4.05 – Anything Can Happen

4.04.73 - Yttrium gone2Previously, the twins Seaweed and Maybelle were adorable toddlers who grew up to be studious children. Yttrium died, sending the house into a tailspin of grief 😦

Not sure if you guys have heard about the crazy cyclonic storm we had this week in Sydney; suffice to say not a lot of sport and outside fun was had this week. So I’ve been simming quite a bit. Which means, yay, new update!

4.05.01 - harass stereo
After the loss of his beloved Yttrium, Fiyero has become such a grumpy old man. He’s always harassing the stereo – the only piece of technology in the house. I’d forgotten he was a technophobe.

4.05.02 - werewolf eating
Little Miss Werewolf devours a cupcake.

4.05.03 - transform
And then realises that, being morning, the full moon is no longer in effect.
(also, if you can see it behind the light, Chance is haunting the dining chair – at 8am)

4.05.04 - fighting over cleaning
Maybelle is the neat one, but these two are fighting over washing the dishes.

4.05.05 - Seaweed mourning
Told you Chance was still out. Seaweed is too consumed with grief to notice his great-grandfather’s ghost.

4.05.06 - sad Fiyero
Is there anything sadder than a widow sleeping alone in a double bed? With said widow facing the empty side of the bed 😥

4.05.07 - off to China
To help him with his grief, Cosette decided to take her father with her to China.
And upon editing this picture, I realise Cosette has maxed her Visa level in China; +3 points!

4.05.08 - synchronised mourning
The second they get to China, we have synchronised mourning.

Annoyingly, the mission I sent Cosette to China to fulfil got cancelled, since apparently she/I left Pangu’s Axe at home. n00b error.

4.05.09 - board breaking
There were no new missions, so Cosette went off to the Scholar’s Garden to practise her martial arts. I think blue belt is L6? Up to board breaking, anyway.

4.05.10 - timber terminator
Wow, I didn’t realise she’d practised so much, that’s 350 oak boards she’s broken. So now we’ll be able to collect gems from space rocks, yay!

4.05.11 - arguing with dig site
Fiyero is off coll-well he was collecting gems. Apparently now he’s arguing with a dig site.

4.05.12 - attack of grief
We’re regularly checking the relic store for rare relics and gems to buy. Nothing this time, but Cosette had a grief attack.

4.05.13 - cry on shoulder
The storekeeper is a friend, so she cries on his shoulder.

4.05.14 - soccer1 4.05.14 - soccer2
They go outside to play soccer – Cosette is getting pretty damn good.

4.05.15 - gems
Check out all the gems Cosette found breaking space rocks! And they’re all rare ones – including Tiberium.

4.05.16 - tomb quest
Finally, we get a tomb quest.

4.05.17 - return home wish
Naw, Fiyero wants to go home. I’ll lock it in, but we’re not going just yet.

4.05.18 - catch butterflies
First, he’ll go out to catch more butterflies.

Oh, but that tomb quest Cosette was given, about the Dragon Cave? It requires her to go to France. And she can’t get any more quests in China until she completes it. So I guess we are going home.

4.05.19 - garden thawed
Back home, the garden has finally thawed, so our two travellers get to work.

4.05.20 - Tam demoted
Aw, Tam, what happened to all your hard work?

4.05.21 - Fantine party
Fantine and Marius are having a party! Fiyero will go, we want to check out the grandkids.

4.05.22 - blue friends
The two blue-haired kids are making friends.

4.05.23 - Heather promotion
Heather got a promotion!

It seems the simselves are still after the Rourke men:
4.05.24 - love letter2 4.05.24 - love letter1

4.05.24 - love letter3
And Michelangelo wants to take up with Cosette again. Sorry, man, the people have spoken.

4.05.25 - setting off fireworks
Cosette bought some fireworks in China, and wished to set them off.

4.05.26 - fireworks2 4.05.26 - fireworks1

4.05.27 - Trent
This is Marius and Fantine’s son Trent; he also has Yttrium’s hair colour, and Marius’ grey eyes.

4.05.28 - Jolene
And this is Jolene, their daughter. She wouldn’t stop moving, so all I could catch is that she has random light brown hair.

