7.10 – Best Friends Forever


The results are in, and Crystal will be our gen 8 heir! Since she is gay, we will have another female spouse – there hasn’t been a male spouse since Flamingo in gen 4!
It also means Riff Raff gets one more chapter; the twins won’t age up for another 7 days.

Audrey was on a date with her boyfriend, Israel, but it is interrupted for her YA birthday.

She rolled Shy, and her LTW is Martial Arts Master. And she looks almost exactly the same as she did when she was a teen.

7-10-03-camille-israel1 7-10-03-camille-israel2
And the second she ages up (and therefore the boyfriend/girlfriend status is broken), another teen snaps up Israel. Camille is one of Helen & Rocky’s children.

Crystal has the right thing on the brain. She will be having lots of babies, if her family-oriented trait has any say.

Audrey hasn’t yet topped a skill, so she will stay in the house until she does so. She has 8 points in gardening, so it shouldn’t take too long.

But it’s winter, and the garden is only so big, so in the meantime, Audrey takes up martial arts. Her Disciplined trait makes this level up so quickly!

Hai Velma!

Everyone skilling through the long winter nights. This is one of the things I don’t like about this house; most of the skilling things are outside, so winter and summer can be hazardous.

This is Ronette’s attempt to paint a still life of her father sculpting. Fail.

Look Ma, no still bar!

Seymour maxed logic! The skilling traits make things go
so much faster.

And Crystal is also skilling, just inside. Social Networking is a great skill for making friends, but it does take a long time to get to the top.

Hannah provides some tunes for the teens’ homework party.

Rocky and Helen had another child! Vampire breeders…

Riff Riff and Hannah are always rolling up woohoo wishes; every single day one or other has the wish. I usually let them fulfill it at bedtime.

Ghosts are out tonight; Brillo plays air guitar.

While Bruce is on the waterslide.

7-10-17-crystal-wishes 7-10-18-seymour-wishes
Both Crystal and Seymour wish to be BFFs with one another, so we’ll make that happen.

After Crystal sets off the shower trap Ronette set.

And takes some deep breaths.


Aaaand, we’re interrupted for graduation.

7-10-23-ronette-formal 7-10-24-crystal-formal
Showing off the twins’ formal outfits. I particularly like Ronette’s.

Riff Raff chose to walk up the hill instead of the stairs…then complained he couldn’t get through the hedge. Stupid simmies.

There were 16 sims to graduate today. Witness the clusterfuck that is EA routing. As always, graduation is triggered at about 10am…we take photos through the day.

7-10-26-graduation2 7-10-26-graduation3 7-10-26-graduation4 7-10-26-graduation5
(I believe one of the sims outside peed herself, thus all the thought bubbles)

Diploma toss! Note the zombies in the crowd – it’s a full moon, but they can’t do zombie things until they go through the graduation routine first.

Audrey finally graduated around 9pm, but Hannah and Riff Raff hadn’t yet been inside. So Audrey took her siblings out to dinner.

7-10-29-rr-masterpiece 7-10-29-rr-maxed-sculpting
Riff Raff went home and sculpted a Masterpiece Ice end table. As you do. That table also maxed out his Sculpting skill.

The next day is prom! Crystal missed the limo, but she did make it eventually.

Prom Highlights:

  • Ronnette:
    • Got prom queen – she never cried so much in her teen life!
    • Couldn’t stop checking out all the amazing outfits
    • Was avoided by her crush
    • Was denied for a dance
  • Crystal:
    • Has a memorable prom picture
    • Tore up the dance floor
    • Wanted to set a booby trap, but there were chaperones everywhere!
  • Seymour:
    • Won prom king due to rigged votes
    • Also wanted to set a booby trap, but was foiled by chaperones
    • Had a mishap on the dancefloor and fell on his face

While her babies were at prom, Hannah was finishing up a masterpiece of her own. EA named it, not me.

Audrey shows off her Shy idles. So cute!

After the interruption the other day, it is now time to get Seymour and Crystal to BFF status.

7-10-33-seymour-crystal2 7-10-33-seymour-crystal3
It didn’t take much, some gossip and chatting, then the option is there.

A pillow fight to finish off the socialising.

In the middle of the befriending, I got this popup.

But when I look at Crystal, she doesn’t have a LTW… what the?

I’m guessing this might be a glitch with nraas Dreamer, which allows the completion of wishes without them being locked. If Crystal rolled up a LTW like Swimming in Cash or something else that would be auto-completed, maybe it has completed automatically despite it being unlocked? I guess we’ll see when she ages up.

Ronette keeps painting some very cool things I haven’t seen before. We’re keeping that candy jar one!

7-10-37-audrey-maxed-gardening1 7-10-37-audrey-maxed-gardening2
Audrey finally maxed her gardening skill! It’s Seymour’s birthday tonight, so the two of them will move out together.

Meanwhile, Crystal has been asked out on a date.

By a YA…

They share a Family Oriented trait, but didn’t really get along otherwise. There were quite a few people at the pond, however, check out the family on a picnic across the pond.

Tasks done, Seymour and Audrey play sim gnubb. Audrey is good, Seymour not so much.

She’s the only one there when he celebrates his birthday.

He rolled Technophobe, and his LTW is Chess Legend. And I failed to get a CAS pic of him, but he looks pretty much the same as when he was a teen.

7-10-44-photos 7-10-45-woohoo
Hannah and RIff Raff are still around, woohooing everywhere, and being disgustingly romantic all the time.

I really like the photobooth, so cute!

7-10-47-audrey-job 7-10-48-seymour-job
Audrey and Seymour got jobs, pretty fitting to their personalities, I think.

Riff Raff has finally topped the Art Appraiser career! It’s not that difficult, as long as you have the appropriate social group status, just takes a while, because there are no skilling metrics.

Ronette also made the honor roll. She’s the epitome of the girl with everything, popular and smart and rich.

Crystal, on the other hand, is far more focused on her blog and making friends than school work. She’s finally made it to L7, so can use the Relationship Transmogrifier!

For those who haven’t used it before, this allows Crystal to change the relationship of any sim she knows – either their relationship to herself, or to someone else. At L7, she only has the basic options (Friend, Stranger, Acquaintance), but as she gains more SN levels, she’ll get other options. So much easier than grinding Charisma!

She makes such great faces!

7-10-54-hannah-maxed-guitar1 7-10-54-hannah-maxed-guitar2
This has been a very productive chapter for the family, Hannah has now maxed her guitar skill!

To earn further love, she then went upstairs and painted this brilliant devil painting. Another keeper!

Last day of school for these two! They’re looking so very serious.

After school, we have to fulfil one last teen wish; BFFs!

7-10-56-twins-bff2 7-10-56-twins-bff3 7-10-56-twins-bff4 7-10-56-twins-bff5
Wish fulfilled! Next chapter it’s the birthday party!

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  1. I really do like Ronnette’s formal outfit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow I didn’t know you could do that with the social networking skill. Although I haven’t had any sims do much with that skill. Sounds like something I need to check out.
    I like Ronette’s formal outfit, so pretty. ❤


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