8.04 – Sunset Sunrise

Previously, Raspberry Rose Tart was announced as this generation’s spouse; Crystal quickly wooed and moved her in. Then we had a pool party on Leisure Day. And…that’s all. I think I’m taking too many pictures, not much happened!

PJ romance spam!

Which leads to a proposal. She said yes (of course).

I have not seen this popup before, hilarious! Very long-winded way of saying Crystal got a performance bump and a colleague relationship increase.

Raspberry Rose (who will now be called Rose for ease of typing) also got a promotion.

The girls relax and enjoy the summer sun while they read.

While the oldies play video games inside.

Mew refuses to show his face; this is his 5th or 6th RI in this world.

And his previous baby mama, Dawn, is now marrying his ‘sister’. (
though many of the legacy sims are from different generations, they’re all siblings in my game)

Speaking of marriage, Crystal and Rose are having a sunset beach private wedding.

Just in time, Rose pops that night! She wants a girl, Crystal wants a boy (as well as a generic baby).

Twi’lek and Jace are also having a baby.

Crash and Susie are engaged, while Drover and Dawn have already gone through with their marriage.

To celebrate both the marriage and the incoming baby, I expanded the pool/patio area to include a hot tub and sauna.

And built a playground area for the incoming kiddies.

Riff Raff and Hannah are still having issues with woohoo – even in the brand new hot tub it was a no go.

But they’re pretty happy anyway – Riff Raff found his feet!

And they’re going to get more grandchildren!

Reed and Lilac had their baby – seem to be an awful lot of baby boys being born…

Mew seems to have finally chosen someone to settle down with.

Crystal got another promotion, she’s up to L8 already!

And then she made some amazing faces; this is ‘act agitated’ which I believe is an Unstable thing.

Agitation done with, she interviews Blatch Winterwolf.

And accepts an invite to Twi’lek’s party.

Rose got another promotion – L5 now!

At the party, Crystal was asked to feel Twi’lek’s tummy.

Just as I was pulled across town; Rose is in labor!

She quickly goes home and gives birth to a blue baby boy!

No wait, orange skin.

Stupid game.

Hannah immediately beelines for the crib to meet her new grandson. His name is Max, he’s a Clumsy and Friendly child who likes Irish Green, beach party music and falafel.

The next day, Rose continues her mission to befriend Drover Terrey for an opportunity.

Drover brought with her Magdalena Terrey, who is Mew’s daughter with Dawn. Making her Drover’s niece and also step-daughter… either way, she’s adorable.

Crystal has finally maxed her social networking skill! Without a blog, that takes a
really long time.

As a reward, I’m going to allow her to fulfil her ‘woohoo in the treehouse’ wish.


She then snuggles her baby boy. (I’m not going to redecorate the nursery, since I quite like the colour scheme that’s already there – the kids will get coloured bedrooms when they grow up).

OMG Hannah, that’s so creepy! Autopsy on Kermit the frog.

Libra is moving on from missing out on Crystal’s love.

Blatch and Gumby have hooked up…this seems vaguely incestual, Blatch’s father is Tewl Langurd, who is Gumby’s great-great grandfather.

matchup is a whole lot more incestual! I guess I forgot to make them siblings; fixed that up straight away.

More oops babies.

And some births!

And Mew decides he wants to continue playing the field, breaking off his engagement.

Hannah gives into her Evil tendencies and steals candy from Max.

This made me laugh so much; Rose stands up to pop pregnancy no 2, and Crystal stole her chair right out from under her!

Rose didn’t mind, she wanted to play games with her beloved.

A romantic photo for the wall.

Nice to get some colour in there, the past few spouses have been dark-haired.

Autonomous loving.

Since Rose already had a backache from the pregnancy, Crystal gave her a massage.

I’m drawn away from the romance by a floating Riff Raff.

Hannah’s face! 😥

He begged, but Grimmy was having nothing of it.

Poor Hannah 😦

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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I love Crystal and Rasberry Rose together, they are so cute. ❤ I can't wait to see how Max turns out as well as future children of course.
    Oh no not Riff Raff. 😦 Poor Hannah.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Crystal is getting promoted quick :O
    Well, so does Rose given that she pretty much just moved in.
    I feel bad for Hannah, they didn’t get to fix they woohoo issue.
    That skin problem Max is having is odd. I would have loved a blue baby D:


    • I know, it scares me how quickly she topped this career, I think it was before Adult, even! And she didn’t even work hard or have any working LTR; but she does have maxed charisma, and that makes it really easy to befriend and interview people, maybe that’s why?
      The blue thing annoyed me so much. I didn’t change Max’s skintone as a toddler, but a later baby is blue, promise!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha, that Kermit painting is disturbing, yet funny! Yay for the new baby and the upcoming one!
    RIP Riff Raff 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor Hannah! Standing right there when it happened! T_T


  5. No. Not Riff Raff. I loved Riff Raff.


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