8.08 – Teenage Prankster

Previously, all the kids made friends, then Max aged up to hawt teen and Friedrich aged up to child.

The adults are going on a free vacation!

After 4 generations of rebellious sims, this is getting really old. So glad this part will be over soon.

Kurt is taking after his grandmother in painting creepy ass paintings.

Curtis and Lorraine! If one of our girls don’t snag him, I’m glad we can still get his genetics somewhere in the family.

Louisa goes for a joy ride. I just love the faces they make.

Gretel and Friedrich are working on their blocks.

Max wants to learn potions. Gosh these kids are so studious.


Jasper came home with Kurt after school the next afternoon.

They played tag, since the snow has now melted.

Meanwhile, Friedrich visited Demarco Holly’s house. They have very similar hair colour.

His parents (Mew Terry + Alyssa Holly) are playing catch in the backyard. Apparently someone stole Mew’s clothes…though there’s no hot tub in this house?

Birthday for the triplets!

Kurt first; he rolled Disciplined.

His mouth/lips are a bit big, but he’s still cute.

Gretel next. She rolled Daredevil.

She’s a jock, but more of a cheerleader-type athlete than a tomboy. Her jaw is kind of square, but I’m hoping she’ll grow into it.

Now Louisa; she rolled Snob. And is demonstrating her distaste right away.

So pretty! She gets an upscale makeover.

The women are home! And apparently didn’t get enough of one another during their vacation…

Skilling spam:

Kurt earned himself a belt, though didn’t change into it to do the warrior pose. Somehow it’s less impressive in board shorts…

Gretel finishes her jog home from school, and earns some time on the waterslide.

Then comes inside to set pranks. She must be on a mood swing.

Bane and Twi’lek had a baby girl!

And got pregnant again a second later.

Bane’s brother Blake is also having a baby.

Newly teenified girls are already rolling up wishes to kiss boys. At least we can assume they’re straight (or possibly bi).

Pretty pictures of Monarch Bay landscapes while Crystal snorkels.

Rose has reached the top of the Medical career, and completed her LTW!

It’s prom tonight; Louisa is gussying up.

Just to show off their formal outfits. Kurt went in his athletic gear, which you’ll see later.

Prom highlights:


  • Won Prom King
  • Got rejected for a dance
  • Got into a fight
  • Fell on the dancefloor


  • Won Prom Queen
  • Gained Jeremie Zane as an RI
  • Tore up the dancefloor
  • Crush shows up with a date
  • Fought a nerdy classmate


  • Got rejected by her crush
  • Gained Ronald Holly as an RI (son of Swagman Nike and Freya Holly)
  • Got into a fight x 2


  • Spotted a wardrobe malfunction
  • Wanted to set a booby trap but saw chaperones
  • Fought a nerdy classmate

Have some Friedrich bath adorableness.

Family Saturday morning outing to the beach!

Friedrich goes for a swim.

Tomahawk Langurd and Libby Gant also brought their children to the beach…though their kids are a fair bit younger than Crystal’s. This is Brian (ex-Brain) Langurd; Louisa wants to make friends.

Kurt hangs out on the slide.

Gretel & Max are learning to drive.

When they got hungry, Brian, Louisa and Kurt went out to eat together.

Though Kurt left the diner to plant a whoopee cushion. Rebellious sims…

Stressed from learning to drive, Gretel took herself off to the pool. She’s getting really good at diving.

Kurt rolled the wish to become a supernatural, so all the boys receive elixirs from their mother.

Friedrich first; he’s a fairy!

Kurt threw his elixir and stood still for a long while.

Max came in, received his gift and waved at his brother in the time it took for Kurt to change.

Kurt is a genie! I’ll have to lighten his skin a bit, that’s way too blue. And in the background, you can see Max eating…

He’s a mermaid! We will need to recolour those scales though.

Meanwhile, Doctor Rose is called into action once again. I think this is Shane Zane?

Ginormous pills are the answer.

This is the reason Rose maxed out her career so quickly, there are so many opportunities related to the medical career.

Video game spam!

It’s Love Day! Athletic wear for today’s festival.

Aw, the kiddies are growing up so fast.

Friedrich wished for some attention from mom, so he gets hugs.

Kurt hunts eggs. He also got a (bad) spray tan – see the multi-coloured feet?

Gretel and Rose have a rock climbing race.

Unsurprisingly, Ms Athletic won the race.

Crystal and Rose then played with the love tester.

LOL, I haven’t seen that message before! Love it!

The gang dance the afternoon away.

I was watching Crystal snorkel around, and almost missed Friedrich’s bday!

He rolled up Bot Fan, and he’s purdy!

With that birthday, Crystal has fulfilled her LTW!

So now it’s time to vote! Max has about 6 days until he’s a YA, which isn’t enough for a full chapter, so if he’s heir, he will take over next chapter. Go here for the poll.

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  1. Oooh! Friedrich is my definite favorite! So much purdy! And a bot fan fairy too! 😀


  2. I love your sims genetics, its crazy X)
    Can’t tell which is my favorite, but Gretel makes awesome faces. And I like her jaw. But then there’s Friedrich…And then…
    I laughed so much at the pop-up saying Bane simply stared blankly at a tree… He ALWAYS stared blankly at stuff so it fits him so well.


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