3.02 – Somebody to Love

3.01.92 - Lav + Fiyero pillow fightLast time, Fiyero met his potential spouses, but only wanted to be friends with most of them. And the family moved to Hidden Springs to start a new chapter.

So game is loaded on my new laptop with a minimum of mods and no CC except for decrapified Store Content. Which means I have no custom hairs, so everyone needs makeovers!

3.02.01 - Jess missing awards
Also, apparently all the diplomas, awards and skill certificates have also disappeared. That’s really annoying! They made the trip fine when we moved, but changing computer kills it? Weird. Fiyero’s we still have, because his were in his inventory, not on the wall. But I’m really bummed about Jess’ (and Bruce and Phoenix’s skill certs!) because she had quite a few.

Aaand, it crashes after Chance’s makeover. I think Fiyero is glitchy, game crashed when I switched active sim – and he was invisible.

3.02.02 - Ant Fiyero1
He’s still invisible when I reboot, so I amuse myself watching him be an antsim for a while – at least he’s not annoying me with his EA-default hair this way.

3.02.02 - Ant Fiyero2
Haha, plate in the floor.

3.02.03 - Sam RI
Sam has a new RI.

3.02.04 - Tattooed Thief
While the girls are at work, Fiyero is also working; he now has a wish to get to L4 in the Investigator career, so we’ll take on another case. Simon Cho’s house was burgled.

3.02.05 - Simon Cho
This is Simon Cho, showing off my new skin/face defaults, now using BrntWaffles’ Cloud Parade.

3.02.06 - Tattooed Thief2
So Fiyero needs to interview some sims about the burglary.

3.02.07 - Interview at Library
The library is always a good place to find people.

3.02.08 - Tam promotion
Tam got another promotion; and while pregnant too, I’m impressed!

3.02.10 - Snoop for clues in fountain
PMSL, and Fiyero has decided he needs to snoop for clues in the fountains outside the salon. As you do.

3.02.11 - Tattooed Thief3
LMAO, Liam O’Dourke is the thief? And he apparently got a tattoo, then had it removed. That does not sound like him at all.
Pink was right, these cases are hilarious! I will have to do this career again.

3.02.12 - Lunatic Embrace
Fiyero meets Yttrium outside the Spa, and since it’s a full moon, chooses to use a Lunatic Embrace with her. It is accepted.

3.02.13 - Flirting
And then they flirt a little.

3.02.14 - Fiyero date wish
And Fiyero rolls this! He asks her, but she says she’s too tired; it is after midnight. So I’ll lock in the wish and we’ll try another day.

Also, I have to find my mod for no full moon glow again, I’d forgotten how bad it is, especially inside.

3.02.15 - gnomes in the garden
The next morning, the gnomes are hanging out in the garden, blocking Jess from harvesting the crops. At least the rain means she doesn’t have to water all the plants…

3.02.16 - Chance working on car
Chance is still working on the car.

3.02.17 - playing gnubb
Jess wished for a gnubb set, then she wished to play a game with Chance, so okay, play gnubb.

3.02.18 - rainbow
Hey, check out the rainbow! Pretty.

3.02.19 - renaming Spa
With the week’s investment income, Fiyero buys out the spa, fulfilling the wishes of the entire family to own 5 businesses. He then promptly renames it; Tigular is Fiyero’s surname in Wicked (except Wiki just told me I spelled it wrong, should be Tigelaar; will be changing that next time I’m in game).

3.02.20 - Jess won1
3.02.20 - Jess won2
Jess won the game of gnubb!

3.02.21 - Chance work opp
Chance got a work opportunity; since he hasn’t rolled a wish to retire, I’m allowing him to work for now. Maybe he’ll retire when Fiyero gets married.
That’s also a good shot of his new hair; I’m not entirely happen with it, but couldn’t find anything better.

3.02.22 - confront thief
It’s our favourite bespectacled redhead! Fiyero is ‘confronting thief’.

3.02.23 - case done
And case is done once he reports back to Simon. I do like these cases, they’re cute and light-hearted as the game should be.

3.02.24 - Fiyero date
To fulfil his wish, Fiyero asks Yttrium on a date. Or…he tries to. Are you kidding, game? Fiyero has 5 Best Friends; all women!

3.02.25 - Fiyero missing friends
So I tried to invite her out, figuring a little flirting would turn it into a date. Yttrium isn’t on the list of sims Fiyero can ask out… (neither is Lavender or Harley Quinn) Hmm.

3.02.26 - Lavender ask out
Instead, Fiyero visited Lavender and invited her out for dinner.

3.02.27 - No Tam
No, Tam.

3.02.28 - Fiyero love letter wish
Ooh, now Fiyero has rolled this. Good boy!

3.02.29 - flirting with Lav
So I’m going to have him flirt with Lavender as well, see if that triggers some wishes.
3.02.30 - flowers for Lav

3.02.31 - watch the stars wish
It worked 🙂 So even if there is no initial attraction, Fiyero does like most of the girls.

