3.09 – Let There Be Light

3.08.73 - singed FiyeroPreviously at the Rourke house, the twins Marius and Eoponine aged up to children, turned their IFs real, and we sent all four off to boarding school. Fiyero had fun in the junkyard, and Yttrium completed her LTW.

By the way, I have now added Heather and Pink’s simselves into town once again – if you’d like your simself to be added, let me know!

3.09.01 - Eddie Kidd Daye1
After school, I sent Cosette to the (summer) festival, looking for someone I saw on the map… Eddie Kidd Daye! He’s the first of the potential spouses. Since she’s still a teen for one more day, we’re just making friends at the moment.
3.09.01 - Eddie Kidd Daye2

3.09.02 - Fiyero max logic
Yay, Fiyero maxed the logic skill! He should now be able to discover the last of the potions for this generation’s mini-challenge.

3.09.03 - Michelangelo werewolf
After befriending Eddie Kidd, Cosette goes home via the community gardens…where she runs into Michelangelo Terrey from Insanity Doesn’t Compare. He’s in his werewolf form, so not showing of his gorgeous genetics, but anyway. It was almost midnight by the time she met him, and she was exhausted, so making friends will have to wait until tomorrow.

3.09.04 - Sam promotion
Sam got another promotion; seems she’s good at being a criminal.

3.09.05 - Bruce visit
Bruce came out for a visit; choosing to read a handiness book all night.
He kept glitching as a ghost, so I finally had to kill him off again using MC – now he always looks like a ghost.

3.09.06 - Sam pregnant
Sam is having a baby! LMAO, and I’ve just been rereading the Southern Prettacy, where Shark Racket caused much grief. Good luck, Sam.

3.09.07 - Fiyero failed
Oops, failed on the potion discovery.

3.09.08 - Yttrium upgrading
Yttrium needs handiness to get her last promotion, so she’s making the washing machine unbreakable.

3.09.09 - potentials house
This is the house I chucked the potentials in; bit of a step up from Fiyero’s potentials!

3.09.10 - Flamingo through the door
Eddie Kidd comes through the wall to let her in…while Flamingo Chimeree (who is not a ghost) goes through the door.

Except, see how close Cosette is to Eddie Kidd? Yeah, he route failed trying to let her in. And continued to do so again and again for 5 hours. The entire rest of the house was home, but he was always the one to come to the door. Even when I tried to move Cosette away from that spot, then he couldn’t find her to invite her in. *sigh* stupid sims.

3.09.11 - other potentials
When she finally made it into the house, Cosette sees that everyone is home. On the couch is Elijah Blue Olympus, and pink t-shirt is Flamingo Chimeree. Talking to Michelangelo is Heather’s simself!

3.09.12 - Michelangelo flirting
Oi, Michelangelo, what are you doing??

3.09.13 - fighting for Cosette's attention
Heather accepted the flowers then wandered off…and Michelangelo came to fight Eddie Kidd over Cosette’s attention.

Since it’s her birthday tonight, Cosette can’t stay at the house all night, so she invites Michelangelo over to her place.

3.09.14 - triple birthday1
Triple birthday! Nessa has shorted out in the rain (again), so Michelangelo is the only one to celebrate with them.
3.09.14 - triple birthday2

3.09.14 - triple birthday3
Cosette rolled Friendly to round out her traits. She has already picked her LTW of Superstar Athlete.

3.09.14 - triple birthday4
Fiyero and Yttrium are getting old! Yep, that’s what happens when you spend half your life trying to decide on the right partner, you’re old as your child comes of age.
(note to self: don’t let Cosette fall into the same trap)

3.09.16 - Yttrium overalls
Argh, and Yttrium has succumbed to the curse of the overalls! Don’t worry, we’ll fix those right up. Also note, Nessa has made a miraculous recovery in time to celebrate Yttrium’s birthday.

3.09.15 - scientist wish
Sorry, Yttrium, Cosette is not becoming a scientist.


