7.09 – Winter Slumber


Previously, Spooky Day led to a feast party and Seymour’s birthday.
My sincere apologies for the long wait; I have now finished uni exams, so will have some more time to play!

We begin with Riff Raff once again showing he prefers his son to his daughters; two wishes for Seymour (honor roll and graduate) and none for any of the girls.

And Audrey did get on the honor roll.

She heartfarts with Israel Lee.

7-09-03-heartfart-israel2 7-09-04-kiss-israel-wish
Then rolls up this wish. I think the option for teen boyfriend is chosen!

7-09-05-romancing-israel1 7-09-05-romancing-israel2 7-09-05-romancing-israel3
They’re so cute together.

Meanwhile, Riff Raff set off one of the many booby traps. All those rebellious teens.

The twins are bonding, first outside on the seesaw.

Then a hug in the kitchen.

Right before birthday time!

Neither twin has good grades, due to all the snow days they had as children, so both traits are locked in.

Unstable will be fun! I haven’t played with an unstable sim since my WYDC.

7-09-10-ronette-bday1 7-09-10-ronette-bday2
Eco-Friendly, that’s not too bad.

Makeovers: Ronette is still a girly girl, though slightly more involved in the environment now.

Crystal has an awesome streaked hair by Chazy, it’s a little out of control, just like her!

I’m experimenting with a new skintone for these guys, since I’m so sick of Papercat’s freckled skin (awesome as it is). This is Kurasoberina’s Freckled Fruit (scroll down to find the DL link, this page has all her skins). I’m not entirely sold on it, especially the obvious line between torso and arm, but it does fit in better with my default ones (which are by the same creator). Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter!

First teen action: pillow fight!

It’s all too much for Crystal, she needs the help of a paper bag to calm down.

Then Audrey gets her all riled back up with video games.

A line of teenagers in the snow? Must be another party. This one is a slumber party!

Joshua Terrey is really cute, and I was considering him for one of the twins…then I recognised his hair colour.

The missing portrait of Joshua’s father is our own Billy Rourke! So not an option for our girls.

Chastity Holloway is pretty cute, a possible option for Seymour (whoops, almost wrote Seaweed!)

Austin Olivia is still adorable. He didn’t mesh well with Audrey (two clashing traits), but maybe Ronette or Crystal?

Speaking of Crystal, she commandeered a bunch of kids into video games (and ignored the game’s request to change into PJs).

*sigh* Always the clusterfuck at the door. And somehow Seymour got outside and trapped in the mess also. Audrey can’t get to the pizza girl to receive the pizza!

Wow, boys, some of you need some new PJs! If it’s awkward when two people wear the same thing, how about four?

Audrey scans the room; Israel is high enough on her list to warrant keeping him.

Ronette is obviously also straight; we’ll go for Dylan or Danny, depends on what they look like up close.

I forgot to have Crystal scan the room, but Manuel Martin is as good an option as anyone.

Ronette introduces herself to Dylan. Behind them, Audrey gets the dance party started.

And it gets bigger and bigger.

Until everyone is exhausted.

I wish the game would allow some of the townies to pick another pre-saved colour option for the sleeping bag. I believe there is an orange option and a green one? My active simmies are always the only ones with custom bags.

Sometime during the party, Hannah topped the writing career. Yay, gen 7 requirements complete! This means we will no longer be restricted to one room per sim when building houses.

She celebrates by helping Seymour with his homework.

Riff Raff wanted to teach both twins to drive, so we start with Ronette. In Story’s purple car that I should recolour.

I’m not really pushing the skills too hard in this family, but skill building drinks will help them level up faster, leaving more time for fun things!

Hannah is now pursuing the drums.

Crystal is writing (for now, still undecided as to whether we’ll try something else).

Ronette paints adorable things. In the snow in her nightie. Oh, sims.

While Riff Raff gets himself promoted, this is L9, only one more level to go!

Audrey enjoys the winter sunshine and fishes in the ocean.

