3.01 – Can Anybody Find Me…

2.07.86 - FiyeroYA
Last time, Fiyero aged up and decided that he wants to be a Jack of All Trades. Then the family moved, since Riverview was so laggy.

And so we begin Generation 3!

3.01.01 - Hidden Springs
So here we are in Hidden Springs, where the grass is very green.

3.01.02 - house location
The only place I could find to place the 60×60 home lot was all the way over here near the edge of town, but that’s okay; we have cars for faster transport to the town centre now 🙂

Also, apparently our investments didn’t transfer over; we have a little under $200k in the bank now. Fiyero will go buy up the rabbitholes soonish. I actually remembered to take the food from the fridge out of sim inventory, so we still have all Phoenix’s excellent leftovers 🙂

3.01.03 - castable frames gone
All my CASTable painting frames died, but I want to play in a non-laggy town, so we’ll deal with bright yellow for a while. The romantic photo died as well, so I’ll get Jess and Chance to take another one.

3.01.04 - gnomes moved fine
Most of the gnomes made the move okay; I think we lost one bunny. But we get tons of those, so not to worry.

3.01.05 - Rae + Duncan
Yes, the simselves arrived safe and sound. As you can see from the popup, I brought the Moss family too – Story is Fiyero’s best friend, I couldn’t leave her behind.

3.01.06 - Chance reading
Chance wanted to read a logic book, so I sent him to the library, and look who we found! Hai Liam! Also, some random lady who has never met Chance thinks he’s awesome. I hovered over her to find out her name…

3.01.07 - Precious Blocker
and it’s hilarious!

3.01.08 - spouse house
I wonder whose house this is?

3.01.09 - Harley Quinn
It’s the house I put Fiyero’s potential spouses in. Forgive the loud walls; EA decorated it. Harley Quinn Personality (from The Cult of Personality) is the one to answer the door.

3.01.10 - learn Harley's sign
Fiyero wants to learn Harley Quinn’s sign, so she’s the first of our potentials he’s going to befriend. She’s an Aquarius; not compatible, but that’s ok.

3.01.10 - Fiyero mocking
*sigh* I left him alone, and he mocked her Vegetarianism. Not good, Fiyero!

3.01.11 - heartfart Yttrium
How about you introduce yourself to another potential; Yttrium Mendeleev from the Mendeleev Legacy/ISBI. Oooh, heartfart!

He was kicked out at 2am, but at least he’s met the first two. We shall be back 🙂

3.01.12 - Fiyero on fire
Ohcrap! Fiyero is on fire and his parents are asleep!

3.01.13 - Chance puts out Fiyero
Thank god Chance is a light sleeper and wakes up quickly!
Note to self: don’t let the heir do dangerous activities when he’s the only one up!

We had enough money to buy out the Business Building, Bookstore and Grocery, plus partnered a few others. It’s good in a way, it feels less cheaty that they have so much money so quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you have house restrictions; can’t spend money on lots of furnishings and toys, so you buy real estate.

3.01.14 - Chance ghost story
I’ve been leaving Jess and Chance on free will a lot; this is what I found when I came to check on them. Way to be random, Chance.

3.01.15 - heartfart Lavender
The potential spouses all work in science, so Fiyero heads over as soon as they’re home. And heartfarts with Lavender Chimeree, from the famous Chimeree Rainbow Legacy!

3.01.16 - Lavender's a Virgo
She’s a Virgo, which is compatible 🙂

3.01.17 - Hang out with Tam
Chance has wished to hang out with Tam, so we’ll track her down. She’s at Lars Disco-theque, which looks quite lame, but anyway.

3.01.19 - dancing together
They dance together, and it’s cute.

3.01.20 - gossiping with Yttrium
Lavender and Fiyero got up to friends, then Yttrium came home, so we’ll work on her some more.

3.01.21 - good friends Yttrium
He rolls the wish to be good friends with Yttrium as soon as they become friend; a good sign, I think.

