3.08 – Splodey

3.07.72 - nice shotPreviously, the twins aged up into adorable toddlers, Yttrium got Spring Dance Queen from the Spring Fesitval, and Boq and Cosette went to prom.

3.08.01 - family outing
This weekend, the family are going on an outing! To the beach. Well, the river, since Twinbrook doesn’t have an actual ocean.

3.08.02 - Nessa play in sand
Nessa plays in the sand.

3.08.03 - Yttrium read
Yttrium read on her blanket while keeping an eye on the babies.

3.08.04 - Cosette play in water
Cosette plays in the water.

3.08.05 - Eponine swimsuit
I then tried to have her take Eponine to play in the water, but no matter what I did, I didn’t get the option. But you can still check out the cute swim outfit I made for Eponine.

3.08.06 - Fiyero picking flowers
Meanwhile, Fiyero picks flowers…that grow on the beach. Sure, that makes sense.

3.08.07 - sleeping in shade
The babies sleep in the shade of the beach umbrella.

3.08.08 - Eponine bday
That night, it’s their birthday! Eponine first; she rolled Night Owl.

3.08.09 - Marius bday
And then Marius, rolling Absent-Minded.

3.08.10 - Boq bday 3.08.11 - family celebration
It’s also Boq’s YA birthday! So he gets a cake and a family celebration.


3.08.12 - EponineC
Eponine is a neurotic artist, so I went with a bit of a quirky theme for her.

3.08.13 - MariusC
Athletic Marius gets a sporty makeover. He and Eponine have almost the same face, though different colouring.

3.08.14 - BoqYA
Boq is quite attractive for an alien; his nose isn’t too thin, and he has pointy ears!

3.08.15 - updated room
The twins’ updated bedroom. Spiceberry and green go very well together. Though they won’t be using the room too long – as per the rules, they’re off to boarding school shortly.

3.08.16 - Yttrium boarding school wish
Yttrium immediately rolled this upon Eponine’s age-up. Well, she is going to boarding school, but I was thinking Art School, since she’s Artistic.

3.08.17 - Boq painting
Instead of choosing the obvious Emperor of Evil LTW for Boq, I chose Fashion Phenomenon (max Stylist career). So he gets a skill in painting overnight.

3.08.18 - Eponine wishes
Eponine is already being fun; neurotic and artistic means lots of wishes!

3.08.19 - twins treehouse
Our newly child-ified twins play in the treehouse together. They’re friends already, thanks to the playtable.

3.08.20 - Boq sneaking
Boq snuck out of the house, across the playground…

3.08.21 - Boq scares Fiyero
And all the way to the garden to scare Fiyero. Evil sims make me laugh sometimes.

3.08.22 - Yttrium + Eponine pillow fight
Eponine wished to pillow fight with her mother, and for some reason they chose Boq & Nessa’s room to do so.

3.08.23 - graduation
It’s Boq’s graduation, and our first glimpse of the twins cute formal outfits.

3.08.24 - Boq take over world
Haha, he was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World. He sure will, the Fashion world!

3.08.25 - Boq moves out
And then, before even going back to the house after graduation, Boq moves out.

3.08.26 - Fiyero detonating statue
Because I’ve never done it, and because he wished to do so, Fiyero plays with explosives.

3.08.27 - kaboom
Ka Boom!

3.08.28 - warning
Haha, warning. That’s okay, we could afford a fine…but we won’t do it again anyway.

3.08.29 - Fantine come out
Marius has been playing with his IF a lot; we renamed her Fantine when he was a toddler.

3.08.30 - Fantine is alive
Yeah, I’m letting them out. We will need to make an IF real eventually, so why not now?

3.08.31 - playing tag
Marius immediately sets to becoming best friends with Fantine.

3.08.32 - Eponine IF
Eponine is still working on getting her IF to come out.

3.08.34 - Cosette LTW
Cosette has rolled this LTW, which is exactly what we need for gen 4. Locked in!

3.08.35 - gift for Marius
Fiyero has some gifts for his children.

3.08.36 - neurotic freakout
Haha, Eponine’s first neurotic freak out.

3.08.37 - gift for Eponine
Soon fixed by Fiyero giving her a gift.

3.08.38 - Valjean is out
Valjean comes out to play.

3.08.39 - Sam promotion
Sam got a promotion. Which reminds me, now that everyone who knew them in Riverview is dead, I will put back the other simselves.

3.08.40 - family breakfast
This as much of a family breakfast as the Rourkes ever have. Fiyero and Nessa are on different schedules to the others, since neither go to work.

3.08.41 - Fiyero's chest
Gratuitous shot of Fiyero’s chest, just because 😉

3.08.42 - Giovanni Bayless
Giovanni Bayless came home from school with Cosette. He came over once before, the night she turned teen. He hasn’t grown into his face as yet.

3.08.43 - turning Fantine real
Marius is now BFs with his IF, so is turning her real. +3 points 😀

3.08.44 - real Fantine
She’s quite cute, though the black eyes scare me. Her name is Fantine, and her fave colour is pink, so I combined it with spiceberry in her outfits. She’s a Grumpy, Computer Whiz Mooch. Probably won’t be happy in the technology-free house, lol.

3.08.45 - Nessa catacombs
Nessa is exploring the catacombs after buying them out and renaming them. Seems she’s having fun.

3.08.46 - cute moodlets
Hehe, cute moodlets.

3.08.47 - turning Valjean real
After playing tag together all yesterday afternoon, Eponine and her IF, Valjean, are now BFs, so he can be made real too.

3.08.48 - real Valjean
He’s an Unlucky, Over-Emotional, Unstable IF made real. Wow, he’s a piece of work. His fave colour is orange, so we combined orange and green for his outfits. And he also has black eyes, strange.