Aw, Kelly died. She’s the first one of gen 6 after Velma (who was quite a bit older than her siblings).

Hannah asks Crystal her gender preference.

Gay. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t into Manuel Martin at the party the other night. And the other three kids are straight.

Hannah teaches Crystal to drive (in the same car her twin learned in).

…where are my urns? We’re missing Chance, Fiyero and Yttrium.

And the photobooth photos are gone too!

OMG, the greeting cards!

That will teach me to try and clean up my save files. I’ve been having a lot of issues with these guys lagging badly, even though we’ve been in Starlight Shores less than one generation.

I keep getting these groups of people just standing around, like these guys at the criminal hideout. None of them are in the career. We may need to start a whole new family (pulling the saved family from the bin, as opposed to moving using the in-game feature). But I’ll try to save that at least until the next heir is ready to take over.

Anyway, we shall move on and I’ll try to fix the pictures when I close the game.

7-09-47-crystal-texting 7-09-48-social-networking
Crystal is learning social networking! I wanted to have someone learn each skill at least once through this challenge, and I’ve been using it in another game, this skill is great.

And the family is going on an outing to Rodeo Go-Go. Because I wanted somewhere inside and appropriate for teenagers (ie not a club).

Crystal rides the bucking bronco. I did not know teens could use this!

7-09-50-crystal-bronco2 7-09-50-crystal-bronco3 7-09-50-crystal-bronco4 7-09-50-crystal-bronco5 7-09-50-crystal-bronco6
She is awesome, as expected.

7-09-51-delusional 7-09-52-admission-wish
She then has a delusional episode, and heads off to the hospital to be cured. As per her wish. Easy LTH for Unstable sims.

Seymour plays foosball. He was playing with a townie, but she left right away.

7-09-54-pool1 7-09-54-pool2 7-09-54-pool3
The other four play pool. All afternoon, as demonstrated by the changing light in the room.

Then it was time for a family dinner at the diner. Which bumped them all up to friends – great way to keep the family on good terms with one another!

Monday, it’s Seymour’s turn for honor roll!

And Ronette demonstrates that we have the greeting cards back, yay!

Here’s a lesson kiddies: don’t mess around with the TravelDB file in your save games, it’s important! When I put the unmodified one from my backup into the folder, all the photos and greeting cards came back!

Crystal has a wish to be best friends with her mother, so they’re bonding over darts.

7-09-59-hannah-faces1 7-09-59-hannah-faces2 7-09-59-hannah-faces3
Hannah makes amazing faces. Don’t boo your daughter!

Helen and Rocky are having another baby!

As is Padme Terrey – I think this will be a sibling for Ms Blue, Doreatha Terrey.

Speaking of…apparently Seymour missed his chance.

It’s Snow Day! So the family is off to the festival, as per usual.

Aw, first greeting card without any grandparents for quite a while. And yes, Riff Raff did get a change of hair – his other one kept glitching, so I switched it out.

There’s a sim fest on today, so my simmies keep getting drawn to the stage.

Hannah and Riff Raff build a snowman.

Seymour skates.

The twins build an igloo

Ronette then gets her face painted.

Crystal went with her father to finish learning to drive, while Audrey is on a date (more on that in a second).

So a random townie joins the family snowball fight!

Back to Audrey on her date; we are fulfilling her wish to date Israel.

They seem capable of handling themselves nicely, so we’ll end things here.

We now need an heir poll, because Audrey is due to age up tonight!

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  1. Omg you finished Uni so much earlier than I. I’ve been late to reading Sims stuff because I’m not even done yet >.<
    I'm not sure which skin I prefer. I like both, makes them look different.
    So sad about the greeting cards 😦 I was so scared you wouldn't get them back. Smart you for keeping a backup.


    • I’m in Australia; we start in August and finish mid-Nov. Glad to be finally done with for this year!
      I eventually went back to Papercat skins, for this family at least. But next time I want freckled skins, I’m definitely going to try the others.

      Liked by 1 person

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