3.09.17 - CosetteYA
I’m not entirely happy with Cosette’s look, but after spending over half an hour going back and forth, it’s good enough. Trying to find something that’s sporty but not too tomboy. I reserve the right to change things if I find something better later.
She has Fiyero’s eye shape and mouth, Yttrium’s nose and chin/jaw. Nice combo!

3.09.18 - FiyeroE
Too bad there aren’t as many crazy outfits for elders as adults. Fiyero’s outfits are quite tame compared to his adult ones. But he’s such a cute elder.

3.09.19 - YttriumE
For Yttrium, I went with her scientist vibe, a sensible grey suit. Grey is a great colour for matching clothes!

3.09.20 - Michelangelo Terrey
After cake, Cosette continues the mission to make friends with Michelangelo. And here is a better picture of his gorgeous genes without the werewolf interference. Pointy ears!

3.09.21 - Yttrium broke the sink
Oops, Yttrium broke the sink while trying to clean up the cake plates. Oh well, she needs handiness skill.

3.09.22 - unbreakable sink wish
She has now wished to make it unbreakable. Go for it!

3.09.23 - ask to sleep over
After making friends, Cosette asks Michelangelo to sleep over, and he accepts. Just as friends, mind you!

3.09.24 - haunting play table
Someone is haunting the play table. Go ahead, no kids here to use it anyway.

3.09.25 - sleeping in bunks
Naw, Michelangelo decided to sleep in the bunk under Cosette. Which reminds me, I need to update Cosette’s room, now that she’s an adult.

3.09.26 - Sam RI
Dammit, Sam! Between you and Heather, Cosette isn’t going to have any men to date. Though we’re still counting them as options unless someone goes steady…

3.09.27 - graduation
It seems graduation is one of the few times even Insane sims get the right outfit.

3.09.28 - Penny Pincher
Wow, apparently there are hookers in Twinbrook, who knew? This is Penny Pincher, and the kid is her daughter, Karrie.

3.09.29 - statue still gone
LOL, and check it – the statue Fiyero blew up after Boq’s graduation is still gone! I thought they got replaced, but perhaps it’s too soon?

3.09.30 - Cosette most likely
Most Popular, that’s a boring one. Though she does have a lot of friends from school, so it makes sense.

3.09.31 - valedictorian moodlet
I haven’t seen this moodlet before, pretty cool! Obviously few of my sims get valedictorian…

3.09.32 - diploma toss
Obligatory diploma toss shot.

Yttrium hunts down one of the new simselves to make friends; Pink is at the gym, so off she goes.

3.09.33 - Pink broke stereo
Oops, and when Pink turned off the stereo, she broke it. No worries, Yttrium will fix it later.

3.09.34 - incompatible traits
Uhoh, incompatible traits. Pink is grumpy and Yttrium is excitable.

3.09.35 - Eddie Kidd RI
Damn, I may need to turn off romantic SP for these guys.

3.09.36 - Fiyero last potion
3.09.37 - Fiyero Master Chemist
Yay, Fiyero discovered the last potion! Mini-challenge complete, +3.

3.09.38 - Cosette out to eat
After graduation, Cosette invited her high school RI out to the bistro; she needs to eat, and also break up with him.

3.09.39 - Cosette sneezes
LMAO, caught Cosette in a sneeze.

3.09.40 - no more RI
A minute later, she is without RI.

3.09.41 - Yttrium training Pink
LOL! I left Yttrium chatting with Pink, and I come back to find she’s training her new friend. Poor Pink!

3.09.42 - Flamingo + Cosette heartfart
Cosette tracks down Flamingo Chimeree at the festival. And they heart fart. Good signs.

3.09.43 - both friendly
Shared Friendly trait!

3.09.44 - busy gym
Man, the gym is busy today; every machine is in use!

3.09.45 - Tam fell off
Haha, and Tam fell on the treadmill.

3.09.46 - Cosette kiss wish
Cosette has now rolled this! That was fast, she’s only just become friends with him.

3.09.48 - Marius teen trait 3.09.47 - Eponine teen trait
The twins aged up to teen; these are their new traits. I made them over and re-enrolled them back into school.

