4.01 – Boy-Crazy

3.09.75 - funny faces1Previously at the Rourkes, Cosette aged up to YA, and went about making friends with the four potential spouses I dropped in. Yttrium got to L10 of the Science career, lifting the Gen 3 restrictions, and Fiyero discovered all the potions, completing the mini-challenge for Gen 3.

I had to add a new version of Eddie Kidd Daye; the previous one disappeared. No idea what happened, I don’t remember getting any error messages… hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen with this new version!

To start the new generation, here is Cosette’s title card. Her favourite colour is grey, so there won’t be too many decor changes in the house – until she picks a spouse, that is.

4.01.01 - Yttrium retires
As she has wished, Yttrium is now retiring; she’s done all she needs to do for this generation.

4.01.02 - congrats
LMAO, some random teen in a pirate hat came over to congratulate her. I have no idea why he was on the lot.

4.01.03 - best friends challenge
Wow, told you Cosette had lots of friends. She used “talk to friends” every day of school, and is now “hanging out with teammates” at work. Other than befriending the potential spouses and simselves, we haven’t really tried to befriend anyone.

4.01.04 - love letter wish
She now wants to send a love letter to Flamingo. Can do – in fact, we’ll send a letter to each of the potentials.

4.01.05 - Eddie Kidd heartfart
I sent her over to meet the new Eddie Kidd after work – I stuck him in the house with Tam and Pink. And they heartfart; good.

4.01.06 - shared Heavy Sleeper
They share the Heavy Sleeping trait. But before they can get much further than friends, he wanders off to sleep. Fair enough, it is after midnight.

4.01.07 - Uncommonly Good opp
OMG, Nessa got the Uncommonly Good opportunity! Jess had it, but died before she got the others in the chain. Nessa is immortal, so she has plenty of time.

4.01.08 - science experiments
Yttrium performs more science experiments; this one is on the dishwasher. They don’t seem to do all that much, shall have to play around a bit more.

4.01.09 - Cosette tub
Cosette is the first one to find the tub in the new bathroom; I have to remember to buy some bubble bath for them next time they’re in town.

4.01.10 - Pink moves out
Pink moved out of the little house; there were only two beds, to be fair. Tam better not steal Eddie Kidd…

4.01.11 - Heather's baby
I closed the popup before I read it properly; apparently Heather had a baby? She always pops out kids in my games, regardless of her Dislikes Children trait, lol. Baby is a girl named Geneva.

4.01.12 - Sinbad Rotter's kids
And her father? Sinbad Rotter. Who, as you can see, has also fathered a number of other children in town. The oldest and the youngest you see are Amy Bull’s children, bald kid is son of Julienne Knack and the girl with braids is Bambi Pincher, daughter of Penny.

4.01.13 - Sam baby girl
Willow, cute name! Sam’s second child with Shark Racket. I sent Nessa over to befriend her/meet the kids.

This is the house she lives in now; you can see Sam and Willow in the open doorway. I could have sworn that the Rackets usually live in the top end of town…guess they moved.

4.01.15 - kids on the floor
*facepalm* great parenting Sam, leave your kids in the middle of the foyer!
I checked out the rest of the house; 3 bedrooms, no cribs. So we fixed them up.

4.01.16 - Drew Winterwolf
This is Sam’s son Drew; he’s a cutie.

4.01.17 - Cosette love letter
As per her wish, Cosette writes a love letter to Flamingo. Then, for good measure, to all the other spouse options.

4.01.18 - love letter list
Uhm, what? Where is Eddie Kidd? Why does he keep disappearing??

4.01.19 - Eddie Kidd tag
Oh, okay, he’s still in the world. She just can’t write him a love letter. Not good, but we’ll deal.

4.01.20 - Yttrium maxed fishing
Yttrium has now fulfilled her wish to max fishing.

4.01.21 - baby outside
…geez Heather, I know you dislike children, but leaving your newborn on the hard stone outside? Even Sam didn’t do that. I gave these guys a crib, too. But no-one would answer the door to let Cosette in – I think this house is glitched.

4.01.22 - consingment goodies
Check out all the goodies Fiyero found at the consignment store! Four more gnome points, yay.

Yes, I forgot to mention, I now have WA. Also LN and ST, but haven’t installed those two just yet – enjoying adventuring with WA in a side game.

4.01.23 - Irrisitable greet
4.01.24 - heartfart 4.01.25 - 10 out of 10
Well, apparently Cosette likes all the boys. That is 3 who get full marks.

4.01.26 - Coddle family at junkyard
Uhm, what are the entire Coddle family doing in the junkyard? I really hope they don’t live here…

4.01.27 - Bruce and Cosette
Cosette meets her great-grandfather, Bruce.

