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1.06 – A Girl and the Boys

1.05.78 - Jess standing2
Previously, Jess tried to grow up to YA…and failed.

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1.05 – Creative Impulses

4.70 - hungry makeout

Last time, there was lots of fishing and lots of romance. Seems to be the theme of this challenge thus far.

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1.04 – Fish and Kisses

3.60 - first kissLast time, Jess aged up to teen, and found a boyfriend in Applejack II Olympus.

This chapter is the last of the pictures without notes – I have learned that I really need to write as I go, otherwise all the lame witty comments I think of while taking pictures are forgotten by the time I write it up.

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1.03 – Love is in the Air

2.23 - family dinner
Last time, Jess grew into a child, and became best of friends with her dad.

Told you I had lots of free time; I’m sorting out all the photos and getting all the posts ready; I only have enough photos for one more Rourke post after this, trying to keep things close.

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1.02 – Winter isn’t Coming, it’s Here

1.49 - It's a girl
Last time on the Epic Challenge, our founder, Bruce, wooed and married Phoenix Someone, from the Legend of Someone. They had a daughter, Jess, who will be the heir of this generation, due to the one-child-per-family rule currently in place.

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1.01 – A Bachelor’s Life

So, we start on the adventure to bring technology into the world. Our founder is Bruce Rourke, and we’re starting in Riverview, since I haven’t been here for ages. Too many shiny new worlds to explore!

His favourites are: Blue, Mac and Cheese, Indie Music

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To drag myself away from my WYDC until I catch up with the postings, I have started a legacy. A boolprop EPIC Legacy Challenge, to be precise. Rules are here; basically a less restrictive version of an Apocalpyse Challenge, starting with the very basics and working up to full gameplay by the end of 10 generations.

We will be starting in Riverview, and my founder is Bruce Rourke.


I’m still deciding which blog layout to use – I so love Sorbet, but need to be able to tell apart this blog and the Maloney one, so want to use something different. Feel free to give me (free) suggestions on themes you like!