3.07 – All the Skills

3.06.89 - baby lovePreviously, the family enjoyed the winter festival, Boq found a boyfriend, and Yttrium gave birth to twins Marius and Eponine. We also lost the two elders, Jess and Chance, within a few days of one another.

I’ve been home sick for a few days, so been playing Sims quite a bit. Need to get out some chapters so I don’t get too far ahead in game!

3.07.01 - Fiyero amateur ballet
Fiyero had taken it upon himself to learn some athletic skill. And he chose the ballet barre to learn. LAMO, the amateur animations are hilarious.

3.07.02 - Sam promotion
Sam got a promotion.

3.07.03 - Giovanni Bayless
Skeet Bayless asked if he could bring his kids over for a play date. So this is Giovanni Bayless. Unfortunate looking child.

3.07.04 - Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter is still here, he must have spent the night. The three of them can play tag together. I felt sorry for Joe in that snowsuit on a gorgeous spring day, so I changed it for him.

3.07.06 - Cosette bday
It’s Cosette’s birthday! On a full moon, in the darkest corner of the yard, of course. I had to quickly add some lights around her. She rolled Perfectionist.

3.07.07 - CosetteT
She’s very pretty, these two make pretty babies!

3.07.08 - Boq friendly wishes
Boq is a crappy evil sim. He keeps rolling friendly wishes.

3.07.09 - have a child wish
Stop it, Fiyero, you already have 3 children. That’s two more than your parents were allowed!

3.07.10 - popular babies
The babies are very popular. Both of these guys came in autonomously.

3.07.11 - simbot shorted out
Oops, guess it’s not a good idea to have the simbot garden in the rain.

3.07.12 - Cosette part-time
As she wishes, Cosette gets a part-time job.

3.07.13 - Boq drive
Since Chance died before he could finish teaching Boq to drive, Yttrium takes on the responsibility. She and Fiyero have both wished to teach Cosette, we’ll see who has the time.

3.07.14 - promise to protect
Apparently Fiyero has promised to protect someone, not sure who.

3.07.15 - protected
Naw, it was Yttrium. They are so cute.

3.07.16 - Sam moving
Sam is moving into the Racket house. I thought she was dating Shark, but the popup says Dennis…

3.07.18 - Emerald Greenwood
Since he got too stressed to finish learning to drive, Boq is making friends with Emerald Greenwood.

3.07.19 - heartfart
He heartfarts her and finds her blindingly stunning; apparently Boq is bisexual.

3.07.20 - Fiyero promotion
Fiyero is at level 7 of the Inventing Career.

3.07.21 - potions
He’s now this close to maxing Logic and therefore learning the final potion from the chemistry set.

3.07.22 - L9 logic
Oh wait, no; that was L9. Two more potions to learn.

3.07.23 - Cosette drive
Yttrium is now teaching Cosette to drive, since Fiyero is working on the potions.

3.07.24 - Jess ghost
Jess’ first haunting!

3.07.25 - Fiyero ate a fly
LMAO, Fiyero just ate a fly. He’s almost as bad as absent minded sims with the dropping of his queue.

3.07.26 - Boq evil
ZOMG, Boq finally shows his Evil side! He played with Eponine, then stole candy from her. Poor bubby.

3.07.27 - Sam RI
Sam has another RI.

3.07.28 - prom soon
Prom is soon!

3.07.29 - Yttrium catacombs
Yttrium is exploring the catacombs after work, because we bought a partnership in them.

3.07.30 - million wish
Whoa, check out what Fiyero just rolled! My simmies are worth almost $1 million already!

3.07.31 - twin bday
It’s the twins’ birthday!

3.07.32 - Eponine
Eponine first; she has Phoenix/Jess’ pink hair! Also Yttrium’s gold eyes.

3.07.33 - Marius
Marius has Chance/Fiyero’s hair again, but Jess’ grey eyes.

3.07.34 - so cute
They are both so cute.

3.07.35 - toddler training
We get right onto the toddler training. Fiyero has wished to teach Eponine to talk and Marius to walk. Yttrium hasn’t rolled any wishes.

As per the rules, I will be leaving the twins to their own devices as much as possible. They will both be going to boarding school when they age up. Cosette is the heir for generation 4.

3.07.36 - Cosette soccer
Meanwhile, Cosette is working out her stress playing soccer.

3.07.37 - Eponine in Cosette's room
Eponine is such a cutie. Though why she’s in Cosette’s room is beyo-oh. Toybox behind her, boat in front. That’s why.

Also, I have decided to allow the twins to keep their Ifs; we want to make one real at some point in the challenge, so why not for a spare to marry?

3.07.38 - Yttrium promotion
Yttrium got a promotion! This is L7 now.

3.07.39 - Eponine walk
Fiyero starts his wish to teach Eponine to walk, while Cosette potty trains her little brother.

3.07.40 - Sam promotion
Sam got another promotion. Poor Tam hasn’t had any popups.

3.07.41 - Love Day
It’s Love Day!

3.07.42 - matching onesies
Twinnies in their matching onesies. In case you can’t read the writing, Eponine has “Sleeping Beauty” and Marius has “Prince Charming”.

3.07.43 - festival
Leaving Nessa to look after the babies, Fiyero took his wife and teenage daughter out to the festival. Boq went separately, having planned to meet up with boyfriend Parker.

3.07.44 - greeting card
Greeting card photo first!
Lol, they’re all wearing the same colours.

3.07.45 - ask Parker to prom
Yay, Boq has the ability to ask Parker to the prom!

3.07.46 - prom answer
He said yes, of course.

