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9.09 – All the Lil’ Fairies

Previously, Freya gave birth to triplets, bringing out Grease generation to 7. Friedrich and Freya aged up to adult and are experiencing matching Mid Life Crises.

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9.08 – Hydrophobic Dogs

Previously, Freya gave birth to Kenickie, who is an adorable BLUE werewolf, and also mixed fairy twins Danny and Sandy. The last of the Sound of Music generation completed their skills and moved out. And Friedrich made a plumbot, named Envy.

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9.07 – Summer Wolves

Previously, the triplets aged up to YA, Freya got pregnant again, and Rizzo aged up to child then drowned while snorkeling.

I have now updated the downloads page; all of generation 9 are available for download!

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9.06 – Sad Graduates

Previously, Freya gave birth to baby girl Rizzo, who aged up into a black-haired toddler. The triplets went to prom, and because BFFs with one another; and Crystal returned to the Netherworld.

Update #3 for SimNaWriMo!

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9.05 – Family Bonding

Previously, we had a destination snow wedding at the Serenity Spa, Crystal returned to the netherworld, and Freya became pregnant with the first baby of gen 10! Oh, and we had a meteor that ruined half the house and nearly killed our heir – that will teach me for playing with mods in my main game; I wanted to see more meteors, so upped the percentage change to 5%. Way too high!

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9.04 – Wedding Serenity

Previously, we had a costume party on Spooky Day, and Friedrich and Freya got engaged.

Apologies for the long wait! I have been in London visiting my sister for the past few weeks, just got home Monday. This marks the first post in boolprop’s SimNoWriMo.

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9.03 – Snowy Costume

Previously, Freya and Friedrich went to uni, dated like normal people, and aced their exams.

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9.02 – College Dating

Previously, our gen 9 heir aged up and took over the reins. He wasted no time wooing and moving in his intended bride, Freya Holly.

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9.01 – Birthdays and Pranks

Previously, Crystal and Rose made a mockery of me trying to move to the next generation, by popping out triplets right before aging up to elder. The older triplets aged up to YA, completed their skills, and were moved out – so we’re down to 1 elder, 1 adult and 1 teen to look after 3 toddlers. This should be fun. But we are officially onto generation 9! Friedrich will be aging up to YA this chapter!

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Gen 9 Heir/Spouse Poll

Oh my gosh, we’re almost at generation 9! That means there’s only two more generations after Crystal!

We are up to a male heir, so the three boys are your choices. They will all keep their new occult status, and since we’re almost at the end, it won’t matter too much if they hang around until the end of the challenge. Gen 9 is Law Enforcement, so either the heir or his spouse will be completing this career (possibly both, maybe we’ll compare their branches).

Max Rourke (mermaid)
Traits: Friendly, Clumsy, Loves to Swim, Rebellious
Genetics: Crystal’s head, jaw, mouth and eyes (colour and shape), Rose’s ears and nose, Hannah’s hair colour

Kurt Rourke (genie)
Traits: Insane, Rebellious, Disciplined, Supernatural Fan
Genetics: Rose’s mouth, nose, eye colour and skin tone, Crystal’s hair colour, eye shape, head, jaw and ears

Friedrich Rourke (fairy)
Traits: Perceptive, Loves the Outdoors, Rebellious, Bot Fan
Genetics: Crystal’s jaw, head, nose, mouth and eye colour, Rose’s eye shape, ears, hair colour, Hannah’s skintone

Vote now!


All the boys are straight, so for the fourth generation in a row, we will have a female spouse – we haven’t had a male spouse since Flamingo in gen 5!

Your options are:

Star Langurd
Traits: Slob, Loves the Outdoors, Eco-Friendly, Inappropriate, Snob

Freya Holly (werewolf)
Traits: Brooding, Hydrophobic, Born Saleswoman, Brave, Athletic

Ginny Gordon
Traits: Athletic, Rebellious, Ambitious, Eccentric, Dramatic

Helen Zale
Traits: Brave, Couch Potato, Light Sleeper, Natural Born Performer, Perfectionist

(don’t forget to vote in both polls!)

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