by Nona (this mod is the reason my houses never have clothes lying around; the super hamper collects them automatically!)
  • Moar Interactions by Buzzler (so many new interactions, not least the “go to bed with spouse” option – very handy in my ISBI)
  • Easy CASP Editor (not a mod, but invaluable – this is how I enable the Generations costumes for normal outfits, and a plethora of other CAS changes)
  • Create Your Own Effects by velocitygrass (again, not a mod, but I used it to get rid of the phone notes; no more ringing butts ruining shots!)

There are a bunch more, mostly tuning mods; let me know if you’d like a link to something specifically.


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