3.09.49 - MariusT
Marius is pretty hot! Definitely a cool jock.

3.09.50 - EponineT
Eponine is more conscientious artist. We now see that she has a different nose to her brother (his is Fiyero’s); otherwise they both share most of Yttrium’s features. Eponine is pretty much a face clone, I believe.

3.09.51 - Cosette sports career
Cosette gets her job in sports.

3.09.52 - Boq + Parker
Boq and Parker are still going strong.

3.09.54 - $1m wish
Collecting the rent on all our owned buildings on Monday pushes the family over the edge of $1m! Fiyero just keeps stacking up those LTH points.

3.09.55 - meeting Heather
Trying to track down one of the boys before work, Cosette only succeeds in finding Heather. But that’s okay, she can make friends so we get Heather SP stories too.

3.09.56 - both Love the Cold
They both Love the Cold.

3.09.57 - Yttrium L10
I was watching Heather and Cosette so I missed the shot, but Yttrium got promoted to L10! That’s Gen 3 cleared.

3.09.58 - swimming across river
LMAO, I told Yttrium to go fishing off the beach. Instead of driving/walking around, she chooses to swim across the river.
3.09.59 - fishing

Grr, Fiyero keeps being reset by ErrorTrap when he tries to sell stuff at the consignment store. I don’t think he’ll make it to the end of the Inventing career without it – the inventions are worth so much less selling from inventory.

So I’m counting Gen 3 as complete, with all restrictions lifted. That means we can have indoor plumbing and electric lights! And a landline phone; now we can (officially) have parties!

3.09.60 - new laundry
We have some house remodelling to do; this is the new enclosed laundry, with extra toilet.

3.09.61 - bathroom
I had to do a walls down shot for this two way bathroom; toilet and sink in one little room, shower and tub and counter/mirror in another.

I’m not going to change all the lights right now, only if I’m redecorating anyway. But they do get a better stove and dishwasher for the kitchen.

3.09.62 - Cosette updated room
And I’ll also take the chance to update Cosette’s room for an adult.
Oops, just realised as I was editing these pics that I left the chandelier. Oh well.

3.09.63 - experimenting on bed
As a Mad Scientist, Yttrium can now perform experiments on stuff. First up, the bed that Fiyero is sleeping in. I can’t see any difference in the motives or moodlets, it just has the pretty lights.

3.09.64 - fixer upper car
Now that I fixed the box issue, I bought the family another fixer upper car; Jess’ ghost is the first to find it.

3.09.65 - Sam promotion
Sam got another promotion. Storming up the career ladder, this one.

3.09.66 - Sam baby boy
And she was heavily pregnant at the time, go Sam. Drew is a cute name.

3.09.67 - Elijah Blue Olympus
Today Cosette is meeting Elijah Blue Olympus. No instant sparks, but they get along well enough.
3.09.68 - getting along

3.09.69 - Pink RI
…dude, isn’t that Tam’s RI? I know you guys live together, but really.

3.09.70 - Cosette promotion
After only two days of work, Cosette has her first promotion!

3.09.71 - Boq + Parker
I’ve had three of these popups in one night. Apparently these two really are meant for one another.

3.09.72 - Fiyero got shocked
Oops, Fiyero tried to fix Nessa and got shocked himself. Weird, he has L9 Handiness. Maybe it’s the rain.

3.09.73 - Tam promotion
Tam got another promotion.

3.09.74 - Pink promotion
As did Pink, apparently she’s working in Medicine. Unlike Tam and Sam, Pink seems to choose a different career every time I put her in town.

3.09.75 - funny faces1
Tracking down Michelangelo after work, Cosette decides pulling faces is the best way to make friends.

3.09.75 - funny faces2
Good think he agrees!

3.09.76 - kiss Michelangelo wish
She has now rolled up this wish. Apparently she’s no better at choosing a spouse than her father was.

3.09.77 - Tam gift for Fiyero
Please Tam, let him go! He’s old enough to be your father, and he’s happily married.

3.09.78 - Sam pregnant
Sam is pregnant again – she only had the other baby this morning!

