4.07 – Please Don’t Leave Me

4.06.90 - jump kickPreviously, the twins aged up and Seaweed went to China with his mother, where she sparred her way to Rank 2.

4.07.01 - Fiyero sprinkler
I forgot that, since Yttrium unlocked plumbing, we can have sprinklers in the garden now! Fiyero loves it.

4.07.02 - Flamingo playing with ghosts
I left Flamingo fishing for deathfish and got the others started on their days. When I came back, Mr Friendly was making friends with the ghosts.

4.07.03 - China photo
Cosette’s photo with Sun Young Kim goes up on the wall in her bedroom.

4.07.04 - gnome group
The gnomes are forever gathering in and around the garden; thank goodness they’re live-draggable, so I can get them out of the way. Also lol at Flamingo autonomously fishing in his underwear.

4.07.05 - child food
Seaweed’s childhood baking is still feeding the entire family. When we get low enough he’ll start learning the actual cooking skill.

4.07.06 - hugs
Autonomous hugs for dad. The Friendly trait is strong in Cosette.

4.07.07 - sandcastle smash
And then Fiyero goes to smash up someone’s sand castle. I’m pretty sure that’s his own, anyway.

4.07.08 - Tam promotion
Tam managed to stop her performance slide; she’s back up to Yes Woman.

4.07.09 - Trent Rourke
That blue hair looks familiar; this is Trent Rourke, Marius’ eldest. He came home with one of the kids, and Maybelle chose to help him with his homework.

4.07.10 - Penny werewolf skill
I don’t remember Penny ever transforming because of anger…but good to know she won’t anymore.

4.07.11 - Fiyero ballet
Fiyero practises his ballet. The amateur moves always make me laugh.

4.07.12 - Marius move
Marius moved out of Fantine’s house, into his new girlfriend’s.

4.07.13 - LTW progress
Progress on Penny’s LTW; as a couple of people mentioned, I’m considering having her turn Maybelle, that way she will always have someone to hunt with.

4.07.14 - Rhamnus with kids
Uhm…Rhamnus? What are you doing with all these children (who are not yours) in the graveyard at 6am??

4.07.15 - Cosette max gardening
Cosette maxed her gardening skill. I’m thinking we’re not going to plant anything else; will harvest what’s currently growing, then use the yard space for something else. The first few generations were the important ones for gardening, nothing else will require it.

4.07.16 - koi pond
Seaweed stocked the pond with the fish he caught in China; there are three different koi, plus dragon fish. Unfortunately, he didn’t catch enough tancho koi (the bait for dragon fish) to stock the pond, so Flamingo might have trouble catching one. Now the Rourkes have a koi pond, like the Zales!

4.07.17 - amateur ichthyologist challenge
It doesn’t take long for Flamingo to catch a couple different koi, and complete the challenge of catching 20 different kinds of fish.

4.07.18 - doitsu koi wish
He has one more perfect fish to catch for his LTW. And if it’s up to him, it will be a Doitsu Koi.

4.07.18 - dragon fish
But yay, he caught a dragon fish!

And then Cosette interrupted for some fun couple time. Cosingo spam:
4.07.19 - Cosingo1 4.07.19 - Cosingo2 4.07.19 - Cosingo3 4.07.19 - Cosingo4 4.07.19 - Cosingo5
I have no idea why they’re in their swimsuits, or why Flamingo is laughing after woohoo…

4.07.20 - Eponine promotion
Eponine got a promotion.

4.07.21 - bug collection
The collection of all the bugs, butterflies and other insects. A lot of them are the rare and extraordinarily unusual ones – it’s the uncommon ones I’m having trouble finding. Penny’s werewolf skills are almost too high now, we keep getting rare duplicates.

4.07.22 - prom wish
Oh, there’s a prom soon, btw. Only Seaweed wished to attend, the girls couldn’t care less.

4.07.23 - fish in bowl wish
Oooh, we know what this means! Flamingo must have caught a perfect one!

4.07.24 - Flamingo LTW complete1 4.07.24 - Flamingo LTW complete2
And yep, that’s Flamingo’s LTW complete.

4.07.25 - Seaweed cooking
Seaweed chose to cook instead of eating the leftovers in the fridge. Oh well, he’s going to be the family cook anyway.

4.07.26 - Fiyero dies1
Oh no, Fiyero 😥

4.07.26 - Fiyero dies2
These shocked faces made me LOL. And cue synchronised mourning in 3, 2, 1…
4.07.26 - Fiyero dies3 4.07.26 - Fiyero dies4

4.07.26 - Fiyero dies5
He begged for more time, but Grim wasn’t having any of it. And really, it’s okay, he’s had a hugely successful life, seen 5 grandchildren grow up to teenagers.