4.05.29 - labour
A heavily pregnant Fantine went into labour at the party; Fiyero took her to the hospital because, hey, free moodlet.

4.05.30 - Cosette bday
That night it’s also Cosette’s birthday. Some random kid helped her celebrate – he must have come home with one of the kids.

4.05.31 - midlife crisis
*sigh* of course she is.

4.05.32 - Elijah Blue date
Nope, still not happening, Elijah Blue.

4.05.33 - autonomous homework
Oh hey, random kid found the children who reside in the house. They’re all doing homework together, because that’s how the Rourkes roll, apparently.

4.05.34 - Fantine son Rod
Fantine’s baby was a boy. Apparently she’d into older style names; Trent, Jolene, Rod.

4.05.35 - sandbox ghosts
Yttrium’s first haunting! She goes to the sandbox, of course. And Jess is out tonight also.

4.05.36 - move house wish
No way is this wish happening, sorry Cosette.

4.05.37 - Geneva Zalie RI
And then I got this popup. Apparently Geneva is now a teen…and her mother doesn’t like the Greenwood family?

4.05.38 - Seaweed cookies
Seaweed can now bake cookies. The fridge is full of his leftovers – a child is literally feeding the family at the moment.

4.05.39 - family outing
It’s the weekend, so the family are going to the spring festival. In the two seater car. Sim Logic.

4.05.40 - greeting card
Greeting card!

4.05.41 - Fiyero + Cosette horseshoes
Fiyero and Cosette play horseshoes…which she’s really excited by, apparently. And I cannot, for the life of me, spell horseshoes correctly the first time. Keep leaving out an s.

4.05.42 - buy food
The two girls are hungry, so need to buy food.

4.05.43 - love tester
Cosette had to leave early to get to work, but she and Flamingo did play with the love tester first – I just missed the shot.

4.05.44 - Burning
Sounds about right.

4.05.45 - kiss at booth
Again, I was too slow for the action shot, but Flamingo got a kiss at the kissing booth.

4.05.46 - sim gnubb
The twins play Sim Gnubb. Because they couldn’t do that at home *facepalm*

4.05.47 - Flamingo dance
And Flamingo rocks out on the dance floor.

4.05.48 - Geneva Zalie RI
Geneva is apparently playing the field a bit.

4.05.49 - Concert wish
Huh, this is one I haven’t seen as a MLC wish. Easy to fulfil!

4.05.50 - Family photos
I’m going to need a new place for these greeting cards soon; but I like having them in the frames like that, it looks more like a real home.

4.05.51 - dip kiss1
In fulfilling the concert wish, Flamette went on a date, since they rarely get time alone together. They proceeded to autonomously spam the romantic interactions after they emerged from the rabbithole.
4.05.51 - dip kiss2 4.05.52 - watch stars

4.05.53 - toy oven mastered
Destined to become the family cook, this one is.

4.05.54 - Sam promotion
Sam got a promotion.

4.05.55 - Penny friend
This girl is a friend of Penny’s, who aged up on the way over; Penny has a wish to befriend her, but I can’t remember her name.

4.05.56 - Marc
And this kid is the one who celebrated Cosette’s birthday with her; his name is Marc something.

4.05.57 - car MLC wish
Now this MLC wish we can fulfill.

4.05.58 - Prius
I got rid of the Fixer Upper Car, since it was annoying me that it was driveable, but they never took it anywhere. And instead we buy our first family car, a Prius! It has pink hubcabs, because that was the only channel other than the whole car.

4.05.59 - Shark + Eponine
Eponine is still thinking about who she wants to settle down with.

4.05.60 - play table
As Seaweed likes the oven, Maybelle chooses the block table when she wants to skill. This pic looks like her blocks are floating…

4.05.61 - Penny + Flam chess
Genius Penny always wants to skill logic. And chess helps her social also, so yay.

4.05.62 - Cosette promotion
Cosette got a promotion – L8 now. Only one more for her LTW and two to fulfil this generation’s goals.

4.05.63 - Penny bday
Like her mother before her, Penny ages up to teen in the dark outside while making friends. She rolled No Sense of Humor. Geez, she’s going to be great at parties.

