4.02 – Mrs Loves the Cold

Gen 3 results

We have a winner! Flamingo and Michelangelo shot out in front right away, and the other two couldn’t catch them; Flamingo made it over the line in the end. And there were over 20 votes this generation, thanks everyone!

On another note, updates are going to be less frequent now that uni is underway, and I’ve just gotten a promotion at work, so will be doing more actual work at work, instead of blogging. 😉

So, Cosette’s first action this chapter is to head over to the spouse house. Lol, rhyming.

4.02.01 - Geneva Zalie
And look who we find; it’s a newly toddlerfied Geneva Zalie! Looks like she got Heather’s blue eyes and Sinbad’s hair colour. Her mouth looks a bit strange; I think it’s Sinbad’s. Hopefully she’ll grow into it when she gets older.

Flamingo is awol though, so Cosette maxes out her relationship with the three adults in the house. She also autonomously fulfilled that “kiss Michelangelo” wish she rolled a while ago, but I was focusing on the rest of the family and didn’t catch it.

4.02.02 - Flamingo is home
He finally shows up as she’s about to leave. Let the wooing commence!
Judging by the outfit, he must have been at work. I think that’s an early Journalism one?

4.02.03 - gossiping
4.02.04 - Ask to Move In
Wait, we’re not wooing just yet; first she’s going to ask him to move in. Dammit, except we already have 8 people in the house! Stupid twins and IFs. (I’m not going to move him in using MC, because when I tried that with Yttrium, we had all that trouble with getting her to work and pregnant. Trying the non-cheaty way this time!)

4.02.05 - wooing1
I guess we’ll woo now, then.
4.02.05 - wooing2 4.02.05 - wooing3

4.02.06 - first kiss
Mikey standing there like a creeper werewolf when they have their first kiss. I have no idea why he’s in a doctor’s coat, he’s in the music career.

4.02.07 - Elijah wish
…and the second she completes the wish to kiss Flamingo, she rolls this. Her first romantic wish toward Elijah Blue, way too late. Damn, girl! Not happening now.

4.02.08 - Nessa move out
I’ve decided to move Nessa out for a little while; she will (probably) move back in after the twins grow up.

4.02.09 - watch stars
Instead of Elijah Blue, she can watch the stars with Flamingo.

4.02.10 - Flamingo moves in
Yes, and now he can move in!
(also, I just saw when editing, why is the house value $0?)

4.02.11 - Yttrium scared of yetis
Lol, I forget Yttrium is a Coward. Apparently she’s scared of the possibility of yetis in the dark backyard.

4.02.12 - China treasures
These are all the treasures Cosette collected, btw. Including a new gnome! His name is Blink.

4.02.13 - Flamingo
Flamingo’s career hair somehow got stuck on all his outfits, so I fixed him up; and customised the rest of his outfits (I may yet change them again; kind of want him to look different than he looked in the Chimerees). His favourite colour is pink, fave food is sushi and fave music is Indie. I really hope his child gets his awesome freckly skin.

4.02.14 - quit job
And he’s now quitting his job; if he wants a job later, he will be joining the Angler career, as befits his LTW.

4.02.16 - love letter1 4.02.16 - love letter2 4.02.16 - love letter3
It’s too late, but here are the replies to the love letters Cosette sent last chapter; all the boys love her.

4.02.16 - love letter4
And apparently Sinbad loves Nessa. Maybe they can hook up in SP? He’s already got children by 3 women, so at least that won’t be an issue with her?

4.02.15 - makeout
Celebratory first woohoo.
4.02.17 - shower woohoo

My game is very glitchy at the moment. It took three or four tries to get Cosette and Flamingo in the shower together; they’d do the makeout, then drop their queues. The teens keep error trapping out of boarding school (thus why you might see them in the background of a photo or two). And I found this lady (who happens to be Flamingo’s other RI) taking her toddler on a stroll across the brook…
4.02.18 - walking on water

4.02.19 - puking
Uhoh, I guess that risky woohoo got lucky.