4.07.26 - Fiyero dies6
Grim does not like Maybelle; he’s practically hissing at her.

4.07.27 - hai Cosette
But he loves Cosette.

4.07.28 - resurrect Fiyero wish
Both Penny and Cosette rolled this wish while Grim was still reaping Fiyero. Not going to happen, but nice that you care so much.

4.07.29 - graveyard
And so our gen 3 heir is laid to rest in the family graveyard, just in time for Yttrium to come visit.

4.07.30 - Elijah + Willow
Elijah Blue takes up with Willow, Sam’s daughter.

4.07.31 - Flamingo medal
Flamingo got a medal for his fishing exploits.

4.07.32 - Seaweed question
I finally remembered to have Cosette ask Seaweed his gender preference.

4.07.33 - Seaweed bisexual
He’s bi. That will be interesting, I’ll have to think about how I’ll play this for the spouse poll. Maybe male and female options?

4.07.34 - friends with dad wish
This wish makes me sad; I’ll have to try and fulfil it.

4.07.35 - fishing together
Fishing together should do the trick.

4.07.36 - Maybelle question
We also asked Maybelle about her gender preference.

4.07.37 - Maybelle bisexual
She’s also bi! If I remember correctly, Penny is too, so the whole generation, that’s a first.

Speaking of Penny, Pink is at the house, being part of her pack. Though that just means she hangs around the house while Penny hunts. It counts, so I’m not complaining. And this means Cosette can make friends.

4.07.38 - basketball with Pink1
LOL, I’ve never seen someone fall on their butt trying to dunk!

4.07.38 - basketball with Pink2
She nailed the second one, though.

4.07.39 - Geneva steady
Heather’s daughter, Geneva, looks to be settling down. Damn, I had my eye on that guy for Penny.

4.07.40 - Simself letter
And my simself has apparently joined the ranks of “simselves who want into the Rourke family”.

4.07.41 - normal day
Werewolves eating on chairs and ghosts reading. Just a normal day in the Rourke household.

4.07.42 - Maybelle mourning
Maybelle is taking things really hard. She was very close to Fiyero.

4.07.43 - Egypt
And we’re off travelling again, Egypt this time. Cosette keeps getting opportunities to go to different countries.

4.07.44 - goods merchant likes Cosette
Cosette goes off to buy up everything unique in Egypt. The general goods merchant thinks she’s awesome.

4.07.45 - Flamingo adventure
Flamingo goes adventuring.

4.07.46 - Tahiya
Hey, it’s Tahiya! Her children with Ike Zale were overlooked for the Zalien. 😦

4.07.47 - fishing for crocs
Fishing for crocs. Pretty scenery 🙂

4.07.48 - huge pyramid
And huge! That tiny pink speck near the door is Flamingo.

4.07.49 - flame fruit
Flame fruit! This picture is so gorgeous.

4.07.50 - Cosette visa L2
Meanwhile, Cosette has been collecting gems and bugs for adventures and for the home collection. She’s up to level 2.

4.07.51 - Flamingo v Mummy1
Look out, Flamingo, there’s a mummy!

4.07.51 - Flamingo v Mummy2
It found him.

4.07.51 - Flamingo v Mummy3
Pwned. But not cursed, luckily.

4.07.52 - Cosette snake charming1
Cosette is snake charming, but she can’t find the snake.

4.07.52 - Cosette snake charming2
LMAO, her face.

4.07.53 - overlapping quests
The quests of these two keep overlapping; Cosette just received a book to read, off the guy Flamingo needs to talk to for his quest.

4.07.54 - watch the stars
And so, as they always do, they wished to interact. Watching the stars gives a nice cute moodlet.

4.07.55 - Cosette skinny dip
Cosette chose to skinny dip in this pool. Right beside a wall of fire. Oh, sims.

4.07.56 - Flamingo helping
Flamingo is there too; tombs go faster when there are two to help.

4.07.57 - Flamingo cursed
Though sometimes, he’s the one who needs help. Another first, I haven’t had any sims cursed by a mummy before.

4.07.58 - dual work
Cosette looks at the crispy, cursed body of her husband.

4.07.59 - woohoo wish
And rolls this wish. She really has it bad.

4.07.60 - curse lifted1 4.07.60 - curse lifted2
Flamingo’s curse is lifted, yay!

4.07.61 - mummy fish
He finally caught a mummy fish, so has caught all the Egyptian ones now.

4.07.62 - pretty scenery
Man, EA did a great job with the scenery in these vacation worlds. Gorgeous!

4.07.63 - Willow engaged
Back home, Willow is getting married!

4.07.64 - Drew + Rochelle
And her brother Drew goes steady with one of Penny’s werewolf pack.

4.07.65 - Flamingo promotion
Flamingo finally got a promotion to L8. Only another 30k to L9 *sigh*

4.07.66 - Pink promotion
Pink also got a promotion.