3.07.47 - hand in chest
And then he stuck his hand inside Boq’s chest, to ensure Boq’s heart is his. o.O

3.07.48 - F+Y kiss
Fiyero wished to kiss someone, so of course he chose his wife.

3.07.49 - Yttrium dancing
He then went off to get his face painted, while Yttrium wanted to dance.

3.07.50 - bad facepaint
Oops, try again.

3.07.51 - Cosette horseshoes
Cosette wanted to play horseshoes; since her family are all busy, she’s playing with Goodwin Goode, who seems to be a firefighter.

3.07.52 - happy clown
Hehe, Happy Clown indeed.

3.07.53 - kissing booth
And then he gets a kiss from Kissing Booth Attendant Layla McGinnis. Though I was too slow to catch the actual kiss.

3.07.54 - love tester
Boq and Parker did the Love Tester, and got Mild, aw.
3.07.55 - Mild

3.07.56 - bistro date
Though they still managed to sit at the same table when they went to eat at the bistro.

3.07.57 - teach Cosette to drive
Having had enough of the festival, Yttrium continues teaching Cosette to drive.

3.07.58 - Nessa has a favourite
Back at home, Nessa has a favourite toddler. I have to force her to take care of Eponine, but as soon as Marius whimpers, Nessa is there.

3.07.59 - love tester
Cosette had to go home because she got too stressed, so I sent Yttrium back to the festival so they could use the love tester.

3.07.60 - Wild
LOL, Wild!

3.07.61 - Eponine with IF
Eponine is trying to kill her IF. We renamed it Valjean.

3.07.62 - Cosette barre
Cosette chose this way to relieve her stress. Works for me!

3.07.63 - Boq scultped fish
Boq sculpted this very cool fish; we’re keeping it.

3.07.64 - haunted chair
Someone is haunting the chair…I think it’s Chance.

3.07.65 - Chance sandpit
Yep, he came out of the chair and went to the sandpit.

3.07.66 - gnome grave
Hey, we have a gnome grave! This is Mars – the only Mysterious Mr Gnome found thus far. I’m still counting him in the points – can’t help that those gnomes die now.

3.07.67 - Tam promotion
Tam has a popup! She got a promotion.

3.07.68 - Cosette gussy up
Prom is tonight! Cosette is Gussying Up.

3.07.69 - Cosette formal
Her prom wear 😀

3.07.70 - Boq formal
And Boq’s.

Prom spam:
3.07.71 - prom1 3.07.71 - prom8 3.07.71 - prom7 3.07.71 - prom6 3.07.71 - prom5 3.07.71 - prom4 3.07.71 - prom3 3.07.71 - prom2
3.07.71 - prom9 3.07.71 - prom10
Ooh, who’s Ellis?

3.07.72 - nice shot
I love this shot. Marius is so cute.

3.07.73 - Boq wall
Boq’s school collection, with prom photo and crown.

3.07.74 - Cosette wall
And Cosette’s, with her elementary school ballet trophy also.

3.07.75 - Spring Dance Queen
Haha, I had a feeling this would be the case. Good work, Yttrium!

3.07.76 - Nessa short out
Okay, how did the simbot manage to short out inside the house? No water anywhere around!

3.07.77 - Fiyero fix
Good thing Fiyero’s home to fix her.

3.07.78 - Yttrium promotion
Yttrium got a promotion! That’s L8, two more to go.

3.07.79 - Cosette + Boq hopscotch
Cosette and Boq play hopscotch. He’s cackling evilly over her failure.

3.07.80 - Bruce ghost
nraas Debug helped me fix up Bruce, so he’s a ghost again, yay.

3.07.81 - Bruce napping
He chose to nap in Boq’s unused bed.

3.07.82 - Jess napping
Jess is also out tonight…also napping.

3.07.83 - haunting sculpting station
But later she haunts the sculpting station – maybe she doesn’t like Boq taking over her territory?

3.07.84 - Boq massage
…this is weird. Boq chose to massage Fiyero. Probably the only time we’ll ever see Fiyero in the sleepwear I designed for him. Insane sims…


That’s all we have, folks. Next chapter will be the last one before the spouse poll for Generation 4! This generation has gone so quickly.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Man! All of the children are gorgeous. Cosette is beyond cute and I can’t believe the pink hair has made a comeback. Its such a pretty shade. Marius is beyond adorable *snuggles him*. Will Cosette be the heiress by default since she was the first born?


    • This is why I love legacies, you get so many throwback genetics! I’m sad that none of the kids have Yttrium’s hair, but hopefully it comes in as a grandparent gene.

      Yes, Cosette will be the heiress. Epic rules state that any other children must go to boarding school and be uncontrolled through their lives. I’ve been trying to follow that within reason, so when the twins age up to child, they’ll be off.


  2. I’m so happy Cosette is heir, but I’m also elated with the twins genetics (and onsies!) I cannot believe how much money they have in such a short time! The Zales, on their 12 (13th! Shhh!) generation do not have NEARLY that much, ha ha ha! I can’t wait for more!


    • I know, they have crazy amounts of money! I think it’s because of the restrictions – can’t buy fancy TVs and computers when there’s no electricity. I didn’t even buy a fridge until Phoenix got it free. It also helps to have both parents (and sometimes grandparents) working full time as well. But just wait, once the restrictions are lifted, we’ll go on a spending spree!

      Agreed, I freaking love the twins genetics. Such a good choice for spouse you guys made, they make such gorgeous babies.


  3. The kids are just all adorable. I love it when twins look alike.


  4. Cosette is gorgeous!!! *.*
    But the twins are so cute too!


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