4.02.20 - romance1
4.02.20 - romance2
So now we definitely have to get working on that proposal!

4.02.20 - romance3 4.02.21 - boyfriend 4.02.22 - Flamingo swoon
They go steady, and then Flamingo swoons. These two are so cute. I know I say that about all my couples, but it’s true. Especially these two; Cosette has rolled the wish to kiss Flamingo at least three times since their first kiss.

4.02.23 - proposal1 4.02.23 - proposal2
Geez, creeper face much, Cosette?

4.02.24 - maxed Athletic
After proposing, Cosette goes back to the barre, and maxes her Athletic skill, as she had wished. I’m going to see if I can get her to max the Dance one also; hoping there might be some new animations at higher levels.

4.02.25 - Flamingo befriends Yttrium
Mr Friendly Flamingo wants to have 8 friends, so I figured he should get to know the in-laws. It is surprisingly hard for him to become friends with Yttrium; I have to baby him every step of the way, choosing neutral topics rather than the “enthuse” ones, since she keeps reacting negatively. Even Enthuse About the Outdoors fails, though she Loves the Outdoors.

4.02.26 - baby
(why was she in Nessa’s old bed? I tried to make her go to her own bed, but apparently Eponine was in her way…even though Eponine was asleep in her own room. Wtf, game?)

4.02.27 - read pregnancy book
Cosette has wished to read a pregnancy book, so sure.

4.02.28 - gnomes in the graveyard
The gnomes like the graveyard; there are always two or three around flowers.

4.02.29 - fishing together
I found a great way to get Flamingo and Yttrium to make friends; fish together! She’s always doing it autonomously, and he needs to fish a lot for his LTW, so win!
(yes, I put spawners in the pond on the home lot ;))

4.02.30 - Flamingo massage
Flamingo really loves Cosette, he absolutely dotes on her. Doesn’t really care about the baby, but always wanting to kiss/massage/watch the stars with Cosette.

4.02.31 - reading books
Yeah, this happens a lot in the house atm. Bookworm Flamingo keeps rolling wants to read x books; so I’m getting him to read all the bait books, to kill the ‘learn bait for x fish’ wants as well.
(and why do they read at the dining table when there is a comfy chair and sofa right next to the bookshelf? SimLogic.)

4.02.32 - ghosts napping on beds
Chance came out just to nap on Eponine’s bed. My ghosts are boring.

4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand1
And this is why I’ve been building up the friendship between Yttrium and Flamingo. I heard about this on the boolprop forums, and wanted to try it out (archaic though it is). Flamingo is going to ask Yttrium for her daughter’s hand.

4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand2 4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand3 4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand4 4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand5 4.02.33 - Ask for Daughter's Hand6
She said yes, woot! And those animations are so cute, love the pleading.

4.02.34 - parent's blessing moodlet
And he got this cute little moodlet.

4.02.35 - Fiyero gnome
Fiyero is still alive; he’s chained to the inventing table, cranking out floor hygienators. If he can’t max the career, he’s at least going to complete the challenges.

4.02.36 - Cosette labour
Cosette finished work early to go into labour. Which, unfortunately, means that she’s stuck giving birth in the mismatching career outfit the game put her in. At home again, since I can’t remember whether we’re allowed hospital births as yet.
EDIT: I checked the rules…can’t find anything about being able to give birth at hospital. Meh, I don’t mind doing it at home, so might leave it that way until the Medical generation.

4.02.37 - Flamingo freaks out
Flamingo freaks out, as expected. Fiyero, who is also home (inventing, where else?) does not.

4.02.38 - Penny
It’s a girl! Her name is Penny, after the character in Hairspray, which is the musical I chose for this generation. She’s a Loner who Loves the Heat. Pity she was born in winter. She likes Lime, Kids music and Ratatouille.