4.05.64 - PennyT
She is gorgeous, but almost a clone of her mother – same nose, jaw, mouth, only the eye shape might be different, and I’m not sure on that. I’m kind of glad she’s not heir now.

4.05.65 - Cosette reading
Cosette chose to read her cooking book next to her sleeping father. As you do.

4.05.66 - Boq + Parker
Haven’t had one of these in a while, Boq and Parker are still going strong. They have yet to move in together or get married though. Guess it’s one of those low maintenance things.

4.05.67 - Flamingo graveyard fish
Ever since he reached L9 of the Fishing skill, Flamingo has had the wish to catch a death fish. I was finally able to skew his sleep schedule enough that he wouldn’t be exhausted at 1am.

4.05.68 - deathfish
Since he has so many angelfish from all his other fishing, it wasn’t long before the wish was fulfilled. No Perfect one, unfortunately; he still has 2 more perfect fish to catch before we can put them in bowls and fulfill his LTW.

4.05.69 - Penny gender pref
Now that she’s a teen, it’s time to find Penny a mate; she’s straight, so we’re looking for a guy. It’s strange that the only non-straight Rourke thus far is the alien – my SP settings are for 50% bisexual and 10% gay, so statistically there should be fewer straight Rourkes…

4.05.70 - Seaweed horsie
Proof that the kids don’t just skill, they have fun, too.

4.05.71 - Maybelle seesaw
Some more than others… with Maybelle’s perpetually serious expression, this scene was incredibly sad, so I sent Seaweed to seesaw with his sister.

4.05.72 - Cosette black belt
Cosette got to level 9 of the Martial Arts skill. It annoys me to no end that she continually puts her beanie back on every time she gets a new outfit, but I can’t be bothered changing it anymore – when she gets to L10, I’ll give her a ponytail.

4.05.73 - Cosette tattoo
Another easy MLC wish to fulfil; get a tattoo. Like the Brave sim she is, Cosette didn’t flinch at the gun.

4.05.74 - ankle tatt
She got this weird flame-circle thing, in pink, green, grey and black to commemorate her parents and her husband. No, I don’t overthink this sim thing, why do you ask?

4.05.79 - Yttrium + Fiyero
Yttrium came to visit again, and this time she found Fiyero. They are so cute.

4.05.80 - ghost party
Apparently it’s a ghost party tonight; Jess is dancing and Chance is drafting something.

4.05.81 - Eponine pregnant
Eponine’s playing around finally caught up to her.

4.05.82 - skilling kids
The twins are still skilling up – since neither of them have traits that lean towards a certain skill, they’re trying out multiple things.

4.05.83 - perfect pie
And Seaweed has produces a Perfect Pie. I love this kid already.

4.05.84 - Geneva Zalie
Penny went to the festival after school today, and look who she met there! It’s Geneva Zalie! Unfortunately it seems she is a clone of her father, Sinbad Rotter, with Heather’s eye and hair colour.

4.05.75 - travel to France
To celebrate her daughter’s teen birthday, Cosette took Penny on a trip to France.

4.05.76 - pretty France
Pretty scenery.

4.05.77 - Penny reporting in
Penny was sent on quests while Cosette started her ‘visit France’ quest from the China one. And I forgot how annoying it is to travel with someone who isn’t high in charisma – it took a long while for Penny to befriend this French lady enough so she could get information out of her.

4.05.78 - no axe
And apparently I failed to bring Pangu’s Axe to France also – I fail as a simmer.

4.05.85 - Penny kenspa
Penny wished to buy a kenspa, so I indulged her; since she hasn’t yet learned to drive, this is a much quicker way around.

4.05.87 - Cosette buying metals
Check out what Cosette found at the relic store! This is definitely going to help the Hoarder mini-challenge.

Apparently the China-France quest involves part of Chateau du Landgraab. I haven’t done this one before. Adventure spam:
4.05.86 - adventure1 4.05.86 - adventure2 4.05.86 - adventure3 4.05.86 - adventure4
4.05.88 - adventure4

4.05.89 - Penny werewolf run
As you could probably see in that last picture, I figured out an even faster way for Penny to get around – and she tires way slower in werewolf form, too!

