8.03 – Summer Love

The people have spoken; Raspberry Rose Tart is to be Crystal’s spouse! Dahlia was a close second; thanks to everyone who voted!

Again, I apologise for the long wait in between chapters; this summer has been so brutal, my laptop could not handle any gaming, even when I did have it open.
Despite the lack of updates, the Rourkes were nominated for a couple of Golden Plumbob awards! Full details and links are here.

The elders were both stir crazy, so a trip to the local pool was in order.

Before Crystal goes to ‘claim’ Raspberry, she needs to be ‘just friends’ with April.
Crystal rolled the wish to have a water balloon fight with April, so we did that first.

Except then April ran off home…so we followed her (you can just see her blue hoodie behind the fence in the middle). This is the adorable little trailer park (complete with overgrown playground) in Monarch Bay.

Since April wasn’t about to run off again, Crystal took the opportunity to interview her for a story.

Then it’s Friend Zone time.

And she borrowed April’s computer to write the story. Because why not.

Aw, I haven’t this popup before; Jace and Twi’lek are drifting apart.

Hannah is determined to find/own all the stars in the sky.
And maybe max out her logic skill while she’s at it.

While Riff Raff wants to upgrade 20 objects – we’re running out of objects!

Oh, and here’s our floating painting; it’s been hanging around since the old house. I sell it, and it will reappear again in a few days, in a different spot. We already have one hanging on the wall (you can just see it in the background – a duplicate appeared anyway.

8-03-11-crystal-maxed-charisma1 8-03-11-crystal-maxed-charisma2
Look ma, no skill bar! Crystal maxed charisma!

She has also rolled up this very appropriate wish.

More babies in town!

Wooing spam:
8-03-14-wooing-raspberry1 8-03-14-wooing-raspberry2 8-03-14-wooing-raspberry3 8-03-14-wooing-raspberry4

After going steady, they went to the bistro to eat. Though she wasn’t reviewing the restaurant, Crystal couldn’t allow substandard food to pass, so we sent it back.

And earned money, score.

8-03-16-firefly-yells1 8-03-16-firefly-yells2
While the girls eat, I was outside, watching Firefly Tart yell at herself. Gumby Langurd also made a fool of himself by flirting (and being rejected) by first my simself, and then Lorelei Zane.

As she wished, Crystal watched the stars with her new girlfriend.

Then it’s time to move in together!

Town updates:

Audrey found a RI in Michael Gordon.

Mew has finally settled down with Indie (he has about 4 other RIs).

Alyssa pins down Dionysus.

More unexpected babies!

In her new bedroom, with a touch of yellow added, Raspberry calls for a party – it’s Leisure Day!

Hannah and Raspberry get started with the relaxing early.

So pretty; this was another contender for Crystal’
s trait card.

Instead I chose this one; flame fruit is a great illuminator.

And Raspberry’s Grumpy face.

Festival time! There was no festival lot for this world; I tossed a bunch of festival stuff into one of the local parks, and I quite like how it turned out.

New greeting card; this time in swimsuits. Well, except for Ms
Insane, Raspberry, who chose to wear her athletic outfit.

The three girls are hungry, so they joined May Gordon in a hotdog eating contest.

Meanwhile, Riff Raff wanted a tan, but it’s a tad lopsided. And he looks so devastated about it, aw.

Raspberry won! (
insert joke about lesbians and hotdogs here)

Back home, Riff Raff tried to make his own hotdogs for the party, but the summer gnome had other ideas.

Guests are here! The overly-muscled guy is Shane Schofield (a sim I made based on a character from Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow series), and girl in the blue swimmers is Aquamarine Zalesby.

Aquamarine joined Riff Raff and Crystal in the pool, while Shane and Susie Terrey sun themselves by the pool.

8-03-34-sprinkler1 8-03-34-sprinkler2
Along with dancing, sprinkler fun is an excellent way to both socialise and have fun with guests at a party.

Seymour was also invited; he joins his father on the pool loungers.

Then I found this going on…

It’s Firefly and Aquamarine, lol! (They’re married, in case you forgot)

Riff Raff was finally able to get to the barbecue to make his hotdogs; the guests
descended on them hungrily.

Crystal is a brilliant diver, wow!

8-03-39-snorkelling 8-03-40-learn-scuba-skill
She’s snorkelling, because she’s rolled up this wish. Since she
Loves to Swim, I figured she could learn this skill. Though we’ll probably do it all snorkelling; no dive lots in this world.

The party was epic, yay!

Freya finally had her baby.

Seymour left our party and hooked up with my simself.

Then went steady a second later.

Meanwhile, Audrey is getting married!

Next morning, after her (almost daily) deep breaths, Crystal is accosted by her girlfriend.

Yeah, they’re all over one another, all the time.

It must have invigorated her, because she promptly earned herself a promotion! This is level 6 already, she’s flying up the ladder.

She rarely comes home straight after work, instead she’s going around befriending people and interviewing them for her stories.

Riff Raff has taken up residence in rocking chair, he’s almost always in there.

So I forced him to get to know his future daughter-in-law.

He gave her a tablet.

Then they played chess together. Riff Raff wants to max his logic skill, and Raspberry needs it for work.

8-03-52-umbreon-gumby 8-03-53-flame-beignet
Umbreon + Gumby, Flame + Beignet, the town keeps pairing up!

And having babies…reminds me I really need to fix Lilac’s hair.

Hannah and Riff Raff are still all over one another, both of them keep rolling up woohoo wishes.

But whenever I try, the recipient refuses… and using Woohooer just resets them. Stupid broken game.

8-03-57-stare-out-windows 8-03-58-skinny-dipping
Instead, Riff Raff stares out the windows, and Hannah goes skinny dipping.

Raspberry is happy to see Crystal come home.

8-03-59-rastyl2 8-03-59-rastyl3

Some final town updates for the chapter:

8-03-60-indie-bubbles 8-03-61-crash-susie
New love!

And marriage.

8-03-63-lyra-baby-boy 8-03-64-tomahawk-baby-boy
And babies! (I changed Brain’s name to Brian. Brain should not be a person’s name)

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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I have my goodness! This made my day! Both your update as a whole and seeing my Zane babies making their own Zane babies! Except Lore. It was not surprising at all.

    Oh my goodness and you deserve some recognition! 😉


    • Lore does have her own popups later, from memory I’m pretty sure she has settled down…as much as she’s able. Glad you like watching your Zanes in action!


      • I come for the Rourkes and….stay for the Rourkes but the Zanes don’t hurt! 😛 I can’t wait to see some colorful babies pop up in your line now that a Tart has entered the ring!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, Rose and Crystal are adorable! Leave it to her to ruin a perfectly good family portrait.
    That painting glitch is weird.
    For the woohoo problem, have you tried replacing the bed? I think I had that problem once and the bed was the issue.


    • I did not try replacing the bed, though will have to check that out. The issue extended further than the bed, though, they couldn’t woohoo in the hot tub or shower either. It hasn’t affected Crystal and Rose (much easier to type than Raspberry!), only the oldies. So they’ll just have to live the last few weeks of their life woohoo-less.


  3. I love the new coloring in the bedroom ❤
    Omg Brain XD XD XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve had the painting glitch in my game. I managed to get rid of the painting by putting it in one of my sim’s inventory and have them sell it at the consignment store. That seems to have gotten rid of it, and the painting hasn’t reappeared since.


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