3.08.49 - Cosette honor roll
Cosette made the honor roll, finally. She only has 4 days until YA! I don’t think either Yttrium or Fiyero will be finished with their careers by then, so gen 4 won’t start just yet.

3.08.50 - enroll in boarding school
As per the rules, Yttrium is enrolling the children (including IFs made real) into boarding school. This seems to be a slight conflict with the rules, since she shouldn’t be able to use phones or computers at this point, but whatever.

3.08.51 - Cosette promotion
Cosette got a promotion, good work.

3.08.52 - Boq promotion
Boq also got a promotion; I forgot he was in the alien test subject career. Hopefully now that he’s maxed it, he will switch to become a Stylist, as per his LTW.

3.08.53 - Chance napping
Chance came to visit again; all the ghosts seem to want to do is nap on the bunkbed…

3.08.54 - rabbit gnomes
Stupid rabbit gnomes, blocking the way into the garden. Good thing I can drag them from live mode. Actually, I might change things around, have two gates instead of one.

3.08.55 - preside over royal court
Marius is presiding over royal court.

3.08.56 - Eponine painting
While his sister paints.

3.08.57 - quick meals
The kids are eating quick meals; must mean we have no more leftovers. I’ll get Nessa on it.

3.08.58 - Marius boarding school
3.08.59 - Eponine boarding school
But they’re off to boarding school now anyway, so we’ll have more food now.
3.08.60 - off to boarding school

3.08.61 - Fiyero promotion
Fiyero made it to level 8! Another $24k til the next promotion *sigh*

3.08.62 - Tam love letter
Naw, Tam, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter how crazy you are, Fiyero has met his perfect match.

3.08.63 - Yttrium tripped
I missed the shot, but Yttrium just fell over. Clumsy trait, lol. Her face is so cute. And she also has a tan from gardening outside.

3.08.64 - Tam promotion
Speaking of Tam, she got another promotion!

3.08.65 - Bruce asks Yttrium on date
WTF? No? Why is Bruce acting like he’s alive? I’m going to accept it, just to see who this “Bruce Rourke” is.

Aand, they both throw a script error. Methinks Bruce’s ghost is glitched.

3.08.66 - Tam flirting
Oops, I sent Yttrium to Tam’s house to fulfil her wish to “give gift to Tam Simly”, only it seems we interrupted something… (this is Lincoln Baker, btw)

3.08.67 - Cosette + Fiyero soccer
Fiyero and Cosette play soccer again. She’s getting better.

3.08.68 - Park + Boq together
Parker and Boq are still together, nice.
3.08.69 - Fiyero junkyardToday, Fiyero is going to the junkyard. Since I normally buy all his scrap, and he wished to “dig through a junk pile”, I’m going to indulge him.

3.08.70 - Fiyero detonating
Lol, we can also blow stuff up in here without recriminations.
3.08.71 - Fiyero collecting scrap

3.08.72 - big splodey
Holy crap, big splodey!

3.08.73 - singed Fiyero
Fiyero was too close, but at least he’s only singed.

3.08.74 - Scrap Collector
And before long, he has collected 1000 units. Another challenge complete.

3.08.78 - IFs in the junkyard
He also drops off these guys – when they made the move to Twinbrook, both Fiyero and Cosette’s IF dolls made a reappearance.

3.08.75 - Yttrium LTW1
Yttrium got a promotion and completed her LTW! She’s only at L9, so still one more level to complete the generation.
3.08.76 - Yttrium LTW2 3.08.77 - Yttrium LTW3

3.08.79 - new rabbit gnome
We have another rabbit gnome (6 in this picture). The new one is named Alesso, continuing our musician theme.

3.08.80 - Cosette best friends
As per her wish, Cosette is working on becoming best friends with her father.

3.08.81 - Cosette barre
Then she continues to work on the barre; her Dancing Skill is only L1, but the skillbook says she’s Advanced.

3.08.82 - gender pref
Yttrium interrupts to find out her daughter’s gender preference.

3.08.83 - Cosette is straight
Cosette is straight, so we’re looking for a male spouse. Since Cosette will be fulfilling the Sports career part of gen 4, her spouse can choose any previously unlocked career. Mostly the ones that haven’t been done are self-employed careers, so her options will either been gardeners, fishermen or sculptors.

3.08.84 - Yttrium training
Lol, it looks funny to ‘train sim’ on the barre.

3.08.85 - Fiyero making fighters
Fiyero is still working hard to make flying fighters and floor hygienators, working on two skill challenges and his career at once.

Going to end this here, a little shorter than normal; next chapter we shall meet Cosette’s potential spouses!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. HAHAHAHA I can’t believe he detonated public property and all he got was a warning. That is too funny. Oh the Sims. I can’t believe Sim Tam would hit on a married man. Gracious! But by the looks of it there is someone ready to sweep her away so hopefully she won’t do anything so silly again.
    I can’t believe Cosette will soon be heir. She is so pretty. I wish the interaction would have worked for her to play in the water with the toddler. I bet it would have been cute.


    • I agree, playing in the water would have been so cute; I saw it in another legacy and decided to try it out. Shall have to try somewhere else, maybe because it wasn’t technically “ocean”?

      Haha, SimTam is still very hung up on Fiyero – strange because I don’t think she’s actually ever met him. Yttrium is Tam’s friend…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marius has the most amazing eyes.
    Exploding things looks fun. I will have to find a sim to experiment with.


    • Exploding things is so much fun! And it’s a great way to complete the scrap collecting challenge, if you’re trying to complete skill challenges.

      I do love the grey eyes, especially since they’re a grandparent throwback. TS3 genetics are awesome.


  3. Marius is soooo cute. But then so is his sister of course.
    Exploding public property. That’s not just any public property too >.<

    Liked by 1 person

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