3.06 – Searching for Grandpa

3.05.81 - Cosette hugs ChanceLast time, Cosette aged up to child and became best friends with grandpa Chance. Boq was a friendly not-evil spawn, who wanted to make friends with everyone he meets. Yttrium and Fiyero aged up to adults, Yttrium had a Mid Life Crisis and Fiyero switched careers for the final time – he’s now a self-employed Inventor.

3.06.01 - stinky Yttrium + Fiyero
Stinky Yttrium rolled the wish to woohoo with Fiyero; sure.

3.06.02 - funny moodlet
LMAO, I have not seen this moodlet before (it’s from Woohooer); too funny. Poor Yttrium isn’t faring too well at the moment, lots of negative moodlets!

3.06.03 - Fiyero collecting award1
Fiyero goes to collect his Inventor award.
3.06.03 - Fiyero collecting award2

3.06.04 - Boq alien career
Boq is going to try out the Alien Test Subject career!

3.06.05 - studying charisma
Since he no longer has to sleep, Boq is studying charisma in the library; hopefully this will help him make friends quicker. Friendly trait always rolls ‘make friends’ wishes.

3.06.06 - Yttrium working out
Yttrium has rolled another ‘be more muscular’ MLC wish. And I remembered we have a weights machine at home, so she’ll do that.

3.06.07 - Cosette play table
As per Cosette’s wish, we bought a play table.

3.06.08 - Tam's Feast Party
It’s Snowflake Day, btw. And Tam is having a Feast Party…with a Swimwear dress code. Strange, but sure, Yttrium will go.

3.06.09 - Winter festival
Fiyero takes the others to the Winter Festival, where there is no snow.

3.06.10 - greeting card
As I like to do, we’ll take a greeting card photo first.

3.06.11 - food vendor
Boq, Fiyero and Cosette are all hungry, so they wish to buy food from the food vendor.

3.06.12 - Jess skating
Jess is ice skating.

3.06.13 - Chance + Nessa snowboard
Nessa and Chance are snowboarding.

3.06.14 - Boq face painted
Boq wished to get his face painted; I chose a happy clown.

3.06.15 - water balloon fight
And then, as Fiyero and Jess have wished, the family have a water balloon fight; since there’s no snow for a snowball one.

3.06.16 - awkward party
Uhm…well this party looks awkward.

3.06.17 - Yttrium making friends
Yttrium zeroes in on Sam, she needs to make friends so we’ll get notifications about her (as per my SP settings). But Tam looks rather rejected 😦

3.06.18 - Fiyero's team won
Fiyero and Jess won the water balloon fight.

3.06.19 - Cosette face painted
Cosette also wanted to get her face painted; we chose snowflakes in honour of her Loves the Cold trait.

3.06.20 - no sketching nude
Jess asked to sketch Chance nude…then they both got this thought bubble. They’re in their room and Cosette is outside…why can she not sketch him?

3.06.21 - MLC over
Yay, midlife crisis is over.

3.06.22 - Fiyero top bunk wish
Fiyero has rolled this wish; well, we can’t do it tonight, because Cosette is already asleep in the top bunk. Maybe another night.

3.06.23 - Bruce not ghostly
Hey, it’s Bruce’s ghost…with clothes that don’t look very ghostly. Weird.
(I think it’s because I no longer have Bruce’s custom skin in the game…however when I tried to fix the ghost using MC, the game crashed, so we’ll leave him as he is)

3.06.24 - Fiyero inventing
In an attempt to complete some of the Inventing skill challenges, Fiyero is making lots of Floor Hygienators; it’s the cheapest Big Invention to make, and he’s trying to make 100.

3.06.25 - Jess sending off gems
Since I don’t know when we’ll have another sculptor in the family, Jess is sending off one of each of our gems to get the Sculptor’s Egg cut – it’s only available to L5 sculptors.

3.06.26 - Yttrium L5
Yttrium got a promotion! That’s L5.

3.06.27 - Chance nude sketch
With Cosette at school, Jess asks Chance about a nude sketch once again. LMAO, love the pose!

3.06.28 - broken washing machine
Yttrium needs Handiness for work, so it’s her job to fix the washer Nessa broke.

3.06.29 - Tam promotion
Tam got a promotion; working her way up the political ladder once again.

3.06.32 - greeting cards
The winter greeting card goes on the counter next to Jess and Chance’s summer one from Hidden Springs. I am so glad I was able to bring it over; it really looks like a home with these framed photos.

3.06.31 - Cosette ballet
Cosette wanted to sign up for an afterschool class; we chose ballet.

3.06.32 - Cosette homework
Then she chose to do her homework in the snow outside school.

