4.03 – We Are Family

4.02.46 - wedding6Previously, the glitchy twins graduated high school and aged up to YA. Cosette wooed and wed Flamingo Chimeree, and Nessa the simbot moved out.

Sorry this has taken so long; I’ve been focusing on the Maloneys – last chapter is coming up soon.
But while I’ve been neglecting this blog, you guys haven’t! We hit 1000 views this week, yay!

4.03.01 - Penny bday
We start with Penny’s birthday! (on a full moon, no less)

4.03.02 - Penny cute
She has Yttrium’s hair, woot! And wait a sec…glowing eyes? And pointy ears?
That’s right, Penny is not Flamingo’s daughter. She’s Michelangelo’s. And I swear, I had nothing to do with it. Cosette took it upon herself to risky woohoo with Mikey while we were waiting for Flamingo to come home; I got distracted with Marius and Fantine resetting themselves, and got back just in time to see them get out of bed.

4.03.03 - Penny
Penny inherited Mikey’s ears and occult status; her pale pink eyes are from Phoenix/Fiyero. She’s adorable. But she will not be heir, since she is not a legitimate child of our chosen heir and spouse. Cosette and Flamingo’s first (probably only) child will be our next heir.

4.03.04 - Phoenix out
Phoenix is out again…or maybe she’s been out since yesterday, I can’t remember. But she’s the most exciting ghost in a long time.

4.03.05 - potty training
Cosette gets right onto potty training, despite rolling zero wishes for her daughter.

As I said in the previous chapter, I’m going to see whether Marius and Eponine want to hook up with their respective IFs.

4.03.06 - Fantine 10 of 10
Marius really likes his.

4.03.07 - HOTM1 4.03.07 - HOTM2
She accepts his HOTM kiss, and before long they’re going steady.
4.03.08 - going steady

4.03.09 - heartfart Eopnine 4.03.10 - Valjean 10 of 10
Eponine likes her own IF, also.

4.03.11 - first kiss
Their first kiss is a little less spontaneous.

4.03.12 - moving out
And then we moved all four of them out together. Whether they stay together or not is up to SP now.

4.03.13 - wedding gift1 4.03.13 - wedding gift2
Wedding gifts have come in for Cosette and Flamingo. I don’t know either of these people.

4.03.13 - wedding gift3
But nice to know Mikey also wishes them well.

And now we are back to only 5 in the house. For now.

4.03.14 - Cosette pregnant
Because Cosette is pregnant again. Definitely Flamingo’s child this time. She wants a boy; so do I.

4.03.15 - new gnome 4.03.16 - caveman gnome
Yttrium brought back a new gnome, it’s a caveman!

4.03.17 - readers
Lol, these two are so boring. Cosette is reading another pregnancy book, as she wished.

4.03.18 - father preg book wish
And now she wants this, so Flamingo will read one, too.

4.03.19 - cutie bath time
Yttrium loves her little granddaughter. And this ‘bathe’ interaction is so cute.

4.03.20 - snowman army
After finishing Penny’s bath, Yttrium goes back outside to continue building her snowman army. Yep, she made every one of these. Don’t ask me why she’s doing grim reaper snowmen; as a Coward she should be scared of him.

4.03.21 - Penny talk
Flamingo doesn’t mind that Penny isn’t his biological daughter, he helps with her training anyway.

4.03.22 - Cosette outfit
I really like Cosette’s pregnancy outfit; it’s warm but also sporty. I may just make this her permanent Everyday outfit.

4.03.23 - match won
She won her first match; wow, what a huge scoreline.

4.03.24 - wedding gifts2 4.03.24 - wedding gifts3
More wedding gifts…
4.03.24 - wedding gifts1
including one from dead Chance? Hmm. He doesn’t look dead in the thumbnail.

4.03.25 - baby time
Baby time! Apparently it’s so painful, Cosette shoved her hand through her stomach to try and pull the baby out. o.O

4.03.26 - twins
It’s twins! Meet Seaweed and Maybelle. Seaweed is a Neurotic Slob who likes Red, Chinese music and Grilled Cheese. Maybelle is Excitable and Perceptive, and she likes Turquoise, Beach Party music and Falafel.
(I’m not counting the second baby of this pregnancy as a broken restriction, since there was only the one pregnancy. Penny still counts, though)

4.03.27 - new nursery
Turquoise and Red are hard colours to make work together; I chose a sea theme for their bedroom, hopefully it’s not too blinding.

4.03.27 - 5 gandchildren wish
Naw, Yttrium now wants 5 grandkids. Well, you broke the rules and had 3 kids, so hopefully Marius or Eponine will give you some; Cosette is now done.

4.03.28 - Heather date
*facepalm* No, Heather.