4.01.28 - Sam promotion
Sam gets another promotion; this is L8 already.

4.01.29 - new gnomes
These two new gnomes are Emeli and Adele; more musicians.

4.01.30 - Yttrium playing hopscotch
Why is it the oldies always like playing kids games? Yttrium wished to play hopscotch with Nessa.

4.01.31 - Cosette using phone
Cosette is the first one to use the new landline phone…which is apparently still cordless. Lol, fail, EA.

4.01.32 - Marius wants to come home
Aw, Marius. Too bad, you’re staying.

4.01.33 - martial arts opportunity
Ooh, good thing Fiyero bought that martial arts book.

4.01.34 - widget wonder challenge
Yay, finally. Those inventing challenges are really hard!

4.01.35 - oldies love
These two are still really in love; when not skilling, they always roll wishes for one another.
4.01.36 - watch the stars

4.01.37 - Sam + Eddie Kidd
Seriously? And why is it always the simselves?

4.01.38 - Cosette promotion
Cosette got another promotion; I think this is L6. She’s just flying up the ranks.

Apparently the opportunity I accepted for Cosette involves actually going to China, despite having the Martial Arts book. So, after a new save to protect the file, she’s off. Only taking her and the Motive Mobile.

4.01.39 - Sim Shangla pretty
China is so pretty!

4.01.40 - Liang Creeper
First adventure, as always, is ‘Seeking Adventure’. And Liang Creeper is the person who’s asking her to find relics! Well, in my game he’s Liang Yat Sen, but I recognise the face.

She needs to go to the Halls of the Lost Army. But first, we’ll visit the stores.

4.01.41 - Liu Pei heartfart
She heartfarts Liu Pei, the Relic Merchant. All that Charisma skill (and completing most of the challenges) means a Charming Introduction and a Get to Know makes friends.

4.01.42 - kiss Liu wish
*facepalm* oh, Cosette. I figured why not, she can have a Chinese fling; she doesn’t have a spouse just yet.
4.01.43 - kiss Liu

4.01.44 - no 'just be friends'
Uhm…except now she can’t Ask to Be Just Friends. Hmm…

4.01.45 - Bao Louie heartfart
And she also heartfarts Bao Louie. A little guy-crazy, our Cosette.

Adventuring spam:
4.01.46 - adventuring1 4.01.46 - adventuring2 4.01.46 - adventuring3

4.01.46 - adventuring4 4.01.46 - adventuring5
Wow, that’s a crazy jump into a shallow pool!

4.01.47 - learn martial arts
Once the first adventure is complete, it’s time to learn martial arts. Cosette actually did really well, didn’t get hit in the eye once.

4.01.48 - hit in eye
Oh wait, she did get hit – after she gained the first skillpoint.

4.01.49 - 2nd belt
She got to level 2 and halfway to 3 before getting fatigued.

4.01.50 - spar with Abi Yat Sen1 4.01.50 - spar with Abi Yat Sen2
The next adventure is to spar with Abi Yat Sen two times.

4.01.50 - spar with Abi Yat Sen3 4.01.50 - spar with Abi Yat Sen4
o.O I think Cosette might lose this…

4.01.51 - lost sparring
As predicted, Cosette lost both, but that fulfils the adventure anyway.

4.01.52 - Visa L1
And with that part of the quest complete, Cosette reaches Visa Level 1! She probably won’t be coming back, unless we get another opportunity to travel, but anyway.

4.01.53 - board breaking
Argh, she kept getting fatigued before she reached L5, so she wasn’t able to meditate for 2 hours and report in before the trip was over. Maybe she will be going back.

4.01.54 - martial arts
Cosette’s martial arts stuff goes in her room. She keeps rolling wants to get to higher levels and break x number of boards, so she’ll be doing more. It raises athletic skill too, which is handy.

4.01.55 - feast party wish
The day after Cosette comes back, it’s Spooky Day! She rolls a wish to throw a feast party; and since we now have a phone to legitimately throw it, why not.

4.01.56 - Nessa fortune cookie
We brought home a fortune cookie machine too; Nessa is the first one to use it.
4.01.57 - Nessa's fortune

4.01.58 - Fiyero party
Fiyero rolled the wish for a costume party, and I thought that would be more fun, so we’re doing that. And yes, he needs an oxygen tank when not scuba diving. Totally normal.

4.01.59 - party invites
He invites all the simselves and the potential spouses over.

4.01.60 - attraction popups1 4.01.60 - attraction popups2 4.01.60 - attraction popups34.01.60 - attraction popups4
And then we get all these popups. *sigh* everyone loves these boys.

