1.01 – A Bachelor’s Life

So, we start on the adventure to bring technology into the world. Our founder is Bruce Rourke, and we’re starting in Riverview, since I haven’t been here for ages. Too many shiny new worlds to explore!

His favourites are: Blue, Mac and Cheese, Indie Music

1.02 - House
His humble abode. If you haven’t read the rules, the first few generations have no electricity and no running water; so the toilet and tub are outside (to be used with “pond” water) and there is no stove or fridge. All Bruce’s food will be produce and fish.
This is the mini challenge for gen 1, to have no fridge. Yes, there are store items that don’t require a fridge, but I’d consider it cheating to use those – trying to actually play out the challenge!

1.03 - Bike
And if there is no electricity or water, of course there are no cars. Bruce will be biking everywhere – even to work.

1.04 - get a job
As per his first wish, Bruce bikes over to the military compound to get a job.

1.05 - no money for class
Upon walking out, he rolls the customary skilling wish, along with a wish to take a class. Sorry, Bruce, you’re down to your last $30, classes will have to wait.

1.06 - gym workout1
Instead he goes to the gym, where we ignore all the shiny electronic things that Sam couldn’t be bothered to remove from town, and use the non-electric weight bench. I’ll do my best to ensure the active family don’t use forbidden things, but I’m too lazy to edit all the community lots will leave them available for the townies to use.

1.06 - gym workout2
Yay, wish fulfilled.

1.07 - co-worker's house
Bruce takes his fume cloud to…this house. I think it’s either a co-worker or his boss (I also think I need to take more notes).
You know, those co-workers that Bruce “met” the second he got his job, even though he’s never been to work…

1.08 - fume cloud
I have no idea what her name is, but she’s not deterred by Bruce’s fume cloud, and tells him all about herself. The only thing I remember is that she’s married. Okay then.

1.09 - food
Get used to these kinds of pictures. Until Bruce or his wife reach L10 of their career, there will be no fridge.

1.10 - lonely night
Bruce’s first night in his new house is a lonely one.

1.11 - jogging
The next day, Bruce jogs to work, earning athletic skill in another non-electric way. I have a feeling he’s going to be doing a lot of jogging…

1.12 - garden
Afterwards, he starts his garden…with seeds he apparently conjured out of thin air? Or maybe he has a gardening skill point, can’t remember. Anyway, the garden, aka outdoor ‘fridge’ is underway!

1.13 - house
With that done, Bruce bikes to this house, to meet the new occupants.

1.14 - Phoenix and Blueberry
It’s Phoenix Someone and Blueberry Puff! From The Legend of Someone and Twisted Color respectively. Phoenix is modeled after Grape Sorbet, and is the closest I can get to him, since the files are no longer available on A Berry Crazy ISBI 😦
Anyway, the idea behind this is something I have discussed with Griffindork, creator of the wonderful Dysfunkshinul Legacy; to have a legacy where every spouse is from a different fan legacy, thereby creating a huge melting pot of all the best legacy genetics.
Since the EPIC rules state that there may only be one child per generation until the restriction is unlocked, I will have a poll/competition/vote about who should be the next legacy spouse. So feel free to provide your options!

As you can see in the picture, Bruce heartfarts over Phoenix, but she then leaves for work, so he talks to Blueberry for a while. We’ll see who he likes better.

1.15 - hopscotch wish
Hopscotch isn’t electrical, I think we can fulfill this. Bruce needs something fun to do, anyway.

1.16 - hopscotch
Tada! I tried to colour it the same as the floor, so it could blend in and look like an outline on the floor… failed spectacularly.

1.17 - gardening
No running water = no sprinklers. So every day Bruce needs to make sure he waters the plants.

1.18 - hold breath contest
Phoenix is proving to be very hard to get ahold of. But Blueberry is up for an outing: they go to the pool and have a breath holding contest.

1.19 - Bruce won
Bruce won!