4.03.29 - Nessa RI
There are so many things wrong with this popup. Not least that Nessa stole Lincoln Baker from SimTam (who stole him from SimSam in the first place).

4.03.30 - Matser Inventor
OMG, finally! Poor Fiyero, he’s been chained to the bench for the last two updates, but he’s finally done it! He’s built 50 big inventions and is now a Master Inventor! Hopefully this will help him max the Inventing career soonish.

4.03.31 - befriending Heather
Yeah, I sent Flamingo on that date anyway; he wants more friends, so let’s start with Heather.

4.03.32 - building snowman
As always, she loves building snowmen.

4.03.33 - baby love
These guys love the babies. If I didn’t force them away, they would never put the burritos down.

4.03.34 - Penny walk
Meanwhile, Cosette is teaching her eldest daughter the final toddler skill she needs.

4.03.35 - Marius son
Huh, I must have missed the other popup. Apparently Fantine was pregnant. This is grandchild #4 for Yttrium.

4.03.36 - read to Penny
Naw, this is too cute. Flamingo chose to do this all on his own; I guess he loves reading all books.

4.03.37 - Cosette baby wish
No, Cosette, that is quite enough children out of you!

4.03.38 - junkyard detonante
Fiyero has one more inventing challenge left to complete; detonate 150 objects. Naturally, we started at the junkyard.

4.03.39 - Eponine + Elijah
Eponine takes up with her sister’s leftovers.

4.03.40 - Fantine pregnant
While Marius is content with the figment of his imagination. This baby should fulfil Yttrium’s wish for 5 grandchildren.

4.03.41 - C+F makeout
The car continues to be a popular autonomous activity.

4.03.42 - Heather love letter
Sorry Heather, friends is the most you’ll get out of Flamingo.

4.03.43 - singed Fiyero
Fiyero apparently got singed at the junkyard. I wonder what he thinks of the newly pink-i-fied bathroom?

4.03.44 - amorous hug
Autonomous amorous hug. These two are keeping the love alive, now that Fiyero is off the leash a bit.

4.03.45 - Eponine RI
Eponine finds another RI. She’s making the rounds a bit.

4.03.46 - haunting ship
Someone (maybe Chance?) is haunting the pirate ship. Penny does not give a single fuck.

Cutie toddler werewolf spam:
4.03.47 - werewolf1 4.03.47 - werewolf2 4.03.47 - werewolf3 4.03.47 - werewolf4
(is it just me, or does she look like a footballer in that last shot?)

4.03.48 - birthday party wish
And that’s all we have, because it’s time for her birthday! Cosette wished to throw her a party, so sure.

4.03.49 - Mikey
We invited Penny’s father, who has yet to meet his daughter. And what kind of food is that, I haven’t seen that before… must be an ITF one.

4.03.50 - Geneva Zalie
Also invited are Geneva Zalie, who seems to favour her father (Sinbad Rotter) a lot.

4.03.51 - Willow Winterwolf
And Willow Winterwolf (Sam’s daughter). I’m not sure who her father is, but it seems her genetics are pretty mixed.

4.03.52 - candles
The girls don’t care about the birthday, but Mikey does, that’s good.

4.03.53 - sparkly
She rolled Genius, to add to Loner and Loves the Heat.

4.03.54 - PennyC
Such a cutie, even though she is very similar to Cosette; the different colouring helps – she’s got a lighter skintone as well as eye and hair colour different.

4.03.55 - Boq + Parker
We haven’t had one of these in a while, but Parker and Boq are still in love. I’m trying to figure out how to get SP to give them a baby without manually pollinating one.

4.03.56 - Penny + Mikey
Penny officially meets her father for the first time.

4.03.57 - awkward
He’s a bit awkward about it; apparently Cosette never told him.

4.03.58 - meeting Willow
Penny then goes off to meet the kids; Willow first. Both she and Geneva ran off as soon as Penny had greeted them; to be fair, it was pushing onto 8pm by this time.

4.03.59 - insane Fiyero
Mr Lefty is after Fiyero…

4.03.60 - Yttrium smustling
While Yttrium is smustling in Cosette’s room. These guys are funny on freewill.

4.03.61 - Flamingo guitar
Someone finally tried to pick up the guitar on Chance’s grave. I quickly headed Flamingo off before he ruined the memorial.

4.03.62 - slam dunk
He enjoyed himself anyway.

4.03.63 - Penny's first snowman
Penny’s first snowman is Grim. She’s scaring me, just a little.

4.03.64 - Cosette promotion1
After helping Penny blow out her candles, Cosette scurried off to work.

4.03.64 - Cosette promotion2
Where she earned a promotion; this is L6.

4.03.65 - Cosette snow play
She didn’t come home right after, choosing instead to play in the snow. Loves the Cold indeed.

4.03.67 - Seaweed bday
That night, it’s also the twin’s birthday!

