8.01 – Heir Monarch


I was about to post chapter 8.02, and realised 8.01 isn’t yet posted, oops! Previously, Audrey and Seymour aged up to YA, while Hannah and Riff Raff were adorable together.

It’s party time! Mostly family (Riff Raff’s siblings, their spouses and children), plus a select few legacy sims. As Lev Langurd’s mismatched socks demonstrate for us.

Seymour and Audrey are here too! Audrey with invisible food, apparently.

Birthday time!

Seymour, Audrey and Hannah are the only one celebrating; Riff Raff is on his way down four flights of stairs from the roof (simmies don’t seem to use the elevator unless there is no other option).

Lev dances instead, while everyone else stands around.

8-01-05-crystal-bday1 8-01-05-crystal-bday2
Crystal sparkles first. She was given Rebellious as per the rules.

So pretty! I chose some heavier makeup, and multiple earrings, since she strikes me as the type. She’s less of a girly girl than her twin, but still likes nice clothes, tailored shorts and fitted tops.

I’ve gone with white as an accent colour for her outfits; when she picks a spouse, we might change that to the spouse’s fave colour.

As expected, her LTW came up as fulfilled.

Changing it in CAS didn’t help, but changing with MC did. I was going to go with an ITF one, but with all the other things she has to do in her lifetime, it wouldn’t really work. So now she wants to be Surrounded by Family. One of the easiest LTWs ever, so we’ll make her work hard for other things to make up for it.

8-01-08-ronette-bday1 8-01-08-ronette-bday2
Crystal has her cake and is at the table before Ronette even sparkles. She was given Rebellious as well, and her LTW is Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.

Same face as Crystal, but the different hair and makeup make all the difference. She’s very much a girly girl, all dresses and elegance.

Some of the cousins come to cheer for Ronette; Crystal is already halfway done with her cake.

After cake, Crystal and Ronette begin an epic video game tournament. Helen Mist (Rocky’s girlfriend) and a random party crasher are the first contestants.

Seymour decided to sleep on the floor instead of going home. As you do.

Killer party, yay!

Ronette only has 6 or 7 painting points, so she’s still here for a while. And I’d like the girls to graduate before we move, so we will have a few more days in Starlight Shores.

8-01-14-crystal-bball1 8-01-14-crystal-bball2
Crystal spends her time playing basketball.

She’s not very good.

Aw, wedding anniversary (should be way longer than 1 year, though, lol). Well that gives me something to do today. It’s Thursday, so one more day then the twins will graduate (SP only has them on Fri/Sat/Sun).

They go to the venue where a simfest is happening…though I can’t see any performers.

Hannah and random townie still see something to cheer about, though.

Gaze into eyes. I love this animation!

They then went to a foreign movie.

Both loved it, and received the exact same moodlet.

8-01-21-ronette-paints 8-01-22-crystal-writes
Back home, the girls are both skilling. Crystal alternates between writing until she’s stressed, then playing video games.

After the movie, Hannah and Riff Raff go to a club. And find Magenta, hai!

Some karaoke.

They’re booed by some red-headed townies (not family, I checked).

And then it’s Riff Raff’s birthday!

Aw, he’s a cute elder.

He retires straight away, and gets a crowd cheering for him.

After the disaster of last chapter, the family go to graduation before the game forces it. No crowd, yay!

Audrey and Seymour show up too, how nice.

Most Likely to Burn Down Own House? Really, game? That’s not like Ronette at all.

This one, however, is totally Crystal.

And with that we head to a new save file! I’m going to try something new and save them to the bin rather the use the in-game move feature. We’re also not taking any graves or family except Audrey & Seymour. I’m hoping this might help the lag and allow us to live for a while in the new town.

First, though, we’re going to Egypt! I’ve been wanting to travel again, and Adventurous Hannah keeps rolling up travel wishes, so I figured I could indulge her.

It turns out that, even though I started a whole new world and there are no WA town files in the save, the game still recognises that someone in the family has previously visited and completed quests. So we needed this mod from MTS to unlock the “once per family” restriction for the opportunities.

Hannah and Crystal both got new outfits for adventuring; heels and flip flops wouldn’t do!

So it turns out that even with the mod and a new world, the tombs requiring special keys still wouldn’t unlock, even when we had the required keys. As per above photo. But there were still enough quests for both girls to reach Visa level 3 inside 9 days (thank you, Prepared Traveller reward).

I won’t bore you with commentary, but have some travel spam:
8-01-34-adventuring1 8-01-34-adventuring2 8-01-34-adventuring3 8-01-34-adventuring4 8-01-34-adventuring5 8-01-34-adventuring6 8-01-34-adventuring7

8-01-35-crystal-visa-3 8-01-36-hannah-visa-3
Visa Level 3!

Crystal did eventually get cursed by a mummy, as I was aiming for. Want to get a ghost into the family!

She’s ecstatic about it.

We’ll see if anyone gets an Oh My Ghost opportunity in the next 13 days, otherwise I might cure her. I think the genie brings her back as a human, not ghost.


