9.03 – Snowy Costume

Previously, Freya and Friedrich went to uni, dated like normal people, and aced their exams.

Upon arriving home, our intrepid heroes upload their resumes and are accepted straight into L4 of the Law Enforcement career. And check out the hourly rate! That’s more than double a normal Patrol Officer.

I finally remembered to green-ify the house; still with lots of brown, as Crystal is still around.

Brigitta has rolled up a LTW, and since she has the perfect traits for it, and we haven’t had it before, I have locked it in. Let’s see if we can complete it before she moves out.

Moar babies in town! Corny is also demonstrating my issues with keeping hair on Adult sims – they are forever changing their hairstyles. Maybe I will take out nraas Dresser and see if that helps.

And Max got married! Now make Crystal and Rose some grandchildren, plz.

Louisa has a steady boyfriend, too.

Family bonding over video games!

Romantic photo time!

Freya and Friedrich had other ideas…

Hai Riff Raff!

It’s the weekend, a day before Spooky Day, but I have plans for that day, so we’re going to the festival today instead.

Greeting card. So many colours in this picture!

Crystal messes with the gyroscope.

Rose and Freya check out the haunted house.

Freya also gets her face painted.

I tried to have these guys play against one another, but the game wouldn’t allow it?

They both got the same score, but differing messages.

These two did have a shooting competition – Rose won.

Marta found the trampoline.

OMG, you two, you’re only now going steady? They’ve been together forever, and have three children together.

Louisa is getting married!

Yep, now she’s married. They weren’t together for that long, not really “about time”.

PB&J, breakfast of champions!

Today is Spooky Day, and we’re having a Costume Party!

But first, Liesel reigns over royal court.

And Brigitta talks to her mother about fire…

While Marta and Friedrich paint more awesome things.

It’s a pity she was born a spare, because Liesel is very entertaining. Now she’s catching bandits.

Party time! Marta is a gnome.

Freya is…I’m not quite sure. But it suits her. Behind her, Louisa’s new hubby is an army grunt.

LMAO, oh simself, you are an awesome hot dog.

Max is a white tiger.

Liesel is a super hero.

Oh no, someone else is also a hot dog! This is Grace Holly, Freya’s sister.

Crystal is from Sims 1.

Better. Not quite sure what that’s supposed to be, maybe a doctor?

Our little Bookworm is a Cowplant.

Then we have these guys who refuse to come inside. Far left, the tiger is Louisa; the child talking to her is Allison Nike, Semyour and Samali’s youngest. The hot dog is Denim Chimeree, white dress is Max’s new wife Magdalena. Teen with the hockey mask is Whitney Sama – not sure if boy or girl.

Oh hey, Star Langurd is here too! She is worthy of her ninja costume, making it into the house without notice.

Family Smustle!

And then I had a brilliant idea. Rose (who is also a tiger) suggests to Max that he should spend some time with his new wife 😉


Rose mentions similar to Louisa; she chose Freidrich’s bed.

Oh hey, look who came late to make an entrance. And refused to wear a costume. Had to be Kurt.

Ah, how much the family had changed in 10 days.

Aw, what? Lavender Chimeree has decided to die at our party.

Sneaky pic of Freidrich in his costume; he was a Magician (or something similar; tux and top hat).

Despite the death, Freya’s party was amazing.

Marta and Brigitta are becoming friends, as per Marta’s wish.

Pillow fight!

Crystal is making her way up the Education ladder, this is L7. I’m not sure if she’ll have enough time to get there, it’s slow going.

Expect to see a lot of this in the future: both Freya and Friedrich are going to be doing a lot of reports to advance in their careers.

So when Friedrich gets invitations like this, we accept.

And interview Star. Sorry hun, that’s all you get from our heir.

Corny and Tim had their baby girl. It amuses me that she has a colour name.

Another day, another interview; this time they didn’t even leave the work lot.

Grim had other ideas, and reaps Owen Zane.

Followed swiftly by Susie Terrey. This is what happens when many of the townies are the same age – everyone is dying off around the same time.

Our two oldies are both safe and well and still in love.

Lol, I forgot the mummy was still in town! And apparently hooking up with elders.

Aw, these two are so cute.

Haha, so that’s why all Marta’s paintings are worth so much! She’s a ghost, so the game thinks she’s dead, and appreciates the paintings.

Rose pretty much does what she wants these days; apparently she was messing around with the time machine, because she received this moodlet.

Liesel rolled a wish to skate on a pond with her sister. So she does, stinky armpits and all.

Though Marta doesn’t skate so much as float.

Oops, Rose has been outside in the snow, in her swimmers, for far too long.

Popsicle Rose!

Brigitta to the rescue!

Louisa had twins!

And Max had a baby girl.

Aaron is Seymour’s grandchild – Lorraine is his eldest with Samali.

Crystal is finally up to L8 of the Scuba Diving skill. I’m now realising this would be way faster if we had actual dive lots. Might have to fix that, somehow.

Freya is ahead of Friedrich; she’s up to L6 already. He’s only halfway there.

Snowy sunset proposal!
I was trying to go somewhere other than the beach, but Monarch Bay doesn’t have a lot of sky views, so this was the best I could do. Still purdy.


Catch us next time for a snowy wedding, and a triplet bday.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Freya and Friedrich both get same score but different reactions. I call to discrimination! Though I’m not sure who and what is being discriminated XD
    I looove to see parties, but I hate throwing them myself because I never know what to do in them. 😛
    Such a pretty proposal ❤


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