1.20 - fixing tub
Cheap tub = constant breakage. But Bruce needs handiness for his career, so it’s all good.

1.21 - dinner
The consequences of doing so much stuff outside during summer shows is a tan. Check out the skin tone difference between this picture and the next.

1.22 - tanned
It took about 4 days for Bruce to get like this. He pretty much only slept and worked inside, the rest of the time he was outdoors – he does love it after all.

1.23 - Phoenix new house
Apparently sticking Phoenix and Blueberry in a one bed starter was a bad idea: SP moved them into this new house.

1.24 - getting to know
Yes, we have finally managed to catch Phoenix at home! Let the wooing begin.

1.25 - kiss wish
Aw, and a minute after they start talking, Bruce rolls this wish. We’ll do our best!

1.26 - girlfriend
I forgot to take many pictures of the wooing, but we got to girlfriend, as this picture shows.

1.27 - promotion
All those “first kiss” “first love” moodlets put Bruce in a great mood for work the next day, and he got a promotion!

1.28 - garden coming along
Garden is finally sprouting.

1.29 - raining bath
But it’s now autumn, and is raining often. Which is good for the garden, since Bruce doesn’t have to water it all the time. He does have to bathe in the rain, though.

1.30 - marry wish
And now he has this wish to Marry Phoenix. I believe somewhere along the line they got engaged, but I failed to take a screenshot.

1.31 - dip kiss1
Have some dip kiss cutness instead.
1.31 - dip kiss2

1.32 - private wedding1
And private wedding spam. Being the classy lad he is, Bruce chose not to have a traditional legacy bathroom (he also doesn’t have an actual bathroom). They got married Riverview’s indoor pool instead.
1.32 - private wedding2 1.32 - private wedding3

1.33 - upgraded house
With two sims now in the house, and Phoenix bringing in some money, we have upgraded the house. EPIC Legacy rules state that you may only have as many rooms as you have sims – personally I think this is a pretty cool rule, and will (might) prevent me from building ginormous houses. So now, Phoenix and Bruce have a separate bedroom.
And the walls/floor can only be wood or stone (or dirt, as the Rourke’s floor is). I’m going all out with this theme; all of their furniture will be wooden, to look kind of like they made it themselves. And most of the linens have a woven look.

Phoenix’s Legacy Card. Vegetarian is going to be a pain – no eating fish, and no fridge, she’ll be only eating produce, I guess.
I failed to write down all her favourites, but her fav colour is Pink. Thus the pink accents in the home.

1.34 - more jogging
Needing more athletic skill points for his job, Bruce is jogging home from work every day.

1.35 - Phoenix learning to garden
Phoenix is learning to garden.

1.36 - roasted lettuce
It makes me laugh to see them doing things like this – roasting a lettuce and eating it like it’s a marshmallow.

1.37 - roasted pepper
But the good thing about roasting produce is that it completely fills the hunger bar – apparently roasting it makes it provide more energy, or something?

1.38 - gardening
So, they both have the weekend off, and Bruce is gardening while Phoenix’s Neat trait cleans the house.

1.39 - Phoenix swooning
Except she sees Bruce and does a cute little swoon animation over him.

1.40 - sweet wishes
Apparently Bruce knows, because he rolls this wish straight away.

1.41 - Phoenix swooning again
And swoon again…sure, instead of eating, why not? Not like you’re starving or anything. >_<

1.42 - amorous hug
Bruce rescues her, to fulfill his wish.

1.43 - be frisky
I love the “be frisky” interaction, so cute!

1.44 - anounce preg1
Oh, and the reason for the clothes change is that Phoenix is pregnant!

1.44 - anounce preg2
Customary shoulder pat and thumbs up for the father-to-be. *facepalm*
1.44 - anounce preg3


1.45 - fishing
Now that Phoenix can take care of the garden, it’s time for Bruce to learn how to fish! We need food and fertiliser!