4.07.67 - Geneva married
And Geneva got married! Maybe Heather will have some grandbabies running around soon.

4.07.68 - Penny hunt1 4.07.68 - Penny hunt2
These two just to show the awesome treasures Cosette collects on her hunts. Tiberium and Rainbow bugs!

4.07.69 - ruined couch
Hmm, all these uncontrollable werewolves take a toll on the furniture. But it seems someone has placed a trap on the sofa.

4.07.70 - house full of pranks
Actually, the whole house is filled with pranks. This is what happens when you have three teenagers in the house, I guess. The sink next to Cosette’s room and the chair in the twins’ room also have flashing lights.

4.07.71 - making progress
We’re making progress on Penny’s LTW. Hunting for insects helps, since they’re worth more than uncut gems, even the really valuable ones.

4.07.72 - extraordinarily unusual bugs
Each of these bugs is extraordinarily unusual, and worth over $1k.

4.07.73 - rummage in trash
LMAO, Penny rummages in the trash while her parents make out. Just another day in the Rourke household.

4.07.74 - Penny date
She then gets asked on a date; sure! The Greenwood family is pretty cute, if I remember correctly.

4.07.75 - Seaweed dancing
Seaweed must know he’s the new heir; he’s taken up dancing. Maybelle continues to sleep in the sarcophagi.

4.07.76 - Toby Greenwood
Though he’s a YA, Toby is pretty cute.

4.07.77 - geniuses
And they’re both geniuses, win.

4.07.78 - not attractive
But Penny doesn’t find him attractive, aw 😦

4.07.79 - reading ghosts
Like mother, like son. The ghosts in this house are boring.

4.07.80 - photo with Jess
Apparently Cosette likes taking photos; one with your dead relative sounds reasonable.

4.07.81 - Jess scaring
And then Jess scared her. Random.

4.07.82 - Pink RI
Pink got an RI!

4.07.83 - running
LMAO, Flamingo ran out the door when he woke up.

4.07.84 - to sprinkler
To go play in the sprinkler. Haha, sims.

4.07.85 - extra trait
Cosette reached L8 of the Jock social group! She rolled Ambitious as her extra trait.

It’s Penny’s birthday today, so we’re throwing a party. I invited all the decent-looking teens in town, so hopefully the twins can find prom dates.

4.07.86 - Abbey Motley
Maybelle likes this girl, Abbey Motley (whose face I neglected to photograph).

4.07.87 - Antonia Greenwood
And Seaweed went for Antonia Greenwood. He can have a teen fling before he settles down 😉

4.07.88 - cake time
But now it’s cake time!

4.07.89 - many people
I think this is the most people who have cheered on a Rourke family member.

4.07.90 - freezer bunnies
Someone brought freezer bunnies!

4.07.91 - PennyA
Penny rolled Great Kisser as her final trait. So she’s a genius loner who has no sense of humour, but loves to kiss out in the sun.

And she’s officially a face clone of Cosette. Hair and eye colour are different, and she has Mikey’s pointy ears. She’ll be sticking around until she completes her LTW, just because I love her 😉


That’s all for now; please let me know what you think about Seaweed’s spouse options, should he have male, female or both options?


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Wow! Penny is gorgeous! I think she has a lot of Cosette in here. I actually had a dream the other night about someone named Cosette. We were going to sell our house and she went through and painted my kitchen cabinets (The new ones) green, covered my new trim, and put the old hardware back on the cabinets. When I woke up all I could do was laugh!

    Horray for Sim Tam getting a promotion. And Rhamnus… Maybe he was just telling them to go home? Or they might have bullied him and made him cry? Poor guy.


  2. Wow, all the kids are bi? I’ve never seen that happen before. I think you should have both male and female options for spouse, since Seaweed likes both. 🙂

    You managed to actually get a mummy curse! So glad you were able to get Flamingo cured, it would be awful if he died this early.

    Also, Penny is so pretty. I love her, I totally don’t blame you for having her stick around. XD Even if she is a face clone of Cosette. Certain face clones are just as awesome as non-face-clones (Amal – she’s a face clone of Exra, but I still love her).


  3. Penny is really pretty even if she is a face clone. I’m glad you are keeping her around, werewolves are so much fun.
    So all the kids are bi? I think Seaweed should have both male and female options for spouse. Or perhaps he could have one of each.(not at the same time though!) 😀
    I love Egypt in sims 3, it’s just so beautiful. Poor Flamingo getting cursed, glad you were able to cure him. 🙂


  4. Koi pond FTW! Catching up on all my reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Penny is beautiful but she is a face clone.
    Also, at your notifications spam, you said something about Penny’s hunting, but called her Cosette instead.
    So many rare insects, so pretty *.*


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