3.02.32 - watching the stars1 3.02.32 - watching the stars2
Fulfilling the wish.

3.02.33 - so many girl wishes
Woot, more wishes! Lol, check his wish panel. Poor Fiyero is so torn.

3.02.34 - Phoenix ghost
Hai Phoenix!

3.02.35 - Tam baby boy
Tam had a baby boy! Lyle’s an…okay name. Better than Milton. We’ll go over and check him out once he’s a toddler.

3.02.36 - Love letters
As Fiyero wishes, he is sending a love letter to Yttrium (and Lavender, Dixie and Harley Quinn).

3.02.37 - car fixed up
The fixer upper car is fixed up! The oldies will go for a drive shortly.

3.02.38 - Chance L5
With some chess to build logic, Fiyero has reached level 5 of the Private Investigator career!

3.02.39 - Get Fired wish
PMSL, and then he rolls this. I don’t think it’s possible to get fired from an Ambitions profession, so he’ll just quit. And we’ll see what he rolls next.
3.02.40 - Fiyero quit

3.02.41 - double rainbow
Ooh, double rainbow!

3.02.42 - consignment
Jess is selling more paintings at the consignment store; she keeps wishing to paint, so I’m allowing her to.

3.02.43 - Lav + Fiyero slow dance
Lavender came over for a date; they’re slow dancing.

3.02.44 - Lav steps on feet
Lavender keeps stepping on Fiyero’s feet.

3.02.45 - hold hands 3.02.46 - first kiss
And after a few more flirts, first kiss! Which it looks like Fiyero missed, lol.

3.02.47 - pillow fight
And right after the great date ends (when he invites her to sleep over), Fiyero wants to pillow fight. So sure.

3.02.48 - abduction
Ooh, the first abduction of the legacy!

3.02.49 - Medical career
With all his Logic skills, the Medical career is a shoo-in for Fiyero’s second career. And I’m hoping he’ll get to L5 around when his wife is pregnant, so we can know the sex of the baby before birth.

3.02.50 - Chance + Jess chess
Jess keeps wishing to skill more, and Chance can use it for a raise, so play together.
Pro tip: if you ever want a sim to max many skills, give them Renaissance Sim as a LTW; they will continually roll wishes to increase skill levels, and because it goes towards their LTW, they get more LTH for fulfilling it – even if they’re already maxed their three skills.

3.02.51 - Chance alien baby
Dammit! I forgot that elder men can get pregnant from aliens too. I guess this will be -5 for breaking the one child rule, but also +3 for adding an alien to the family…

Today after work, it’s Yttrium’s turn to have a visit with Fiyero. He’s at her place this time; this cute little log cabin is where she moved to after moving out of the other house.

3.02.53 - still life paintings
Jess has been doing more still life paintings. The one of Fiyero inventing turned out nicely. The somber one of Chance playing guitar, not so much.

3.02.54 - Y+F flirt
Flirty Fiyero.

3.02.55 - flowers for Yttrium
Moar flowers! Yellow to match her dress (sorta).

3.02.56 - HOTM kiss
Despite woohooer’s rating of 1 out of 10, Yttrium and Fiyero get along very well; she accepts his HOTM kiss easily.
3.02.57 - accepting kiss

3.02.58 - Date with Lav wish
And then Fiyero rolls this wish. Poor boy is so confused.

3.02.60 - Sam RI
Hey, it’s been a while since we had a popup about a simself. Sam has (yet another) RI. I think this is her third in Hidden Springs.

3.02.61 - Ew, ghost
Another mod I’ll have to put back in; ghost reaction remover. Especially since they always come through Fiyero’s room and wake him up in a beeline for the rocking chair.

3.02.62 - Yttrium wish
At home, Fiyero continues to roll wishes towards the girls, pleasing me greatly.

3.02.63 - car woohoo1
Chance and Jess have chosen to try out the new car.

3.02.63 - car woohoo2
Not by driving.

3.02.64 - fifth gear moodlet
And they get this cute moodlet. Love it!

3.02.65 - cooking hotdogs
Then Jess decides to cook her own hotdogs instead of eating the perfect leftovers made by her mother. Sim Logic… (they were Nice quality, at least)

3.02.65 - Dixie promotion
Dixie got a promotion, well done!

And that settles the choice for today’s date; Dixie is the winner! Fiyero is finally going to get rid of that wish to ‘kiss Dixie for the first time’.

3.02.66 - Harley Quinn party
While on his way to meet Dixie, Fiyero gets this invitation from Harley Quinn. So I guess it will be a quick date.

3.02.67 - Dixie date
That hat is annoying me, can’t see her eyes.

