2.04 – Party Down



2.03.19 - Chance claw1Last time, Fiyero aged up into an adorable toddler with Chance’s hair and Phoenix’s eyes; Jess went to a costume party as a hot dog and Chance completed the mini challenge for this generation, earning over $1000 in tips.

2.04.01 - Bruce reading to Fiyero
Since we still have a few days before his birthday, Fiyero gets to learn some skills from books.

2.04.02 - Chance playing
In my other games I almost always have stereos on for the music moodlet, but without electricity I can’t do that in this game. Chance to the rescue! Straight from the festival, as you can tell from his pie-face.

2.04.03 - music moodlet
I did not know that even toddlers could get the moodlet from listening to guitar.

2.04.04 - Phoenix leftovers
Phoenix is making us lots of leftovers, since her fridge won’t let the leftovers go bad.

2.04.05 - Jess fishing
Jess has maxed her fishing skill!

2.04.06 - maxed fishing
1 down, 2 to go for her LTW.

2.04.08 - Chance hopscotch
Chance is the first sim who has ever used the hopscotch mat. Bruce wished for it way back when this house was just a single room, but I’m pretty sure he never used it.

2.04.09 - Chance dejected
LOL, he looks so dejected after failing. Dude, you’re playing alone, keep going!

2.04.10 - Bruce workout
Bruce keeps rolling wishes to work out for longer and longer – I think it started at 1 hour, then 2 then went up 2 hours every time he completed one wish. And this is 12 hours in one stretch! Good thing he doesn’t fatigue anymore. He’s a weights junkie.

2.04.11 - Phoenix gypped on opp
All that effort, and Phoenix doesn’t even get any money for her stone sculpture? Geez, lame.

2.04.12 - Fiyero talk
Fiyero has learned to talk! He now knows all the toddler skills, so we’ll start on the books, because why not.

2.04.13 - Phoenix + Chance secrets
I don’t think these two have ever spoken before, yet here they are sharing secrets.
2.04.13 - Phoenix + Chance secrets2

2.04.14 - music popup
Obviously I don’t have many musical sims; so many of these little popups that I’ve never seen!

That screenshot was the last before my computer went in to get fixed; as mentioned in my WYDC, I took all the CC clothes out of my game when I got it fixed, so everyone got makeovers. You’ll see them through the update.

2.04.15 - new counters
Kitchen renovation; more counters!

2.04.16 - new bbq
And there is now a barbecue out the back – it runs on gas!

2.04.17 - kids room library
Bruce is taking Fiyero to the library, it’s TSAL (Toddler Skilling Assembly Line) time! This is the little kids room I built in the Riverview Library; it’s the little space behind the toilets and it’s really tiny, so it’s awkward to take photos in.

2.04.18 - Fiyero TSAL
The other toddlers want to join in.

2.04.19 - toddler shit
I put a shirt on that poor topless toddler; it’s almost winter, they shouldn’t be half naked!

We got 5/9 books read, then Fiyero was exhausted, so Bruce brought him home. He made sure to pick up all the toddler books first!

2.04.20 - Jess career outfit
Jess’ new career outfit. I didn’t like the sloppy overalls for her everyday wear.

2.04.21 - Bruce rocking chair
The second he got home, Bruce claimed the rocking chair again. Phoenix is not impressed.

2.04.22 - Jess masterpiece
Jess painted a masterpiece!

2.04.23 - birthday party wish
Jess has wished to throw a birthday party for Fiyero. Technically, without phones, we can’t do that, but I reckon we can pretend there were invitations mailed, or something. Not everyone uses their phone to invite people over. (I’ll just count this as a broken restriction and deduct points, I want a party, dammit!)

2.04.24 - Phoenix wish panel
2.04.25 - Bruce wish panel
Proof of how much Bruce and Phoenix love one another; both of them have wish panels full of the other.
2.04.26 - kissy 2.04.27 - wishes fulfilled

2.04.28 - Phoenix bbq
Phoenix uses the barbecue for the first time. I believe those are tofu dogs for our resident vegetarian.

2.04.29 - Uncommonly Good opp
Jess got the Uncommonly Good opportunity! Omni plants, here we come! I haven’t ever had them in a game; had cheese and steak plants, but no omnis 😦

2.04.31 - Fiyero TSAL
Fiyero is doing the remainder of his TSAL at home…though the rug seems to be eating his book.