3.01.22 - Tam + Bruce Chesterfield
Tam must have found an RI after Chance left the club.

3.01.23 - Jess loves painting
Jess loves painting; those wishes you see in her panel are to paint 2/3/5 masterpieces.

3.01.24 - detonate toilet
PMSL! Fiyero broke the toilet…now he wants to blow it up. How about no? Your father will fix it.

3.01.25 - toilet birthday
It’s Chance’s birthday. And due to me making him fix the toilet, he’s aging up in the absolute worse place ever.
3.01.26 - Chance bday

3.01.27 - Chance elder
But he is a cute elder. And apparently I failed to take a picture of his face straight away; you’ll see it shortly.

3.01.28 - Sam RI
Sam has a RI, too!

3.01.29 - car progressing
The car is coming along.

3.01.30 - Rae son Milton
*snort* Milton? Nice name.

3.01.31 - Mars gnome
Look who I found in Fiyero’s inventory! His name is Mars, after 30 Seconds to Mars.

3.01.32 - Jess bday
It’s Jess’ birthday! Yet again, I forgot, so hard to get a good picture of the sparkles.
3.01.32 - Jess elder

3.01.33 - Fiyero chatting to Harley Quinn
Meanwhile, Fiyero is chatting to Harley Quinn outside the police station. I’ve been lacking on the pictures of his job, but he has solved a couple of cases thus far; when he wants to work during the day most of the targets are at work or school, and he’s making friends with spouses at night. Once he (you guys) pick a spouse, then we’ll work more on the career.

3.01.34 - Phoenix's ghost in the chair
Haha, Fiyero wants to rock in the chair, but Phoenix’s ghost was in it. Just as he did the pouty face, she poofed away. Good thing too, it was almost 10am.

3.01.35 - Dixie Secksie
This is the last of the potential spouses, Dixie Secskie of the Southern Prettacy. No idea who the random in the red jacket is.

3.01.36 - chess with Lavender
As soon as he was inside the house, Dixie ran off to the bathroom, so Fiyero sits down to some chess with Lavender.

Oh, and it’s Leisure Day – my graphics driver got updated and all my settings reset. I must have forgotten to change the seasons back. Ah well, it means the girls don’t have to work, so Fiyero can get onto picking one.

3.01.37 - leisure greeting card
The oldies wished to go to the festival, so they did that. Took a greeting card shot, as you do.

3.01.38 - eating contest1
Chance was hungry and wished to enter the hot dog eating contest, so why not.

3.01.38 - eating contest2
He thrashed Jess and the townie dropped out before eating much.
3.01.38 - eating contest3

3.01.39 - water balloon fight
Jess then has a water balloon fight with another townie.

3.01.40 - Chance snow cone
While Chance has a snow cone. I think he was playing with the soccer goal, thus the change to athletic gear. Hip and happening Chance keeps his Converse as an elder 😉

3.01.41 - Dixie moved out
Fiyero is in the spouse house when I get this popup… strange, I noticed no fighting between the ladies.

3.01.42 - fireworks2
Chance wanted to put on a ‘fireworks extravaganza’, so here we are.
3.01.42 - fireworks3
3.01.42 - fireworks1
I love the rainbow one.

3.01.43 - best friends wish
He is only rolling friendly wishes towards the girls… is definitely straight, but not liking these options. Hmm…

3.01.44 - check attractiveness
He’s now best friends with Harley Quinn, so ‘considers attractiveness’.

3.01.45 - not at all attractive
And gets 1 out of 10.

3.01.46 - Dixie still in the house
See, even though we got that popup about Dixie moving, she’s still at the house.

3.01.47 - kiss Dixie wish
And then Fiyero rolls this! Finally, a romantic wish!

3.01.48 - landscape paintings
More landscape paintings by Jess. I thought Hopeless Romantics painted romancey things?