The new town is Monarch Bay, by mysimrealty. It’s my first time trying out a custom world for a legacy, so we’ll see how things go. The town is unpopulated, so I tossed in a bunch of legacy sims:

  • Firefly and Beignet Tart
  • Drover, Susie, Meg, Mew and Umbreon Terrey
  • Lorelei, Owen & Ollie Zane
  • Bubbles, Michael, Mia, May, Dawn & Lyra Gordon
  • Alyssa, Cai, Freya, Grace, Hayl, Indie and Jace Holly
  • Tomahawk, Crash & Gumby Langurd (plus a couple of the “Birthday Bastards”, kids born of simselves during the Langurd anniversary special)
  • Starfruit & Georgia Peach Sorbet
  • The Purple & Blue generations of the Chimerees

I will probably regret making everyone (barring the blue Chimerees) YAs, but *shrug*. SP should fill in the world for me. All people from the same family are siblings, regardless of their actual relationship in their own legacy (again, except for the blue Chimerees, who are the children of their respective parents).

This is the new house! I did not build it, it’s by Peacemaker and can be found at
MTS. I did adjust the layout a tiny bit, creating a fifth bedroom for our outgoing heir couple, and swapping the locations of the nursery and girl bedroom. Some more work is needed in the yard (since I put the house on a 50 x 50 lot instead of 40 x 40 it was built on), but that will come later, when there are children in the picture.

Here is the new downstairs layout. Common rooms are brown and aqua, Hannah’s black is only in her bedroom, since it doesn’t blend too nicely with spice brown. No Rourke home is complete without a dancefloor, thus the second lounge area behind the dining room was swapped out.

Upstairs, we have two bathrooms, Crystal’s main bedroom and two kids rooms; these are plenty large enough to house multiple children as required.

And the best thing about the new house; we kept all the greeting cards! And photos and everything. Did require some messing around in S3PE, but I’m so happy it worked.

Ronette goes straight upstairs to paint; she’s basically going to be chained to the easels until she maxes out the skill and can move out to live her own life.

Crystal has enough pieces to build a sarcophagus!

And she has also completed the canopic jar collection, so was able to summon a mummy!

LOL, her face! Very much a “wtf have I done?” look.

Our Mummy’s stats; he is younger than Riff Raff and older than everyone else. And his LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body for some random reason; the traits don’t really point to that, but hey. We’re not really going to fulfill it, Vivektaa will only be staying with us until Ronette moves out.

Crystal goes out to meet the town, while the others start skilling.

Hannah plays drums.

Riff Raff gets to upgrading all the new appliances (we only brought a few from the last town).

Crystal’s first stop is to get a job in Journalism; she will be lifting the restriction for this generation.

She finds the first of the spouse potentials right next door! Apologies for the crappy background, the camera would
not cooperate.

Matching traits!

This is Dahlia Holly, from the Holly ISBI (link above; Dahlia is Cai’s sister). She’s super cute.

And she has a compatible star sign, yay!

They get friendly enough for hugs.

Then it’s time for a trip to the restaurant, since they’re both hungry. In the background we have Blatch Winterwolf (left) and Owen Zane.

They even eat at the same table, bonus points!

Dahlia ran off right after dinner (maybe should have grouped up), so Crystal went over to the house I put the other potentials in. The houses in this town are so cute! And there are a bunch of entry-level ones, which makes it easy to put in new families.

This is Raspberry Rose Tart, of the recently-completed Tart ISBI (link above; Raspberry is Firefly’s niece).

Crystal was only able to chat for a little while, before it got too late. She has work in the morning!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Owen! Sorry, but this is the first time one of my sims has made an appearance anywhere else!

    And I can’t wait to see who Crystal ends up with! Both girls grew up beautifully, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, I love seeing my sims in other games. Also, thanks for that mod link! I’m not sure about how to work around the special keys though.

    Crystal is so cute. Are you going for a mummy ghost with her?


    • I’m still trying to figure out the special keys, also. If all you’re doing is gaining Visa levels, then it doesn’t really matter, though you are stuck with doing mainly collection and talking quests.

      Yes, that is the plan, for a mummy ghost, just because I’ve never had one. But if no-one gets the opportunity, I might have to cure her and pick another ghost. Can’t be without our heir!


  3. I”m curious, did the mummy curse transfer when you jumped save files? Or did you go traveling after switching saves?

    Crystal is gorgeous, as is that Holly girl! ❤ Can't wait to see the other spouse potentials. And Surrounded by Family! With a career?! Eek! Good luck! I can do careers and I can do houseful of kids, but not at the same time. :/


    • I travelled after switching saves; which is why it was very strange that the quests didn’t reset, in theory they should have when the new save file was created.

      Oh yeah, Crystal is taking on a lot in her generation. Both she and her spouse will be working mothers, and depending on how long it takes them to have kids, the grandparents may not be around. But it’s definitely going to be easier than in my ISBI, since I can control everyone. Kids can help with toddlers as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooo I like Crystal’s makeover!
    The two spouse potentials so far are both nice, it would be hard to choose.


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