2.04.32 - Cheeseplants 2.04.33 - cheese and eggs
Buying cheese and eggs to plant 😀

2.04.34 - Fiyero cute1
Fiyero is being cute, since he’s now finished his TSAL but Chance isn’t done at the library.
2.04.34 - Fiyero cute2 2.04.34 - Fiyero cute3

2.04.35 - fireplace
We bought a fireplace, and Bruce has wished to upgrade it. I wanted to buy a more traditional stone one, but hate the brick chimney that goes with it. Stupid EA, we can CASt almost everything in the game but not that.

2.04.36 - glitchy Fiyero1
Argh! This is what happens when I try to do nice things; Jess was trying to read Fiyero to sleep.

2.04.36 - glitchy Fiyero2
He changed back quickly, but despite the reading bar over Jess’ head, the reading animations never eventuated. Glitchy game.

2.04.37 - Rochelle + Tomahawk
Rochelle has hooked up with Tomahawk.

2.04.38 - simselves party
It’s Fiyero’s birthday! Jess invites the Simselves to the birthday party.

2.04.39 - Phoenix trampoline
Phoenix found the trampoline.

2.04.40 - Starla spaghetti
I quickly made over all the now-adult simselves, since most of them lost their hair upon aging up. Starla brought us spaghetti.

2.04.41 - Chance + party crasher
Some random elder crashed the party, and heart-farted with Chance and Bruce.

2.04.42 - Pink rocking chair
My simself isn’t even in the door, but Pink has found the rocking chair.

2.04.43 - Starla + Fiyero
Starla has hijacked the birthday boy.

2.04.44 - Chance charming guests
Chance is charming most of the guests…but Starla has it in for Samali.

2.04.45 - Starla mean to Samali
Who is already feeling overwhelmed with the number of people.

2.04.46 - cake time
Jess takes Fiyero to the cake. Hey, Starla is celebrating, too – I guess she now knows him, having held him for all of five seconds earlier. And Heather has finally arrived. Way to time it, Heather. And in the background you can see that Rochelle found the sculpting station. And the other guests?

2.04.47 - reading guests
Reading near the fire.

2.04.48 - Fiyero candles
This shot will never not be adorable.

2.04.49 - Heather leaving
Well, gee, thanks Heather. She was at the party about 10 minutes.

2.04.50 - Fiyero sparkly
Fiyero’s sparkly picture; Heather’s butt photobombing.

2.04.52 - FiyeroC
Hahaha. Fiyero rolled Technophobe. There is zero tech in this house, so he’s safe! I embraced his insane and loves the heat traits with his outfits – I’m sure you’ll see them all eventually.

2.04.53 - Starla vs Samali
Aw, Starla, leave Samali alone. There are other people at the party for you to terrorise.

2.04.54 - Fiyero room
Fiyero’s new room. Mismatched wood is intentional – we’re living off the land, people!

2.04.55 - Jess talks to Samali
Jess chats up Samali while Fiyero talks to Rochelle.

2.04.56 - Fiyero talks to Rochelle
He must have been trying to Preside Over Royal Court before I told him to do something.

2.04.57 - sold paintings
Wow, off the easel this painting was worth about $900. Double at the consignment store!

2.04.58 - Fiyero playing tag
Ah, Rochelle is Childish, so Tag is a great way to make friends with her!

2.04.59 - Pink trampoline
Pink found the trampoline. I think that’s supposed to be her outerwear – her normal t-shirt and jeans with fingerless gloves? Fail, EA.

2.04.60 - Bruce + Phoenix catch1
Sometimes I forget how big this lot is – 40 x 40, but with the tiny house, it seems so much bigger. Bruce and Phoenix have chosen the far corner to play catch.

2.04.60 - Bruce + Phoenix catch2
And despite loving his wife, Bruce can’t reign in the opportunity to throw the ball really hard.

2.04.61 - Fiyero sandpit
Fiyero is delighting in all the child activities.

2.04.62 - great party
Yay, great party!

2.04.63 - Chance promotion
Chance got a promotion – L7 now.

