7.08 – Spooky Day

Yes, I made it to silver in SimNaWriMo! Now to take another month off to prepare for uni exams. And also because I’m finally caught up to in game! It’s only taken 3 months – the pics in this chapter were taken in August. And I haven’t reopened the Rourke save file since then. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up on me *crosses fingers*

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate (not me), and Happy Melbourne Cup day for my fellow Australians!

We open on Spooky Day! How fitting that I’m posting this today 😀

Because apparently all this family do is have parties, Riff Raff throws a Feast Party.

This kids this generation are all so social; they’re also all nerds, courtesy of Hannah’s video game obsession, thus Ronette and Seymour talk about comic books.

It’s raining, but the family are off to the festival anyway. I love the graphics in this game; their feet make splashes!

Also, EA outdid themselves with the Starlight Shores festival, the layout is so different each season! Most of the other towns have the photo booth always in the same spot, etc etc.

First greeting card in a long while without Velma 😦

Martiza Slayer-Bloom (Frank’s daughter) joins Hannah and Audrey for some apple bobbing.

While the others having an eating contest – except Crystal ran away before it started.

Awkward shot trying to get both contests in the same view.

7-08-10-ronette-won1 7-08-10-ronette-won2
Ronette won the pie eating contest.

While Hannah won the apple bobbing.

Apparently Crystal was so hungry she couldn’t wait for the contest to start, so instead ran to buy food. And the vendor is none other than her great-aunt Flynn!

I won’t spam the Riff Raff vs Bull again, but I was amused that Hannah stood there and watched him the entire time.
7-08-13-rr-vs-bull1 7-08-13-rr-vs-bull2
He bested this bull this time 🙂

7-08-14-seymour-haunted 7-08-15-ronette-mummy
Seymour and Ronette braved the haunted house, and got these moodlets. No scared kids in this family!

Velma was in 11 greeting cards, even more than Cosette! Probably because I only started when Cosette was a child, but still, she lasted longer than any other human sim I’ve had.

The family arrived back just in time to greet their party guests…who all clustered at the mailbox for some reason.

The first to escape the cluster is Trina Rourke, Kelly’s daughter.

Trina’s brother Jonathan is right behind her, he has an interesting jawline.

This cutie is Zachary Richmond.

And this gorgeous worried teen is Ericka May. I like her for Seymour.

And Mr Dark & Pouty is Tomas Olivia. His jaw is very square, but I bet he’ll grow into it.

There are a bunch of other kids here, but you’ve met most of them last chapter. Crystal gets a giant game of tag going.

While Hannah entertains the other guests with her epic drumming skillz. In her bathing suit, as you do.

Since a Feast Party means food, we do allow the guests to eat. They brought so much food! Handy, since Story was the family cook.

Tag is so great for making many friends at once.

Audrey only has eyes for one. This is Austin Olivia, and he’s gorgeous! My pick for Audrey’s spouse if she’s not heir.

We have trick-or-treaters! Frank’s girls Qiana and Maritiza both dressed up as bunnies.

My sims can never go trick-or-treating for some reason, they just don’t do it, even if I click on the houses and such.

Back to Austin and Audrey, they have compatible signs!

She doesn’t like that he’s a Couch Potato, though. I guess that must conflict with Disciplined.

And he Hates the Outdoors! Maybe not such a good match for Audrey.

Apparently realising that Audrey wasn’t having any of his sloppy indoors traits, Austin hightailed it out of the party as soon as he could. Audrey wasn’t phased, she went back inside to play with VR.
Riff Raff doesn’t even notice his daughter floating at head level – he’s cleaning up!

Apparently she’s on a futuristic (sci fi?) adventure.

Aw, someone smashed up the jack-o-lanterns! 😦

Life isn’t all festivals and parties (but apparently it’s all I take pictures of). The kids are skilling hard! Mr Genius Seymour will obviously max logic, while Ronette is well on her way to maxing painting. I think she’s up to L4 or 5 already (thank you toddler books).

LOL, bless you, Riff Raff!

These two chose the treehouse for woohoo.

I was trying to remember what day of the week it was, and this popup tells me it’s Sunday. Go Hannah, look at those royalties!