3.01.49 - Fiyero talk to self1
Fiyero talks to himself.
3.01.49 - Fiyero talk to self2

3.01.50 - more inventing
And then invents some more.

3.01.51 - invented something
Ooh, this looks promising…

3.01.52 - time machine
Time machine!

3.01.53 - wish fulfilled
Woot, wish fulfilled. More room for wishes about the girls now.

3.01.54 - Lav promotion
Lavender got a promotion.

3.01.55 - Yttrium promotion
As did Yttrium. These girls will be ahead of the race if they get chosen as spouse 🙂

3.01.56 - Yttrium pretty
She is so pretty.

3.01.57 - Fiyero fix sink
The sink is broken, so Fiyero fixes it. In the dark. Why in the dark?

3.01.58 - ghost story
Because Harley Quinn has chosen to tell a ghost story in the middle of the afternoon.

After the ghost story, Fiyero considers the attractiveness of the other two girls.
3.01.59 - Lavender 1 of 10 3.01.60 Yttrium 1 of 10
And likes neither. What the…? He heartfarted with Lavender and Yttrium, how does that equate to 1 out of 10?

3.01.61 - thinking about her
But they both think about the other when left on free will…

3.01.62 - Fiyero talk to self1
He’s kicked out at 2am once more, and proceeds to talk to himself when he gets home. The reason I’m allowing him to do this is that I’m trying to find a good picture for his title card.

3.01.64 - Fiyero title card
I eventually settled on this. Man, he has some random and unhelpful traits. Maybe insanity is why he finds no-one attractive? Though easily impressed means he should be more likely to be attracted…

The next day (Saturday), Fiyero wanted to ‘group up with Lavender’, so they go to the summer festival.

3.01.65 - Lav + Rae + Fiyero
Raelindolin is there, and she joins the others in a water balloon fight. Another townie was supposed to help Lav, but he skipped out.

3.01.66 - Lav lost
So she got rather pummelled.

3.01.68 - give Lav a gift
He has then wished to give her a gift; we gave her the soccer ball that I did not know they had.

3.01.69 - Dixie party
Dixie invited Fiyero to a party!

3.01.67 - artistic nook1
I’ve been updating the house a bit; where the indoor garden used to be, Jess now has a little artistic nook. Room for her three easels, with a drop cloth beneath them.

3.01.67 - artistic nook2
On the other side, a drafting table. I also gave her a sketch book, just because I haven’t used it much. University has fun stuff!

3.01.70 - Jess' first sketch
This is the first sketch she drew; kind of lame, but the game says it’s Brilliant.

3.01.71 - solo party
Apparently Fiyero was the only person invited to Dixie’s party. That’s okay, they can make friends.

3.01.72 - Fiyero attracted moodlet
He’s attracted to her, which is good.

3.01.73 - heartfart Dixie
They heartfart when Fiyero considers her attractiveness.

3.01.74 - Dixie 10 of 10
10 out of 10, woot!

3.01.75 - Yttrium trouble with bills
Oops, I forgot to screenshot it, but Yttrium also moved out of the Spouse House. And then promptly has trouble with the bills.

3.01.76 - Ask to sketch
Jess has an action I haven’t seen before, she wants to ask her dead father to sketch. Is that asking if she can sketch him?

3.01.77 - sketching Bruce
It is! LAMO, check out his pose!

3.01.78 - Jess' sketch of Bruce
Doesn’t look much like him (looks like a woman’s hand, too), but anyway…

3.01.79 - Tam pregnant
Tam is pregnant! Happy little accident, lol. I love the SP popups.

3.01.80 - Sam and Tam not friends
Aw, but Sam isn’t getting along with pregnant Tam.

3.01.81 - Sam + Duncan
Maybe because she has a new boytoy. Who is also the RI of her other roommate, Rae. Oh, simselves.

3.01.82 - Fiyero gardening
Fiyero wants to improve his gardening skill, so okay. We may not need it to eat anymore, but I still like to keep it. When we eventually run out of Phoenix’s leftovers, we’ll need to cook again, lol.