4.02.39 - Penny room
This is Penny’s new lime, pink and grey butterfly room; she took over what was Boq and Nessa’s room. I really love the way it turned out.

4.02.40 - Get married wish
Cosette rolls the wish to get married right after giving birth; you will do so tomorrow, now that you finally have a day off. Stupid sports career and its afternoon shifts; knowing how long it takes guests to arrive and get seated and such, I didn’t throw the party when Cosette might need to run off in the middle of the party.

4.02.41 - Phoenix in sandbox
Ghost Phoenix is semi-interesting, playing in the sand/snow.

4.02.42 - Fiyero + Penny
Fiyero is the first to respond to Penny’s cries; he’s a good grandpa already.

Since we now have access to a phone, we’re throwing a wedding party!

4.02.43 - disaster already
And it’s a disaster already; Tam is reading and Cosette is laughing at her. Shark Racket crashed the party, and is standing way too close to Nessa for comfort. Phoenix is still out haunting even though it’s almost 1pm. And Mikey came in werewolf form.

4.02.45 - outdoor wedding
*sigh* I forgot that outdoor wedding in winter means outerwear. So much for the pretty formal outfits I made for these two. On a positive note, most of the guests found the chairs, yay! (even Phoenix, who is still out of her grave, witnessing her great-granddaughter’s wedding)

Wedding spam:
4.02.46 - wedding1 4.02.46 - wedding2 4.02.46 - wedding3 4.02.46 - wedding5 4.02.46 - wedding4 4.02.46 - wedding6 4.02.46 - wedding7
As always, the newlyweds are done at the altar before the guests get around to throwing rice. (and I just realised I forgot to put the roof on the house; oops)

4.02.47 - cake inside1
We put the cake inside, for better pictures and entertainment. LMAO, love the outfit Fiyero chose for his daughter’s wedding.

4.02.47 - cake inside2
Though I forgot that it meant all the guests had to remember how to door. Some didn’t make it (and Tam got impaled, poor girl). Flamingo also lost interest; obviously the traffic jam at the door is way more important than cutting his wedding cake.

4.02.48 - cake time
I’m impressed how well the guests got their cake; there were only a few route fails. Oh, and Heather freaks out once she’s finished…maybe at all the plates?

4.02.49 - Heather snowman
She then made a snowman outside by herself, and left. At least she thought it was an amazing party, I guess?

4.02.50 - dancing
Cosette calls most to dance after cake; she’s smustling, Pink and Elijah are dancing while Shark mourns some random elderly girlfriend who apparently died recently.

4.02.51 - Flamingo ghost story
Flamingo is hell bent on telling a ghost story and ruining my dance photos.

4.02.52 - moar dancing
Mikey and Tam join in the dance, despite the lack of lights.

4.02.53 - go away Shark
Go AWAY Shark, we don’t want you here!
And notice Boq sneaking around?

4.02.54 - Boq scares Flamingo
He’s about to welcome his new nephew-in-law to the family.

4.02.55 - Evil Boq
Argh! What do you know, he is evil.

4.02.56 - watch the stars
These two decided to watch the stars in the snow.

4.02.57 - dance with Tam
But Fiyero came back in to dance with Tam after.

4.02.58 - redecorating
And now, since Flamingo is officially part of the family, we need to do some redecorating. The brown and orange are removed, replaced with pink and grey. Cosette’s room also gets some pink added, with most of the green now gone.

4.02.59 - treehouse woohoo
Speaking of Cosette, Mrs Loves-the-Cold chooses the treehouse for the first post-marital woohoo.

4.02.60 - amazing party
When Mikey finally left (at 3am), we got the party popup. Amazing party, yay! Dancing wins again.

4.02.61 - time machine medal1 4.02.61 - time machine medal2
Uhm…I know Fiyero has made a time machine before…but maybe it gets acknowledged now that he’s in the inventing career? No idea, but we’ll take the medal.