4.03.68 - Seaweed
Seaweed has Yttrium’s hair and eye colour, and Flamingo’s freckly skin!

4.03.69 - Maybelle
Maybelle has Cosette/Fiyero/Chance’s hair colour, and Flamingo’s pink eyes.

4.03.70 - Maybelle rider
Cosette immediately wishes to play with Maybelle on the rocking rider. So cute!

4.03.71 - Flamingo angler career
As he has wished, Flamingo has joined the Angler career.

4.03.72 - L4
And, by selling all the fish he had in his pocket, he’s immediately up to L4.

4.03.75 - Phoenix tramp1
Who is that on the trampoline?

4.03.75 - Phoenix tramp2
Ah, Phoenix again. She is the most entertaining (and most frequent) ghostly visitor.

4.03.76 - Heather fairy 4.03.77 - Tam vampire 4.03.78 - Pink werewolf
I finally remembered to make the Simselves occults; this way they’ll stay around longer.

4.03.79 - Penny telescope
Little Miss Genius wanted a telescope. As Yttrium unlocked this with the Science career, we can fulfil the wish.

4.03.80 - comet
Almost immediately, she discovers a comet. If you’re not familiar with Hairspray, Turnblad is the surname of the main character, Tracy.

4.03.81 - Penny + Yttrium gossip
Penny is best friends with all the adults in the house.

4.03.82 - Penny gift
And she’s*really* excited by this gift…I can’t remember what it was, nothing important.

4.03.83 - toddler training
Toddler training is underway! Cosette has wished to teach Maybelle to potty and talk, and Seaweed to walk. Flamingo wants to teach Maybelle to walk. Good thing the grandparents can take up the slack with poor Seaweed.

4.03.84 - poopy face
I love this face!

4.03.85 - Geneva playdate
After her first day of school, Penny brought Geneva home for a playdate.

4.03.86 - Geneva tag
They neglected to change into their outerwear before playing tag in the snow. At least all the running around should help them stay warm, I guess?

4.03.87 - Heather love letter
OMG, let him go, Heather! Date Mikey, he’s available.


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  1. I love Seaweed! What an awesome hair colour/freckly combination for a boy. He looks so cool!

    haha I kept laughing so hard at Sim!Heather going after Flamingo. It reminds me of Sim!Tam constantly going after Chance. Maybe a simself will try to go after every single spouse lol. It’s just too funny.

    Penny is so adorable. And what a surprise she was! At first I was thinking that she might have been born on a full moon and you had the mod that gives the kids a higher chance of being supernatural. But I’m equally as happy to know that she is Mikey’s baby for some reason.


    • I agree, those simselves just love the Rourkes. And now that they’re supernaturals they’ll be around a while! I’m hoping that more of them will have babies soonish…maybe I should put my simself in there, she always pops out tons of kids.

      That full moon mod is very cool, and I may put it in later, since I’m trying to get all occults into the family at some point. But Penny was a very happy coincidence.


  2. OMG TODDLER WEREWOLF! That was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, her doing her little wolf moves on the carpet. She really is the most adorable little cub.

    And aaaw the twins! They have really great colours both of them.

    I love you for naming that star after Tracy Turnblad. More than words can say.


    • I’m really glad I can control the toddler werewolf – I’ve seen them destroy furniture in ISBIs. But they are absolutely adorable, it’s true.

      Haha, you like Hairspray also? I saw a live version recently, it was amazing, easily as good at the movie. And you remind me that I should get Penny back on the telescope, see if we can find some more stars.


      • Oh my, well I can imagine! I don’t have SN so I haven’t seen them in action much.

        I love love love John Water’s Hairspray from 1988, probably seen it at least 7 times, but I haven’t seen the musical movie yet for some reason.


  3. Penny is such a cute little werewolf. ❤ and the twins are adorable, glad at least one of them got the firey red hair. 🙂


  4. You said a naughty word!

    Love the name Maybelle.

    The food is the sphere of Destiny made using the ITF fridge/cooker/sink combo thing. I think it has to be upgraded to make it though. Extra cool though is the chocolate gnome it can make. It will let you make every single recipe you have in the game including any custom ones that are due to say the Monte Vista stone oven and the japanese grill thing.

    The kids all look good.


  5. So much awesome! Penny is a cutie. I hope SimMe enjoyed the date with a Chimeree! It was kind of exciting, lol.

    I love the new babies!! Especially Seaweed. Love love.

    Yeah, those things are the sphere of destiny. One of the Zales had one once, and it freaked me out. Thankfully Pink is around to educate us! I had to ask about it too!


  6. How did you get a cute werewolf?! My werewolf kiddies are not exactly blessed in that dept! Seaweed ❤


  7. Plot twist with Penny o.O Did not see it coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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