3.06.33 - Sam promotion
Sam got a promotion, too.

3.06.34 - Fiyero sold stuff 3.06.35 - Fiyero promotion 3.06.36 - Fiyero LTW complete
Fiyero sold more stuff at the consignment store, got a promotion to L5, and completed his LTW! Well done!

3.06.37 - Fiyero + Nessa chess
Since he needs more levels of logic in order to discover the last two potions, and also wishes to befriend his simbot, Fiyero and Nessa play chess.

3.06.38 - Jess dies1
Except they’re interrupted by Jess’ death. I just happened to have her active when the time came; she cancelled out yet another ‘makeout in car’ to ‘Expire’ 😦
3.06.38 - Jess dies2

3.06.38 - Jess dies3
Walls down shot to show Grim and Chance outside.

3.06.39 - Grim is stuck
And apparently Grim can’t float through the door when Jess’ ghost is in the way…

Jess was a great heir, maxing four skills, expanding the family’s ownership of multiple towns, and overseeing two moves.

3.06.40 - Chance makes igloo
Chance’s first activity after losing his wife is to make an igloo. Which he then sleeps in. Seems he doesn’t want to sleep in the bed he shared with his wife 😦

3.06.41 - Nessa + Fiyero pillow fight
Nessa thinks the best way to cheer Fiyero up is to have a pillow fight.

3.06.42 - Boq washing up
Boq is an Evil sim who washes up his own plates then has a melt down over Jess.
3.06.43 - Boq grieving

3.06.44 - Fiyero top bunk
Since Cosette slept on the bottom bunk this time, Fiyero can fulfil his wish to sleep on the top.

3.06.45 - brain power restore
I will never get over how weird restoring brain power is.

3.06.46 - Fiyero cheers up Chance
Fiyero and Chance try to cheer one another up.
3.06.47 - Fiyero crying on shoulder

3.06.48 - Chance skating
I’m wary that Chance’s lifebar is also full, so we’ll try to fulfil some of his wishes. The first is to ice skate on a pond. The one at home is too small, so he goes out to a fishing spot.

3.06.49 - teach Boq to drive
He also wishes to teach Boq to drive, so here we go.

3.06.50 - spring
Yay, it’s finally Spring! Now Yttrium can get to work on her gardening skill rather than just read books.

3.06.51 - Jess' gems
And the day after Jess dies, we receive all the gems she sent off to be sculpted.

3.06.52 - Yttrium pregnant
Dammit, how did Yttrium get pregnant? I think it’s the massage table’s fault; the sims love to give one another massages autonomously. That moodlet with the white cocoon is from the table; looks like she was given a romantic one. Oh well, another -5 points. But we get to have another baby, so yay.

3.06.53 - Cosette ballet outfit
Cosette is so cute in her ballet outfit.

3.06.54 - Pansy Prudence
This is Pansy Prudence; she was invited to come home with Cosette after school, but Cosette had her ballet recital.

3.06.55 - sleepover
To make up for the lateness, Cosette invites her to stay over; this is the point of bunk beds, after all.

3.06.56 - Fiyero promotion
Fiyero got another promotion; I believe this is L6.

3.06.57 - Fiyero wish panel
And he’s always rolling romantic wishes for Yttrium; check out his wish panel!

3.06.58 - Cosette cutie
Cosette is a cutie, always rolling nice wishes like this.

3.06.59 - Cosette homework
And she does her homework without prompting; good thing she doesn’t have any competition for heir, they’d be hard pressed to outdo her.

3.06.60 - Sam + Shark Racket
Sam is dating Shark Racket!

3.06.61 - Fiyero grieving
Just to show that they do care about Jess being gone… I just don’t bother to take pictures every time they grieve – otherwise this chapter would be nothing but grieving pictures.

3.06.62 - Chance dies1
Speaking of grieving… the first time he slept in the double bed since Jess died, and now Chance is dying himself.
3.06.62 - Chance dies2

3.06.62 - Chance dies3
Yttrium is the only one home.

3.06.62 - Chance dies4
Chance doesn’t want to go, but Grim isn’t having any of it.

3.06.63 - Yttrium pregnant
The next morning… death brings life.

3.06.64 - Fiyero gnome
We finally have another gnome. Took Fiyero long enough to make a gnome.

3.06.65 - Fiyero wants girl
He psychically knows about the nooboo, and wants it to be a girl. Yttrium wants a boy, I believe.

3.06.66 - graveyard
Jess and Chance are laid to rest next to Jess’ parents, each with a representation of their favourite things. (I have no idea why Bruce’s grave is a different colour to the rest, he definitely died of old age)

3.06.67 - Sam RI
Sam has another RI.