4.02.62 - using time machine1 4.02.62 - using time machine2
When he gets home, he plays for a while. Nothing of note comes up, but I haven’t played with time machines too much, so we’ll keep playing. Though no woohoo in there, we don’t want any more points lost with new babies!

4.02.63 - romantic photo
Romantic photo time!

4.02.64 - wedding ring
And then Flamingo checks out his wedding ring (I know it’s on the wrong finger, shhh). He is such a closet romantic.

4.02.65 - romantic photo
Added the photo to the wall; man we have a lot of redheads in this family! Next generation, I’ll have to make sure to have no redheaded spouse options.

4.02.66 - Fiyero L9
I sent Fiyero to the consignment store with about 20 floor hygienators, and he finally made it to L9 of the Inventing career. Only another $42k to go *sigh*

4.02.67 - perfect fish
Flamingo has his first perfect fish; now he wants to put it in a bowl. I’m not going to, otherwise I might forget to feed it and kill it. We’ll keep them in his pocket until he has all 13.

4.02.68 - makeout in car
More autonomous romance from these two. You guys are doing very well at picking good couples. Every time Fiyero is away from the inventing table, he’s with Yttrium.

4.02.69 - Cosette promotion
Cosette got another promotion; she now has game days. I think this is L5.

Today (finally) the birthdays of the teens! Since they’re at boarding school there is no cake, and I’ll just show you their adult faces. I randomised the faces of the two IFs to stop them being Face One clones, btw.

4.02.70 - FantineA
This is Fantine, who was at home for the final three days of teenhood, due to constant glitching out of school.  Her final trait is Savvy Sculptor (Handy, Computer Whiz, Mooch, Grumpy), and her LTW is Descendant of Da Vinci.

4.02.71 - ValjeanA
YA Valjean; his LTW is Astronaut, and his traits are: Over Emotional, Brave, Unlucky, Unstable, Eccentric. He graduated from Military school.

4.02.72 - EponineA
I’m about 99% sure Eponine is a Yttrium clone; thank goodness she wasn’t the first born. Her final traits are: Neurotic, Dramatic, Artistic, Charismatic, Night Owl. Wow, a whole lot of –ic traits there. Her LTW is Star News Anchor. She graduated from Art school.

4.02.73 - MariusA
Damn, Marius is really hot! He has Fiyero’s nose and lips/mouth shape, but with the mouth width of Yttrium, along with everything else. His LTW is also Astronaut, and his final traits are: Adventurous, Absent-Minded, Athletic, Excitable, Handy.

I’m going to keep them over night, and see if the twins like their respective IFs. They will be uploaded shortly, when I can load up my non-CC game.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Finsh reading the update. I do have to agree with you that Marius is hot. Him and his future baby momma going to make beautiful babies.


  2. Marius turned out so hot! Damn boy! Boarding school did him well lmao! I laughed so hard at the lady and her baby walking on the water. That would take some serious skill. I’m so happy that Flamingo won too. I wish that when Sims would share genetics it would leave room for having one parent’s main colour hair and the other with, say, the tips of the other parent. I think their baby would look adorable with a colour combo of the two. I can’t wait for her to age up.


  3. Marius! What a looker! I just love Flamingo – I really, really do, and I cannot wait to see their kids! The wedding was adorable, even if it ended up being an outdoor wear affair. Happens to us all.


    • I guess at least no one peed themselves or died at the wedding, as happen in so many other legacies. Look on the bright side, y/y?

      Flamingo’s genetics are going to be an awesome addition, I’m also looking forward to the kids. I just wish they could have lots without losing points – I want to see the variation! I might just have to play around in CAS and see what I can come up with.


  4. Fiyero’s outfit and pose made my evening. Aww.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I wish my sims were as interesting as yours when on free will -_- Maybe it’s the computers…

    Liked by 1 person

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