4.06 – Turning and Sparring

4.05.94 - Cosette wasting time3Last chapter, Cosette went travelling again, with her father (to China) and Penny (to France). Yttrium died and Penny aged to teen.

I added some Zales to Twinbrook, along with Ran Rimmor and a couple other bachelors from the Terry Bachelorette Challenge. We’ll have someone go over and meet them shortly.
And I also installed Showtime and Late Night; finally running all EPs bar Pets (it just slows my game down way too much).

4.06.01 - basement treasures
With all this travelling, we needed more space, so I built the Rourkes a basement to house all the treasures Cosette has brought back.

4.06.02 - Cosette job change
Uhm, wut? Cosette has suddenly changed career to Video Game Developer? She’s not even a nerd! I manually changed it back to L8 of the Sports Career; that’s the promotion she received just before going to China.

4.06.03 - checking wrinkles
She’s checking out her wrinkles; normal MLC activity, right?

4.06.04 - Cosette floating
Except that she’s also floating a foot above the floor. (oops, and I just realised I need to give her back her ST sneakers)

When she stepped away from the mirror she stopped floating, so I guess she’s okay. I’ll keep an eye on things…

4.06.05 - maxed martial arts
Oh, and she maxed martial arts.

4.06.07 - Maybelle + Fiyero tag
Maybelle plays tag with her grandfather when she woke up. It’s good that she’s bonding with him, his lifebar is also full.

4.06.08 - gold belt
Black/gold belt!

4.06.09 - Heather + Greygory
Heather has taken up with one of the Terrey bachelors.

4.06.10 - Zale house
This is the house I set the Zales up in; Cosette is visiting.

4.06.11 - Gwen Zale
Hai Gwen!

4.06.12 - Hank Zale
LMAO, Hank is getting sauced already.

4.06.17 - Graham + Helen chat
Cosette heartfarts Hank *facepalm*

4.06.14 - Gwen pee self
Oops, poor Gwen. I guess Cosette kept her talking too long.

4.06.15 - Irene + Heather Zale
Also in the house are Irene and Helen. Why are you eating Irene’s horrifying waffles, Helen?

4.06.16 - flirt with Graham wish
And Graham, as Cosette has just discovered.

4.06.17 - Graham + Helen chat
She talks to Helen and Graham at the same time.

4.06.18 - Graham flirt
Flirt successful!

4.06.19 - sleeping in sarcophagus
See those Z’s? That’s Flamingo, sleeping in the sarcophagus.

4.06.20 - Penny learn to drive
As he has wished, Fiyero starts teaching Penny to drive.

4.06.21 - clashing traits
Cosette is still at the Zale house, befriending Helen now. They have clashing sleep habits.

4.06.22 - Seaweed painting
Seaweed has wished to learn how to paint, so here he goes. In the background, Flamingo is getting to know his daughter.

4.06.23 - Heather promotion
Heather got a promotion!

4.06.24 - Jess ballet
It’s hard to tell who this is, but it’s Jess practising her ballet.

4.06.25 - cuties
These two are still all about one another.

4.06.26 - remodel wish
Cosette has now rolled this MLC wish; I was going to remodel anyway, this gives me an excuse!

4.06.27 - graveyard 4.06.28 - Penny teen room 4.06.29 - new shower
We (finally) made an area for Yttrium’s grave, gave Penny’s room a science-teeny makeover, and added a second bathing area to the laundry.

4.06.30 - Pink promotion
Pink got a promotion. She’s officially a doctor now!

4.06.31 - lamp haunt
Someone is haunting the lamp – I think it’s Phoenix.

4.06.32 - analyse rock
Penny wanted to analyse a rock, so okay.

4.06.33 - Eponine twins
Yay, Eponine had twins! Weird name for the first one, not sure if Myung is a boy or a girl. This brings the grandchildren total for Fiyero to 8.

4.06.34 - Fiyero rummaging
LMAO, Fiyero is rummaging in the compost bin for scrap. Oh, insane sims.

4.06.35 - lime painting
Hey, cool painting, Seaweed. We’ll put it in Penny’s room, it’s her fave colour.

4.06.36 - love letter14.06.36 - love letter2
More letters and gifts from people who just can’t let go…

4.06.37 - Flamingo promotion
Flamingo sold some more fish and made it to level 6 (or maybe 7?). It’s very slow going, even with a maxed fishing skill.

4.06.38 - Seaweed prank
Uh, Seaweed? Your mother is right there, she probably won’t take kindly to the prank…

4.06.39 - Seaweed scolded
Told you.

4.06.40 - maxed charisma
Cosette went right back to her skilling after scolding her son, and soon maxed charisma. That’s three skills already!

4.06.41 - Seaweed play
Playing in the bathtub, so cute!