3.06.68 - Boq kis wish
Boq has now rolled this. Interesting…

3.06.69 - Yttrium gardening
Yttrium can finally start focusing on the gardening part of her career.

3.06.70 - Cosette treehouse
Cosette looks for her best friend.

3.06.71 - Boq + Bunny BFF
Boq has been following Bunny all over town, trying to become best friends with her; she’s so rarely at home, it’s hard to pin her down!

3.06.72 - Phoenix ghost
Our first haunting in Twinbrook. Hi Phoenix!

3.06.73 - Tam RI
Hey, a popup about Tam. She finally found a man. (lol, that kind of rhymes…)

3.06.74 - Chance ghost
Chance is out tonight, too. He barely gave us time to miss him!

3.06.75 - Yttrium promotion
Yttrium is throwing herself into her work; this is L7.

3.06.76 - Cosette plays in sand
Now Cosette is building a memorial sand sculpture to her grandpa.

3.06.77 - Joe Hunter
But she has a friend over, this is Joe Hunter. He has a rather odd looking nose.

3.06.78 - Prudence house
This is the Prudence house – Boq is going to try and fulfil his wish to kiss Parker Prudence.

3.06.79 - Parker Prudence
He’s making kind of a weird face here, but Parker isn’t altogether bad looking.

3.06.80 - Parker single 3.06.81 - Parker Taurus 3.06.82 - Parker gay
Every little thing Boq learns about him makes us like him more. He’s single… a compatible sign… and gay.

3.06.83 - flirty Boq
A little flirting.

3.06.84 - amorous hug
An amorous hug.

3.06.85 - first kiss
And Boq has his first kiss!

3.06.86 - baby time
And also, it’s baby time!

3.06.87 - baby girl
It’s a baby girl!

3.06.88 - twin bedroom
…and a baby boy. Yep, twins.
The girl is Eponine and the boy Marius, after the other two sides of Cosette’s love triangle in Les Miserablés. Eponine is a Neurotic Artist who likes Green, Classical music and Cobbler. Marius is an Excitable Athlete who likes Spiceberry, Geek Rock and Ceviche.
They have taken over Jess and Chance’s old bedroom.

3.06.89 - baby love
Everyone loves the babies. It’s especially useful having Fiyero and Boq awake to take care of them at night when the others are sleeping.


And that’s a decent place to finish. Next chapter, we see what Cosette looks like as a teenager!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Love the chapter. Can’t wait for the next one. Now time for me to sleep


  2. Aw Jess & Chance are gone. 😦 They had a great run.
    Cosette is adorable, that pic of her playing in the bath. So sweet ❤ Can't wait to see her as a teen and the twins as toddlers.
    Those greeting card pics are cute. I really have to start getting my sims to do those.


  3. Haha. Tam found a man really does rhyme nicely. I feel bad about you losing points but I am super happy there are more babies. Cosette is just absolutely gorgeous so I have very high hopes for the nooboos! I feel sad that Jess and Chance are gone but they had a good run. Great chapter!


  4. Whoops! I never commented on this post! Dude, I don’t think I READ this post! *scurries off to read*


  5. Okay okay okay, I started reading it, and thought, this is familiar, but I read it on my phone… and I didn’t finish it. First things first… JESS, CHANCE! Aw </3 So sad. Also this:
    "I will never get over how weird restoring brain power is."
    I never got over it either, and I hade a LOT of aliens!!!
    I *thought* I didn't know where the twins came from, turns out I didn't!! What a bad little reader I am. Boq and Parker are way adorable together, and I think he's a cool looking Sim.

    So much fun, as always ❤


  6. Pregnant without “Try-for-Baby”? That’s possible? 😮
    So sad when the elders die close one to another. Does it give a double grieving moodlet?


    • It’s possible with the Woohooer mod, yes. Risky woohoo – gives a percentage chance of getting pregnant. In other games, I have all woohoo be risky, so my couples can choose when they have children.


  7. Oh gosh, I just read the TITLE and I’m sad. 😦
    On a lighter note, the description of Boq’s job is LOL.
    Jess and Chance’s sketch pose FTW!
    Aw Jess. I just loved her.
    So evil Boq… So evil. 😥
    Hey, you and me both on the “restore brain power”… and I had generations of aliens.
    Oooh, Fiyero & Chance sad hugs… </3
    Sam & Shark! Too funny!
    There goes Chance… 😦
    I was noticing Parker has unique features… but not a bad match for Boq.
    And yay! Twins… it also looks like I read this back in the day.
    (Ha, I re-read my old comment and it is very consistent with this comment!)
    Oh well, new comment!


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