1.46 - dinner in PJs
Classy folk, dinner in your underwear around a campfire.

1.47 - baby time
Baby time already? No hospital in this challenge, not until someone unlocks Medical.
I kind of wish there was a reason to do a hospital birth, though, in the general playing.

1.48 - baby daddy
The Expectant Father isn’t home, he’s reading up on Handiness at the Library.

1.49 - It's a girl
It’s a girl!

1.50 - Jess traits + faves
Consider this her baby trait card. Baby’s name is Jess, her favourites are Island Life music, Firecracker Shrimp and Spice Brown. Because we don’t have enough brown (wooden) things in the house already.


And I’ll end this first post here – Bruce has made some huge strides in his first chapter. Though a lot of that was my failure to take pictures – I’ll get better and playing and taking pics! It did take about 3 sim weeks for Bruce to hook Phoenix, though she did get pregnant on the first try.


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  1. This is such a fun challenge! And what a great start! I appreciate the rules, and it looks like a lot of fun to play! I think Bruce and Phoenix are just lovely together, and I can’t wait to get to know Baby Jess!


  2. Wow that looks difficult.
    Atleast they wanted a girl.
    Looking forward to more.


    • I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it is – they actually have quite a bit of money early, because they can’t buy TVs and computers and fridges, so we’re investing in businesses already! This is why I chose this rather than Apocalypse – now that one is difficult.


  3. This is so awesome! Maybe I’ll play it myself just fun. I can’t wait to see the baby!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OH MY GOSH why am I always so late to the party.

    I remember talking about this, but I had no idea you had actually started it!! I’m so freaking excited. I can’t wait to read on.

    So perceptive of you to pick up on the vegetable thing. That made me laugh, since roasting lettuce would suck all of the (very few) nutrients out of it, basically turning it into a charred, indigestible fibre. Simslogic!

    Also love your baby trait card. Come to think of it, that would be so much easier than writing everything down…


    • Haha, I still write everything down, but have been a bit lax at writing while I play; now I just take screenshots with the important data, and write it out later.

      Doesn’t matter about being late, you’re always welcome to party 😀


  5. Extremely late to the party, haaaaai o/

    This challenge looks so much fun and I really want to try it now D: (like I need more half-dead legacies in my saves-folder, but you know…)

    Bruce is such a looker! I’ve never actually downloaded any legacy sims for my game (lazy, me? Yeah okay, extremely) but I think I will now 😀


  6. Woot, new fun legacy to read 😮 This challenge sounds fun! Can’t wait to read the rest. Your hop-thingy (always forget how it’s spelt >.>) does match well, just different lighting because logics I think. Bruce looks so cool lol.


  7. SgtSunflowerS

    “Traditional legacy bathroom wedding?” Wait, does this mean that other people’s legacy sims get married in bathrooms? That makes me feel so good about myself, I thought I was the only one! Anyway, I love this so far.


  8. FINALLY catching up on this! SimNaWriMo has inspired me to read all the legacies and challenges I haven’t yet so I can stop being the worst Sims community member. D:

    Bruce and Phoenix are both adorable Sims, and they’re such a cute couple! Can’t wait to see how Jess turns out, and how much trouble poor Phoenix will have living off of just plants. Vegetarian isn’t a good trait this early on in an EPIC, right? 😛


    • Woot, great to see new readers 🙂
      The first generation has the challenge of having no fridge, so the family are living on fish until the veggie garden grows – and Phoenix hates fish. Even when we had veggies, they didn’t seem to fill the bar as much as the fish roasted on the fire pit.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. queentigress

    So after maybe three or four times that I started reading your Legacy and got to maybe Gen 5 or 6, only to get distracted for months and then start reading again from the start, I’m finally going to attempt to get completely caught up! I’m so easily distracted and it sucks because I LOVE this.

    Your EPIC actually inspired my own, and I’m pretty damn excited to be reading it again. Onwards I go!

    Liked by 1 person

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