4.06.42 - Maybelle collecting gems
This is why Maybelle hasn’t been in this update much; she had an opportunity which gave her info about every gem and metal in the world; I took advantage and sent her out after the rare gems every day. She found a pink diamond plus a number of luminous gems, sunstones and moonstones.

4.06.43 - let off hook
Seaweed made all the beds after his bath, so Cosette (autonomously) let him off the hook.

4.06.44 - MLC over
Yay, Cosette’s MLC is finally over. 5 wishes isn’t too bad – she didn’t roll many, and only the one ‘flirt with someone else’ wish; obviously she loves Flamingo a lot.

4.06.45 - Fiyero weights
Fiyero is mostly on free will these days; when he’s not staring at the various paintings and sculptures around the house, he’s skilling.

4.06.46 - friendly opp
LOL, SP put my simself in the professional sports career with Cosette; I wanted her to make friends, so good that she gets a work bonus as well.

4.06.47 - Helen RI
Helen has an RI – we may see some Zale babies soonish.

4.06.48 - Maybelle bday
It’s the twins’ birthday – they’re both out collecting stuff, so alone in the dark. Maybelle rolled Artistic. Maybe she might start rolling some wishes. She is so boring, rolls almost no wishes, it’s really annoying.

4.06.49 - Seaweed bday
Seaweed rolled Rebellious; this fits well with his generation’s goals, so good start.

4.06.50 - meeting Samali
Welcome to the Rourke home, simself! Cosette’s maxed charisma skill means they were friends by the time Cosette got done learning all her stats.


4.06.51 - MaybelleT
Maybelle is a mix of her parents; Flamingo’s eye colour, eye shape and nose, Cosette’s chin/jaw and mouth. It’s a bit of a strange combination, and makes her look very serious all the time.

4.06.52 - SeaweedT
Seaweed is a hottie! He’s pretty much the exact opposite of Maybelle; Cosette’s eye shape, colour and nose, Flamingo’s mouth and jaw.

4.06.53 - Fiyero sabotaging
LOL, there are so few electronic object in the house, I forget Fiyero is a technophobe. Then he does this…

4.06.54 - Seaweed sarcophagus
Everyone loves sleeping in that thing.

4.06.55 - new skill room
I changed around the skilling room a bit, put a door on this side of the house, close to the entrance of the basement. If the family insist on sleeping down there, at least they won’t need to walk around the whole house to get there.

4.06.56 - Penny LTW
At Pink’s suggestion, we’re going to play with Penny the werewolf a bit more; have her turn some other sims into werewolves and expand the occult population a bit. I gave her the Leader of the Pack LTW, and we’ll see how far we can get into that $40k before she ages up.

4.06.57 - Pink RI
Pink has an RI with hair almost the same colour as hers.

4.06.58 - Seaweed basketball
Seaweed is a typical teenage boy; he loves his sport.

4.06.59 - Penny turning1
I figured if Penny was already friends with people, it will make turning them easier – I was right. This is Rosalind McClain, Penny’s best friend beside Geneva Zalie.
4.06.59 - Penny turning2

4.06.60 - teaching Seaweed to drive
Cosette wished to teach Seweed to drive; he’s a fast learner, and they finished before either of them got stressed.

4.06.61 - watching Mikey
Mikey hijacked Penny’s next outing; fairy Heather and Elijah Blue are also in attendance. At least this helps Penny raise her relationship with her father, I guess.

4.06.62 - teaching Maybelle to drive
As always, Fiyero is very attentive to his grandchildren; he’s the only one who wished to teach Maybelle to drive, so here we are.

4.06.67 - talking
I don’t remember this girl’s name, but she’s Penny’s next highest relationship.

4.06.68 - turning
And thus, her new werewolf friend. But it didn’t go down well, and the new werewolf raced off right after she was turned. This ‘hunt with pack’ is harder than I thought.

4.06.69 - full moon
It’s a full moon tonight, though – this guy was Penny’s first turn, he’s a Coddle descendant.

4.06.70 - howling
Lol, synchronised howling.

4.06.71 - Parker + Boq
These two are still going strong, but no marriage or children in the works, unfortunately.

4.06.72 - making progress
Penny was able to form a pack with the Coddle guy, and they made a little progress; this LTW is slow going.

4.06.73 - Seaweed gay
This is the first wish Seaweed rolled on his first day of school; he might be gay, I’ll have to get someone to ask his preference.

4.06.74 - Marius promotion 4.06.75 - Helen promotion
Marius and Helen got promotions.

4.06.76 - Cosette LTW2 4.06.76 - Cosette LTW3
4.06.76 - Cosette LTW1
As did Cosette; she fulfilled her LTW! Just one more promotion to complete gen 4’s goal – then the family can have a TV!

4.06.77 - excited
Lol, she’s so cute when she’s all excited.

4.06.77 - Marius RI
Marius has a new RI; he and Fantine have been fighting for a while.