3.01.83 - Jess rocking chair
OMG, Jess, you just got out of bed. Why are you in the rocking chair? Literally, she has 10 hours on her ‘well rested’ moodlet.

3.01.84 - Fiyero zero hygiene
I did a little experiment; Fiyero was gardening for about 4 hours and his hygiene went down to zero.

3.01.85 - Jess hygiene
Jess, who has the Dirt Defiant LTR, also gardened for about 4 hours, and her hygiene is over 3/4 full still. So that reward does do something!

3.01.86 - gnome party
Oh hey, the 5th rabbit gnome appeared. No, not a new one, because these all have names, I checked. I’ll have to check what I need to do to get some other gnomes; I know holiday parties is one, but we can’t officially do that until we unlock electronics.

3.01.87 - Fiyero case
I’ve been slack at photographing Fiyero’s investigating exploits, so here we are, this is his latest job.  The sim chosen to be the ‘criminal’ is hilarious; for those of you without Hidden Springs, Granny Schue is an elderly woman living in a house with three or four kids not her own – kind of a foster granny. Probably the least likely to be a criminal.

3.01.88 - Fiyero check mail
Hehe, checking the mail is cute, he kept looking around to see if anyone was watching him.

3.01.89 - Dixie RI
Oi, Dixie, you’re not supposed to be getting romantic with anyone! Least of all Tam’s baby daddy!
I had turned off SP Romance in the household, but then she moved out. It is now back on all four individuals; I’ll try to remember to turn it back on once a spouse is chosen.

3.01.90 - Fiyero award1
Upon solving the Granny Schue case (she was a criminal, oh noes!), Fiyero has solved 3 cases and gets an award!

3.01.90 - Fiyero award2
No mayor presentation outside City Hall, but he still got a trophy. Which I don’t yet have a picture of; once a spouse is chosen, I’ll decorate an adult bedroom for them, and make a life wall for Fiyero like the one Jess has. Until then, he’s still sleeping in his teen room.

3.01.91 - Jess + Chance romance
These two are still keeping the romance alive.

3.01.92 - Lav + Fiyero pillow fight
Despite the epic pillow fight going on in the bedroom, Harley Quinn has decreed it is sleep time (possibly because it’s 1am).

3.01.93 - Lav 1 of 10
With their relationship bar now full, I have Fiyero check attractiveness again. Still 1. What is going on? I’ve never had a sim be unattracted to so many females at once.
Going to try some things, see if we can at least get a couple of points for each of them. I don’t like forcing my sims into relationships with someone they’re not attracted to, and I also want to give someone other than Dixie a shot at winning the spouse poll.

See you next time, when hopefully Fiyero will like more than one of the girls as a romantic interest.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. The Simselves crack me up so much! I can’t believe the stuff they get into! I was really hoping that Fiyero would have found Lavender more attractive. I think she is just beautiful and would really bring some unique genetics to the legacy. All of the Chimeree’s seem to have something really great about the differences in the way they look.


    • I totally agree with you about Lavender. Though I have since discovered that it’s just an initial attraction; sims can definitely like one another way more later. Jess and Chance now score one another 10 out of 10, but when Jess was considering options it was only 6 out of 10.


  2. Aw, I adore this little family. (I think I start all my comments on this blog…) You’re making progress! Silly Fiyero doesn’t know pretty if it hit him in the face. And knowing those Secksie’s, Dixie just might! Should be a fun couple, if that’s what you choose for him.


  3. story progression does some strange things.
    Try sketching a nude sim. That drawing is unusual.
    I love the investigator case stories. Some really funny ones. Gnome stealing is fun.
    Still adoring Fiyero. I want him to be happy with a sim he finds attractive. Maybe if he becomes good friends with them, or flirty with them the attraction will rise.


  4. Halrey Quinn’s poor leg in that last picture…probably just about to switch into sleepwear, but it looks painful.


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