8.05 – Toddlers Ahoy!

Previously, Crystal and Rose got married on the beach at sunset, and Raspberry Rose gave birth to the first child of gen 9, Max! Just a she popped with a second pregnancy, Riff Raff died.

I threw in some more venues around town, including the serenity spa from Sunlit Tides. Crystal and Rose immediately go to visit.

Crying on Rose’s shoulder. Comforting didn’t work so well, but crying is allowed.

More massages for the pregnant Rose.

Indie is a little pyro!

It’s Max’s birthday!

He’s staying orange-skinned, apparently.

And he’s adorable! Hannah’s hair colour, Riff Raff’s eyes and Rose’s pointy ears!

Rose takes up playing chess with her mother-in-law.

While Crystal snuggles her baby boy.

He’s not interested in learning any skills, though.

That night, Rose is awakened by hunger pains. Or, by the look of Crystal’s expression, maybe it’s labour.

A basket!

The second they got home, Rose was called into a vaccination clinic, so we’ll be introduced to the babies later.

This tiny little cottage in the park got absolutely full of people.

So many that Rose couldn’t reach most of them in order to vaccinate them.

Manic was too impatient, but Rose did get around to Lilac.

Seymour showed up late, so he got his needle very quickly.

A bunch of others around town are also having babies!

Lorelei also had her baby, yet another boy. So many boys being born!

Maxie is so cute!

Crystal is still rolling up baby wishes. And those with keen eyes will see Crystal’s moodlet panel.

We have triplets! Two girls and a boy, Louisa, Gretel and Kurt.
Yes, this generation’s naming musical is Sound of Music!

Rose finally gets a chance to bond with her firstborn, teaching him to talk. She’s been working almost non-stop since he was born, between normal work hours and extra shifts.

Meanwhile, Crystal maxes her writing skill.

The next day is Spooky Day! While waiting for the family to arrive at the festival, I spotted this little cutie. He is Andres Lynn, Jace Holly’s daughter with Twi’lek.

So after painstakingly bringing all the kids to the festival, I get this message when I try to take them all into the photo. Dammit! Once they’re inside the simmies could hold two babies at a time, but apparently the toddler can’t crawl inside the booth himself.

Thus one of the girls (not sure which one, seeing as they’re both pink burritos) is missing from the greeting card.

Oh noes, Indie isn’t feeling well!

Raspberry Rose is on the case! (this is the first time she’s been called on to do this)

Apparently everything can be solved with a needle.

Meanwhile, Crystal and Hannah bob for apples.

Then Rose gets her face painted.

Bubbles and Libra have hooked up!

Owen and Meg are getting married!

While Manic gives birth to yet another boy.

There’s always one fussy baby. But they’re still cuties! Two of the triplets like blue, the other yellow.

Level 9, just one more promotion to fulfil this generation’s requirements!

Some celebratory woohoo in the sauna.

Triplets’ birthday already!

Yeah, I turned Kurt blue, was annoyed that we had 4 babies and none blue.

Kurt has Crystal’s hair colour and Rose’s purple eyes. He is Insane and Rebellious, and likes Blue, Chinese music and Ratatouille.

Ooh, pink hair!

This is Gretel, she is Athletic and Can’t Stand Art. She likes yellow, kids music and omelette. She has Rose’s sister Firefly’s hair colour, plus Rose’s purple eyes and pointed hair.

Rose’s hair colour!

And finally, Louisa. She’s Good and Loves the Cold, and has Crystal’s freckled skin and eye colour, with Rose’s hair colour. Like Kurt, she likes blue and Chinese music, with spaghetti as her favourite food.

We are now overrun with toddlers!

Hannah probably has the right idea.

Crystal wants to train all her kids and still have more. She has both a ‘have baby’ and ‘have baby with Rose’ wish on her panel. Ah, family oriented sims.

At least they’re adorable.

Hannah is a godsend with the toddlers; she sleeps in the rocking chair (of her own free will) and always tends to the kids asap.

Helpful, because their parents are very focused on their careers. Rose is now up to L7.

We’re keeping the swings for now, I like the layout of the bedrooms too much to ruin them, and besides I like all the kids on the ground floor.

Audrey and May had their babies!

And a second later, May is knocked up again.

Twi’lek is also going again.

Toddler training begins in earnest.

Louisa’s adorable sleepwear – it says “daddy’s little monster”, in case you can’t read it.

Riff Raff is back!

Hannah is quickly back in his arms.

Naw, I love it when they keep the romance alive after death.

As she wishes, Rose lets Max ride on the spring rider.

Too cute!

Crystal is vomiting out of her whole face. Since she’s much closer to the top of her career, she’s going to be pregnant this time around.

A couple of engagements; let’s hope they stick this time! Both Mew and Indie have already been engaged once.

Max and Louisa both know how to talk, so they can communicate and build a relationship.

Crystal keeps rolling skilling wishes, so she’s snorkelling in the pool again.

Only to hop out and pop with nooboo no 5!

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  1. D’aaww, the 4 kids are all so cute. I might overload. ❤
    Omg, I didn't even know Blake and Bane were dumped in your town. 😀 I'm glad to see Blake stays in character and keeps to the same girl instead of running around.
    Makes me think, Frank still didn't do anything in mine.
    LOL at Crystal vomitting from her whole face.


  2. Omg. They are all so adorable! I can’t wait to see what the next one(s) look like!


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