4.01.60 - attraction popups5 4.01.60 - attraction popups6
And the simselves all love Fiyero.


4.01.61 - Yttrium chef
Yttrium is a chef.

4.01.62 - Cosette pilot
Cosette a military pilot.

…Wei Keane, who crashed, is a tiger.

4.01.64 - Eddie Kidd hotdog
LMAO, Eddie Kidd is a ghost hot dog.

4.01.65 - Tam weights
Tam has decided to ditch her costume for the weights machine.

4.01.66 - Pink tiger
Pink is also a tiger. And Silver Racket is the maid party crasher behind her.

4.01.67 - Mikey doctor
Fiyero, another tiger, is boring Mikey the doctor.

4.01.68 - Flamingo private dick
Sam and Heather are also doctors, while Flamingo is a private detective.

4.01.69 - Cosette + boys sim gnubb
Cosette has wished to play sim gnubb, so she ropes in a couple of the boys to play with her. Even though it’s raining.

4.01.70 - Mikey scratching
Mikey, that’s not nice! Bad werewolf!

4.01.71 - stop that Mikey
The others agree.

4.01.72 - dancing
To distract him, Fiyero invites everyone to dance. That old Sims party staple.

4.01.73 - Tam does dishes
Thanks Tam! She did the dishes after they ate 🙂

4.01.74 - awesome party
Everyone agreed it was an awesome party.

4.01.75 - trick-or-treater
We got one trick-or-treater the whole day; it’s Karrie Pincher.

In an effort to ensure Cosette doesn’t wile away her YA time waiting for the poll result, she’s off to China as soon as her moodlet runs out.

4.01.76 - pretty China
I really love the surroundings in China; EA did a great job.

4.01.77 - Pangu's Axe opp
ZOMG, she got the Pangu’s Axe opportunity already! That’s awesome.

4.01.78 - eyes on Axe
Haha, Cosette can’t take her eyes off it as she walks around the corner.

4.01.79 - taking the Axe
Awesome pic, though Cosette looks rather spaced out.

4.01.80 - using the Axe
And now for the Hot Springs tomb.

4.01.81 - Visa L3
Visa L3 already, she’s on a roll. This only took about 8 vacation days total. China be easy.

4.01.82 - water taxi
LMAO, they have water taxis in China, apparently.

4.01.83 - terracotta army
So pretty.


If you haven’t already (or if you want to vote twice), please vote for Cosette’s spouse here or on boolprop here. I’ll probably play again on the weekend, so you have 6 days to finalise your vote(s).


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I am so glad Sim!Tam didn’t steal Eddie Daye. When you mentioned it I was like, oh God, she probably will. Phew, she proved me wrong!

    I can’t wait to see who wins for her spouse. They’re all awesome picks. I finally read through Dayes as well. It is a cool legacy so I’m glad I did. Even grabbed a few potential spouses myself lol.

    Great chapter XD!


    • The poll is a bit of a two-horse race at the moment, I doubt either of the other two will catch up, but I guess it depends.
      Yeah, the Dayes are fun – and I always learn something I never knew about one of the EPs, so it’s very educational also. 😉


      • I’ve never played with ghosts or genies before so I thought it was really neat when she was trying to cross species. So many different coloured ghosts too. makes me wish I had more accidental deaths in my ISBI. The basement would be a lot more colourful lol.


  2. HA! SimMe and Sinbad Rotter, too funny! I bet the spawn’ll be cute though! I just adore Cosette, she is too awesome! I’m excited to see who wins the spouse poll! I’ve got my vote in!


  3. Science experiment http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Science_(career) (its about three quarters down the page). By the sounds of it if it works you get positive moodlets near it, but you can cause a fire.
    My fancy dress costume matches the zebra onsie pj’s I’m wearing at this very moment. The feet have zebra heads, and theres a tail and everything. TI think the tiger costumes are normally orange.
    As for Fiyero he is the best male character in a musical.
    You’re kind of making me want to risk travelling again.


    • Thanks for the link! I will have to pay better attention to the popups I get after experimenting – since I play without sound, that wouldn’t bother me too much, but a fire would be bad!
      Haha, your simself knows you very well, it seems!
      I’ve only travelled with a couple of families, but seems to be working okay so far – hopefully most of the bugs around it have been ironed out as new EPs have been released? Uni has the same sort of system, and I have never had any issues with that.


  4. China is pretty. Never did the missions while travelling, might have to now that it looks so easy.


    • Adventuring isn’t too hard – it can be tricky to complete the collections, some of the more advanced tombs are huge mazes. But I found it so much fun that it didn’t seem like work – though I’ve only done the adventures a few times, imagine when you’ve done them heaps, the novelty wears off.


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