4.05.90 - boo Penny
This guy looks like he’s coping a feel as he boos Penny. I’m not sure whether it’s that she chose to sleep in the nectary (in her sleeping bag) or because she’s a werewolf?

4.05.91 - Penny sleeping in nectary
She didn’t care either way, and went back to sleep on the floor.

4.05.92 - lycanthropy skill
And she also levelled up her lycanthropy skill sufficiently to be able to turn other sims into werewolves. I haven’t yet decided whether she should.

4.05.93 - hunting gems
I put her to work hunting gems; though with the collection helper not her werewolf skill. Which I only realised as I was editing these pictures; I’ll have to put her to hunting at home, too!

4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time1 4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time2 4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time3 4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time4
This is what Cosette has been doing in between quests; despite having never been to France before, the quests aren’t very frequent. So she’s raising her Jock skill, collecting insects and chopping space rocks in the meantime.

4.05.95 - extraordinarily unusual butterfly
Penny is an awesome hunter!

This post is already longer than my usual, and their trip is over, so I’ll end things here. Going to need to build a special spot for all the relics and such, not enough room in the existing house!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I didn’t you realise you were in Australia.
    Who could get Penny to do the leader of the pack ltw. That could be fun turning x sims and then collect x amount as a pack.


    • That’s a great idea, I have only played a werewolf through that LTW once. Though Penny won’t be staying ages, I am loving her hunting ability, so might keep her around once she turns YA. Turning werewolves is a good way to get some more occults into Twinbrook 🙂


  2. Penny is so gorgeous! I love her as a teen. I haven’t done much playing with werewolves so I should really get on that and do it. They really seem to move a lot faster.

    I hadn’t heard about the storm you guys were experiencing down there, I’ll have to google it. Glad you were able to stay safe indoors!


    • Werewolves run lots faster, and tire less quickly – but their hunger decays quickly and they don’t sleep well in werewolf form. So it’s a tradeoff – very annoying trying to get her rested on a full moon when she has school the next day!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh taking a werewolf travelling is a good idea… Might have to take one into the future to pick up all the unique collectables.


    • Yes, I shall have to remember to travel to the future with Penny. Though I’m finding she picks up all sorts of awesome rare stuff even at home; we have a rainbow beetle and a couple of pink diamonds from her travels!


  4. The pictures from under the garden to the greeting card aren’t visible to me and when I press them I get a 404. Anyway, good to hear you’re safe from the cyclone! I hope your house is too. The pictures looked mental.

    Hehe, I rarely travel with my sims anymore because it bloats the save tremendously, but when I did I always forgot the items I needed the most at home, like the axe. (Also I’ve noticed that a cheap way of getting your gems cut is to bring some gems from your home world when you travel and they will get automatically cut when you reach your destination, sometimes to really nice expensive cuts. I guess it’s so you can’t “cheat” and bring gems for old quests from home.)

    A widow or widower alone in their double bed is really sad. 😦

    I didn’t understand at first that Penny was wolfing around in France, looked almost like she was levitating. She’s really pretty, but I can understand that you prefer a mix of genetics.

    I’ve never had a sim learn to smash space rocks actually. One more thing on my list!

    Hehe, Flamette. 🙂 They are really cute together.

    I love it when the kids learn to make pie and brownies! I seldom get to that point.


    • Hey, I can’t view those pictures either. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it up. I know I had to reupload some of the pics because the order went all wacky, maybe I didn’t fix up those. Yeah, the house is fine – we weren’t in the flood affected area, so just got a whole lot of rain. 🙂

      I am finding that the save gets bloated and glitchy with the travelling – going to have to stop pretty soon. Not really worried about the cost of cutting gems; they have lots of money, and I could always buy the SN gem cutter if a sim has the time to cut them all.

      Penny is really pretty, but she’s not Flamingo’s child. I really wanted a child with Mikey, so allowed Cosette to go through with the pregnancy…but you guys chose Flamingo for the spouse, so Seaweed will be the next heir.

      It’s surprisingly easy to level up the cooking skill; Penny has just turned YA in game, and the family is still eating the stuff Seaweed cooked as a child!


  5. Penny might be a face clone but she’s beautiful either way!

    Liked by 1 person

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