3.02.68 - no hat Dixie

3.02.69 - flirty Dixie
They’re attracted to one another, so it’s no surprise the flirting goes over very well.
3.02.70 - holding hands

3.02.71 - Fiyero swooning
I was too slow to catch the first kiss, but Fiyero swoons after; he really likes Dixie.

3.02.72 - Chance chubby
Chance is getting chubby!

3.02.73 - Harley's party
Fiyero seems to be the only guest at Harley Quinn’s party… But that’s okay, it’s time to see if we can trigger some wishes for her.

3.02.74 - pillow fight wish
Well…that’s sort of what we wanted.
3.02.75 - pillow fight

3.02.76 - space painting
Jess painted some new paintings! We’ll keep the spacey-looking one, will fit nicely in Fiyero’s room, given his spouse will be interested in Science.

3.02.77 - Story pregnant
Story is pregnant!

3.02.78 - HQ flirting
He still hasn’t rolled any romantic wishes towards Harley Quinn, but the flirts are accepted easily enough.
3.02.79 - HQ hug

3.02.80 - first kiss1
And the first kiss comes reasonably painlessly.
3.02.80 - first kiss2

3.02.82 - Hang out wish
Immediately after he kisses Harley Quinn, Fiyero rolls this. Poor, confused boy.

3.02.83 - weird feet
Argh! What is wrong with their feet? That’s what happened when it takes a while for things to render.

3.02.84 - Chance preggo
Chance is almost ready to pop!

3.02.85 - Chance drilling
He’s playing with the miner, since the garden is now dormant. Dug up some Palladium and some scrap for Fiyero.

3.02.86 - Raise baby
It’s baby time! Of course we’re going to raise the baby, damn the broken restriction.

3.02.87 - baby boy
Baby boy, named Boq, after the other significant male character in Wicked. He rolled Friendly and Evil…because those two traits totally sound like they go together.

3.02.88 - Boq stats
Uhm…wtf is that surname? Why does he not have his father’s surname, like my other alien babies have had?
Also, a look at his faves; R&B, Stu Surprise and White.

3.02.89 - Boq nursery
We pulled out Jess/Fiyero’s play table and toddler toys for baby Boq; recycling is important!


And with that done, here are the candidates for Fiyero’s spouse:

Lavender headshot
Lavender Chimeree

Traits: Neurotic, Excitable, Handy, Kleptomaniac, Schmoozer

Yttrium headshot
Yttrium Mendeleev

Traits: Coward, Clumsy, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb, Excitable

Harley Quinn headshot
Harley Quinn Personality

Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Loner, Vegetarian, Angler, Loves the Outdoors

Dixie headshot
Dixie Secksie

Traits: Ambitious, Green Thumb, Genius, Eco-Friendly, Friendly


I may not have explained this previously, but once a legacy has been used, no other sims from that legacy will be considered for spouses – so choose wisely!

You can vote below or at boolprop. Or both, if you like; the more votes the merrier!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Poor Fieryo. He was definitely confused. Wishing for dates with other women while he’s on a date with someone else tsk tsk. I am so going to have to buy myself that car. I love it! great chapter and have a Merry Christmas!


    • Yeah, poor boy – good thing he doesn’t have to make the decision, you guys do. And I’m pretty sure the decision is made, just going to leave things open until I have time to play again.

      The fixer upper car is great fun, though I’m not a huge fan of Roaring Heights; hopefully you can buy the car separately by now.


  2. I can’t believe I got behind.
    Poor Fiyero. Good job someone else gets to choose for him.
    I have an evil friendly sim too. He’s just a toddler though so I haven’t seen how it plays out.


  3. I wish you could buy just the car…I can’t really justify the whole town but I want the car so badly!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So odd the alien doesn’t have the family name…Any spouse will do, but Fiyero seems to prefer Dixie, so it’s hard to choose. -Not like I have to vote lol-.


  5. First – I apologize for dropping off your blog, and I’m here to make it up to you! And catch up on one of the best TS3 blogs in the Simverse. ((HUGS))
    I hate it when you move and lose certificates and stuff! HA HA, ant sim, always good. But Fiyero can’t stay all anty! I was just looking at your amazing skins and graphics. Top notch! Whoa, “lunatic embrace”? how do I not know that’s a thing? Cute!
    Ahh, Jess and Chance… it’s like a reunion! I love those two!
    I read you didn’t love Chance’s new hair, but as I was looking at that opportunity, I thought “cute hair” so it can’t be all bad!
    Another thing I’ve always loved about your blog is I see new things! The fixer upper! So cute! Oh man! A Chance alien baby!!
    Omgoodness, I love BOTH the still life paintings Jess did of the boys.
    OMG that handprint on the glass of the car! ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Dixie looks SO MUCH like Daisy Zale when you take that hat off of her!
    Poor Fiyero, he really is torn between all the lady loves! Ha! I laughed out loud at Boq’s surname.
    I’m too late to vote, but I pick Lavender. Let’s see what happens! ❤
    I can't wait to catch up!


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