3.09.79 - Fiyero made gnome
Fiyero made another Inventing gnome.

3.09.80 - 5SOS
We named him 5SOS, after 5 Seconds of Summer.

3.09.81 - Cosette promotion
Doing a work opportunity allowed Cosette to max her promotion bar, and she got another promotion already.

3.09.82 - jogging home
She is jogging home, since she wants to level up her athletic skill.

3.09.83 - Flamingo party invite
Flamingo invited Cosette to a party! She’s definitely going.

3.09.84 - Yttrium maxed handiness
Yttrium finally maxed handiness, as she had wished. Now to max fishing, then she can retire.

3.09.85 - Fiyero maxed handiness
And all Fiyero’s inventing means he has also maxed handiness. All the things in the house are upgraded now.

3.09.86 - flirting with Flamingo
At Flamingo’s party, Cosette flirts a bit, then considers his attractiveness.

3.09.87 - consider attractiveness 3.09.88 - 10 out of 10 Flamingo
10 out of 10.

3.09.89 - Fiyero grumpy old man
Fiyero is a grumpy old man; here he’s harassing the new stereo. You can also see the old fashioned phone on the coffee table in the background; I finally have a use for a landline phone! I chose the one that comes with the Generations Store pack.

3.09.90 - gift Elijah Blue gift
Cosette is now best friends with Elijah Blue. Now she just needs to pin down Eddie Kidd to befriend… although I searched all over (and with MC) and he seems to have disappeared… both from Cosette’s relationship panel and the town entirely.

3.09.91 - Phoenix + Nessa friends
Phoenix’s ghost is out tonight, and Nessa is making friends.

3.09.92 - consider attractiveness 3.09.93 - 10 out of 10 Michelangelo
Cosette also finds Michelangelo blindingly stunning (though I do share that opinion).

3.09.94 - play sim gnubb
Fiyero wished for it, then both he and Nessa wanted to play a game of sim gnubb. So sure.

3.09.95 - Sam + Tam losing friendship
Aw, Sam and Tam are losing their friendship 😦

3.09.95 - Fiyero won
Fiyero won the game!


Now that we have completed the requirements for generation 3, next chapter will begin generation 4! We’ll also have a heir poll, so you guys can choose Cosette’s spouse.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Cosette is gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My oh my! So many fantastic spouse possibilities! I have to say that I am rooting for Flamingo or Mikey. I’ll have to check out the legacies of the others so I can get to know them better. Cosette turned out so pretty. You did great with the look.


    • You should definitely check out the Dayes, especially – they do literally everything available in the game, bit by bit. It’s great. And there will be Winters options eventually – I’m trying to make sure that the traits and LTWs match the goals of the generation.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m totally team Flamingo! Can’t wait to see what’s next, and awesome to see SimMe running around!


    • Up next will be WA adventures! It’s one way to make sure Cosette doesn’t get too close to adulthood before I close off the poll.

      Sim Heather is pretty fun to have around…always popping out the kids, despite that Dislikes Children trait.


  4. Valedictorian?! (Why yes I am behind on my reading) No Daye has ever had that. *Narrows eyes at the Dayes*


  5. I totally didn’t even realize that you put him in your town. That’s so cool! I looked ahead and saw he didn’t win, but that’s okay! He was a close second, which was awesome! I don’t know if you have my sister self in your town, but if you dont, I’d love to see her in here! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been trying to catch up in your legacy lol. I really enjoy reading it! I must have forgotten you even had one because I only realized it last week… sowwy ! But I’m reading it now! Lol


    • No probs, glad to have another reader! I do believe I have a copy of your simself, she’s wreaking havoc in my ISBI, can’t remember if she’s in the Epic. Will check next time I play!

      Mikey was my fave of Cosette’s options, but I’m happy with the choice the readers made. There will be more Terreys in future polls, I’m determined to get those gorgeous Terrey genes into this bloodline. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Simself. Sim. Sister self… dumb auto correct…


  7. Still lucky I don’t have to vote for spouse options XD.
    Oh lord Marius is amazing.


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