8.06 – Age Old

Previously, Raspberry Rose gave birth to triplets, and the house was subsequently overrun with toddlers.

This blog was named Best Sims 3 Challenge in the Boolprop Golden Plumbob awards! I’m so grateful to everyone who voted, never thought it would be so popular, thanks everyone!

We begin with Max’s birthday!

He rolled Loves to Swim, like Crystal.

Cutie! Pretty sure he does not have the huge Rourke eyes, those look like Rose’s. But I love him anyway.

His first autonomous action? Play in the rotting leaves.

He then builds a snowman with his grandmother…who should really get inside and warm up, by the look of that blue skin.

Mia and Indie got married! Now make pretty babies, you two!

Kurt, you’re doing your blocks wrong. LOL at the expression on his face!

Rose has a favourite; she’s always rolling up wishes to tickle/snuggle Louisa, none of the others.

Max is learning his cooking skills, since his mother wished for an oven.

Floating painting is now outside; I finally shoved it in Max’s inventory. When he gets older I’ll try to sell it at the consignment store, thanks to a reader’s tip.

The triplets have all their essential skills done, now it’s TSAL time! I’m missing a book, must rebuy that pink one.

Rose is trying to max out her logic while she waits for Louisa to read.

Claw attack!

Too cute.

Max found the video games. Probably the last we’ll see of him for a while.

Look who’s at the library! This is Curtis Hollis, son of Ollie Zane and Lyra Hollis (Gordon). He’s so cute!

Crystal brought Kurt to the library for his TSAL; he might need a nap on the floor first, by the look of that speech bubble.

Bane and Starfruit are engaged!

And Alyssa finally tied Mew down. Hopefully this means he’ll stop gathering RIs.

Some friendly competition between wives.

Interrupted by birthday!

Haha, those evil pigtails!

Meanwhile, back home, Hannah is painting more gorgeous paintings.

And multitasking by listening to tabcasts. Another maxed skill!

While Max and Gretel socialise on the blocks.

Lorelei and Shane are pregnant again.

While May and Blake has (yet another) baby boy. I don’t think SP is randomising the baby genders…

Everyone is back home, and all four kids are at the blocks. I love it when they socialise with one another.

Just in time, because Crystal is in labour!

Another boy! Unlike the town, I wanted boys; we now have 3 kids to choose from for the gen 9 heir. His name is Friedrich, he’s a Perceptive boy who Loves the Outdoors, and likes Lime, pop music and vegetarian lobster thermidor (wut?).

I hope Twi’lek took her own toddler home from the library before she went into labour. Another boy.

Aw, Hannah 😦 I’d just sent her out to the pub for some time to herself. Libra is the only person present that she knows.

Love those striped socks, though!

Max is old enough to mourn this time; he channels his grief into playing pretend.

Another day, another vaccination clinic. This time at the graveyard. I’m not sure who that is making faces, possibly Blatch Winterwolf?

OMG, the first child born in town is already a teenager! Magdalena is the daughter of Mew Terrey and Dawn Gordon. Denim and his sister Cornflower were placed into town as toddlers.

Speaking of growing up, it’s time for the triplets to move upstairs to the big kid rooms. Louisa first.

She rolled Star Quality.

So she gets a girly makeover with dresses and stars.

Gretel rolled Socially Awkward.

She’s already Athletic, so she gets a tomboy makeover.

Kurt rolled Supernatural Fan.

So he will probably wish to become a supernatural at some point.
I think I’m going to use some of those elixirs Brillo made, and turn the boys supernatural. We’ve not had a supernatural heir in this legacy yet, running out of time!

On a quest to find new places for Rose to read her medical journals; by the firepit is a good option in winter.

Crystal topped her career! Damn, that went
so quickly. I think it helps that we own all the businesses, so her ‘boss’ is always a family member, and she has a really good relationship with them.

And the reward for completing this generation’s goals… a fire alarm. Great. Well, we are almost at the end, not much left to unlock. Gen 9 will unlock burglar alarms and remove the requirement for every child to be Rebellious (once they top the Law Enforecement career).

And how does our heir celebrate her achievement? Making a snow angel, in her shorts and halter top, of course.

Yes, Louisa may go to Curtis’ house after school! He would be a great spouse option for her.

However, no-one was home when she got there, so instead she built an igloo outside.

Right next door live the Zanes! Lorelei looks ready to pop with baby no 2.

And baby no 1 looks to be a mommy clone. Still cute!

Gretel went to the bistro after school, and found a friend in a bald Isaiah Chimeree.

From the way Dionysus is watching over them, I’m guessing Isaiah is his son.

Max is back into the costume chest; astronaut this time.

Last birthday for the chapter, let’s see what Friedrich looks like!

Purple hair!

He’s pretty adorable; Hannah’s skintone, Crystal’s brown eyes and Rose’s purple hair.

For once, Rose is home in time to spend some time with the kids before bed. She has dinner with her girls.

While the boys play tag outside in the snow.

Rose even has time to start teaching Friedrich to walk.

OMG finally, a baby girl is born! I think she’s the only the third after Magdalena and cousin Lorraine.

Blake and May are engaged…and everyone is starting to age up. Thus they lose their hair *sigh* I do have nraas Dresser configured to
not reroll hair on Adult age up, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Another promotion for Rose, this is level 9.

Crystal is far too excited for her own birthday.

LOL! Nice outfit 😛 (that’s her career one, btw)

*sigh* I hate these things. Rose didn’t get one, thank goodness.

Everyone playing outside in the snow! I believe Gretel and Max are playing cat
ch, while the other three (including Crystal) play tag.

Bane and Cornflower are engaged! I’ll have to give her back her pigtails, she’s not Corny without them.

Aw, Jace and Twi’lek broke up. They have two children together, but never went further than boyfriend/girlfriend.

Finally, some adorable Friedrich spam.

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  1. Not gonna lie, Friedrich might be my early favorite. The pointy ears, the lavender hair and those big brown eyes…so much adorable wrapped up in one toddler. We’ll see how his personality shapes up.

    It’s a pity to see Hannah go, but it looks like she went happily; probably gets to see Riff Raff now. ❤

    Any more kids planned? They've already got 5, but accidents can still happen. 😉


    • I agree, Friedrich is one of my favourites. Max is also great fun, and they both grow up gorgeous!
      Haha, I was thinking about some ‘accidental’ babies, but probably left it a bit late… then again, there are ways around it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I will kidnapp all of those kids. I love them all so much.
    Bahahaha at Blake’s new haircut XD


  3. Freidrich is great. love the hair. Makes me think of the Sound of Music. *realises you actually said that last time, that will teach me to watch catch up tv whilst reading* Can’t believe you didn’t pick Maria of Georg.

    Liked by 1 person

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