Since Austin is not compatible, Audrey spends the day texting and chatting with other male teens. None of them agree to come visit, though.

The rest of the family are skilling; Riff Raff has now turned his Artistic self to Sculpting, since he’s maxed all the skills he needs for his job and his social group.

Ronette paints some really cool paintings, love the strawberry one behind her!

Aw, Seymour blew himself up. Well, hop in the shower I placed right next to you, for that exact purpose!

Hannah’s latest book is a Best Seller! We’re experimenting with genres and not focusing on any specific one; in general the longer the book is the more money you earn. Still trying to work out the best genre for money-to-time ratio (yes, I could Google, but where’s the fun in that?).

She’s also now reached L9 in the writer career. Only another $30k to go -_-

Uh…I’m not sure that’s even
possible in a self-employed career. You going to fire yourself, Hannah?

She got stressed from the Vaudeville novel, so is now making friends with her daughter. Gossiping is very relaxing!
7-08-45-making-friends2 7-08-45-making-friends3

Seymour is enjoying his last day as a child, playing out back.

Audrey takes care of the garden. The only bad thing about these indoor planters is we can’t use sprinklers – unless we want endless puddles of water everywhere, that is.

Riff Raff shows us that gnomes are art. He can ‘scan art’ for his job on the gnomes.

One more glimpse of the adorable face.

7-08-49-seymour-bday2 7-08-49-seymour-bday3
Bam, sullen teenager. Who is now Never Nude. Wow, really rebelling against the Rebellious trait, aren’t you Seymour?

I like his face. It may be the same sliders as his father, but no freckles! I would like to get rid of those in the main line one of these days…

He’s going to the Science Academy, because Genius says so. (thank you nraas careers for helping reduce the school congestion! He will now go to the Science rabbithole rather than the school one)

… … there’s a lot of dirty comments I could put here, but I’ll just let you come up with your own.

Hai Story! Her first ghost sighting and she’s ignoring everyone to play games.

Riff Raff asks Seymour his gender preference.

Straight! So we can go after one of the cute girls from earlier.

And he’s right onto learning to drive. No time to waste!

Audrey…I’m not sure if she finished learning to drive, but she’s taking the Kenspa out.

She’s going on a date! This is Israel Lee. His face looks very grown up already. I like him!

So does Audrey, they’re both Ambitious!

Meanwhile, the girls are finishing up their respective afterschool activities. Crystal was in scouts.

Crystal’s cute brown outerwear.

And Ronette’s. They’re so different in personality, even though they’re identical in looks. Since it’s snowing, we didn’t get to see Ronette’s ballet outfit.

One last promotion for this chapter; this is L8.


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  1. You have so many family photos! 😀 That whole wall looks amazing!

    I really like Israel Lee’s face. It’s very interesting!

    Audrey and Seymour are my favorites so far. It’ll probably be a girl for the next family head, but Seymour and his anti-Rebelliousness is adorable. 🙂

    And congrats on nabbing the silver pen thingy! 😀


    • I freaking love the family photos. Kind of wish there were different backgrounds for different towns, so they didn’t look all so samey, but it’s such a great way to view the changes in the family.
      Yes, I would prefer the next heir to be a girl, we’ve come 7 gens alternating. Seymour does hold a special place in my heart though, like Magenta last generation.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Grats on the silver update!
    I wish I had started a family picture wall, but then again I lost my game once and it’s an alphabetcy so it would take the whole house XD I love yours though, it’s awesome.


  3. Ah! I’m all caught up! What?!

    Anyway. I have no idea what to say since I just binge read the entire thing! I love your naming theme. And Audrey is adorable! Actually all 4 kids are adorable.


    • Yay, great to have another reader! I hope to have another chapter for them shortly, RL has been super busy lately.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t worry! RL has been nuts for me too. I haven’t had time with the Zanes much. US Thanksgiving was a couple of days ago and it’s getting to be a busy time of the year with the holidays. Besides, don’t force it. 🙂 I’ll be looking out of more. I believe I subscribed, but if I didn’t, I will now.


  4. The kids are all so cute.
    I think that Sports works out as the best book. It’s short, but gives you a triple simoleon.


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