4.06.78 - Eponine's twins
Fiyero was stir crazy, so I sent him over to meet Eponine’s twins. They’re pretty cute! Myung is a girl, apparently, and she has Chance’s hair. Carlos has boring black hair.

4.06.78 - tickling gdaughter
Some tickles for Myung.

4.06.79 - Eponine watching tv
Eponine ignores her son, in favour of watching TV. Mother of the year candidate here.

4.06.80 - back in China
Moar travelling! I’m pretty sure it’s glitching my game a bit, so going to do some more with Cosette and then have a fresh start when Seaweed takes over. This time he’s going with her, though, since I like taking two – one for quests and the other for collecting.

4.06.81 - Academy busy
Wow, the Academy is busy today.

4.06.82 - fishing for koi
Seaweed is fishing; going to try to get some dragon fish for Flamingo to catch at home. They’re not worth as much as deathfish, but can catch them all day.

4.06.83 - sparring
Since Cosette has finished most of the quests in China, she’s going for the martial arts challenges. Grand Master here we come.

4.06.84 - net worth
I figured out a way to determine the family’s net worth; SP map tags give it. We get three more points 🙂

4.06.85 - Cosette fighting mummy1
Cosette fights her first mummy. After heartfarting it, lol.
4.06.85 - Cosette fighting mummy2

4.06.85 - Cosette fighting mummy3
She pwned it, of course.

4.06.86 - more fishing
More fishing; he’s catching tancho koi now, to be bait for dragon fish. And…what is that in the background?

4.06.87 - magician
China apparently has Magicians… I love the combo of the Chinese hat and magician outfit.

4.06.88 - red asassain bug
Assassin bugs! Those things are hard to catch, Seaweed missed two before he got this one.

4.06.89 - Visa Level 1
That bug quest for him up to Visa L1.

4.06.90 - jump kick
Whoa, cool! I haven’t seen Cosette do that before, go girl!

4.06.91 - sparring rank
Winning this fight gets her up to rank 1. Long way to go…

4.06.92 - pink swishy
And I finally got a picture of the pink swishy that Cosette makes when she spars.

4.06.93 - photo with Sun Young Kim
This latest opponent is Sun Young Kim, gen 2 spouse in the Kook BISBI! Cosette autonomously took a photo with her, apparently she knows the significance of this particular person.

4.06.94 - more sparing
I got bored with having Cosette move around, so started just calling all the partners to base camp. This one is a curly-haired teenager, with that weird green-brown hair. I thought I had a mod to fix that…

4.06.95 - dragon fish
Yay, Seaweed is finally up to catching dragon fish! Once he catches 10, we can go home and stock the pond.

We already have more than enough sparring and fishing pics, which is the rest of the China trip, so I’ll end the chapter here. Next up; hunting with werewolf Penny!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I am so team Seaweed! He turned out fantastic and he’s only a teen.

    I bet if you had a house full of werewolves and then made them all a single pack it would be incredible how much stuff you would get. Penny’s wishes are all so cool! I love all the kids.


  2. I have never seen the remodel MLC wish.
    The more wolves in the pack the easier it is to get the goods in.
    You could turn Maybelle and then you would have a guaranteed sim in the house to pack with.


    • It’s so hard to get more than two into the pack at once; even when she invites over all 5 werewolves in town, one or more of them inevitably leave before everyone arrives. Turning Maybelle is a great option though, she is very boring at the moment, so a werewolf version would be more interesting, at least.


  3. Seaweed looks great! Love the freckles from Flamingo.

    That pack wish seems hard! But turning Maybelle is a good idea, I think.

    Congrats on that LTW! It’s always nice when they fulfill it, even if it usually doesn’t matter to the challenge.

    Hehe, rummaging in the compost bin for scraps.

    Loved the Chinese magician! That was such a cool look.

    Cosette’s dropkick was so Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon! Wow!


  4. Seaweed turned out great, especially with the freckles.
    I haven’t played with werewolves for a long time. Seeing Penny making her pack kind of makes me want one a werewolf in one of my legacies. Lol the list of things I want to do keeps getting longer! 😀
    Congrats on completing that LTW. Cosette doesn’t show any signs of slowing down yet though.


  5. How have I not seen this until right now? I feel like a doof. And I was literally looking at that Mikey like “Is… is that my Mikey? Is that Mikey mine? WHO IS THIS MIKEY.” But I noticed it was XD Haha… I’m so slow. I need to read this! *follows*


  6. Seaweed looks adorable!
    Can’t wait to see all that adventuring next!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aw, Look at all the Zales! So cute to see them! ❤
    I know I've said this before, but I LOVE the skins you use. Now that I've kind of figured out some Mods, I should go skin shopping. I can't got over how beautiful your Sims are.

    And your house… but that's pure skill, not mods… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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