2.04.64 - fire1
Aah, fire! Chance was just going to put out the fire.

2.04.64 - fire2
Jess to the rescue! She’s not brave, I just told her to put out the fire. Told Chance too, but he apparently thinks Jess is on fire.

2.04.65 - Phoenix put out fire
Thank you Phoenix, put out the fire before you go back to bed. I’ll have to have Bruce make it fireproof. Or maybe I’ll have Chance do it – he has to max handiness anyway.

2.04.66 - Chance + Bruce building
Fiyero and Bruce enjoy some early morning building. No idea why Fiyero is building a sand snowcastle outside the sandbox.

2.04.67 - family breakfast
Hey look family breakfast! Well, almost. About as close as they come. Chance and Fiyero are the only ones that have regular (opposite) schedules, the others just sleep whenever they’re tired. And with the oldies always in the rocking chair, they sleep less often.

2.04.68 - Tuesday morning
Just another Tuesday morning at the Rourke house. Jess and Chance skilling, while the oldies do all the housework.

2.04.69 - Fiyero not in school.
Fiyero, why are you not at school?!
Oh, that would be my bad. I cancelled the bus and neglected to give him a bike to ride to school. All fixed.

2.04.70 - Phoenix trampoline
Where is Phoenix? Outside on the trampoline, of course. In the snow. At least she’s got her outdoor gear on, I suppose.

2.04.71 - Jess quit job
Jess has rolled the wish to quit her job. How about no? You’re only at L7. We can’t paint the house pretty colours until you get to L10.
(Actually, rereading the rules, Jess only has to get to L10 painting skill to lift the restriction on wall/floor coverings. Which she hasn’t done yet, either. But I’d still like to max the self-employed career, if we can)

2.04.72 - 500k wish
Ooh, this is a cool wish, though. 3 generations in and they’re already worth over $300k!

2.04.73 - brilliant painting
Pretty painting!

2.04.74 - Fiyero hw at desk
I did have to tell him to do it, but look! Fiyero is doing his homework at his desk!

2.04.74 - Phoenix sculpting
Phoenix has a wish to earn $20k from sculpting, thus why she’s not on free will like Bruce. When she completes the wish, then she can do what she likes.

2.04.75 - Fiyero astronaut1
With the costume chest that his mother wished for, Fiyero has transformed into an astronaut! He’s bouncing around the room.

2.04.75 - Fiyero astronaut3 2.04.75 - Fiyero astronaut2
Man, I love Generations. Even though the scolding system is borked and the IFs are creepy, everything else is so much fun.

2.04.76 - Phoenix masterpiece
With this masterpiece sink, Phoenix has made $20k from sculpting!

2.04.77 - Fiyero snow angel
Fiyero woke up early and wished to make snow angels before school. And look, he’s even in his outerwear (maybe because he slept in it).

2.04.78 - Fiyero snowman
And then, of course, he wanted to make a snowman. I’m interested to see what kind an insane sim will make.

2.04.79 - Fiyero normal snowman
Aw, normal. Boring.

2.04.80 - Jess almost maxed painting
Jess is this close to maxing painting and completing 2/3 of her LTW.

2.04.81 - Bruce + Phoenix snowball fight
And what do Phoenix and Bruce do on free will? Pelt one another with snowballs.

2.04.81 - Jess maxed painting
Aaand, there we go. One more skill point for gardening and Jess will complete her LTW!
2.04.82 - maxed painting


Thanks for reading! Next chapter, we’ll learn what Fiyero’s career path will be, and see how successful his parents are with their own careers.

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  1. I love Fiyero’s dino hat.


  2. Ha. I just love this family and this challenge. It’s one of my favorite blogs right now! Sorry my SimSelf was so rude! Fiyero is as adorable as always, and I LOVE the way his room turned out! SO great!!!


  3. I’m with Heather! I love this challenge! Fieryo’s hat is just to die for and I can’t wait to see Jess’s LTW completion. She’s so close already. I really like generations too. Some of the things are a little ridiculous and even when they don’t get a good night sleep from bunk beds because they’re apparently “a cheap bed” pfft EA! I can’t wait for the next chapter.


  4. I really like Pheonix’s sleepwear, it looks so comfy.

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