8.09 – Water Everywhere

Previously, the three boys were turned into supernaturals, we celebrated Love Day, and Friedrich aged up to teen.
I apologise for the two-month wait; RL has been super busy lately. But good news, I’m now done with university! Final exam a week ago, and now I’m free!

Friedrich was the winner of the heir vote, so Crystal will have a few more weeks as heir, before Fried ages up to YA. His spouse will be Freya Holly; of Berries of Insanity, written by the lovely Chazy.

This is Fried’s teen bedroom; he’ll be playing with the bot building skill, since he has the trait for it. He’ll move into the second heir bedroom (Riff Raff and Hannah’s old room) in a little while, since at the time I played this the poll was still running.

And here’s our cutie trying out his new toy.

LOL, I love the opportunities in the Medical career.

Crystal found the time machine.

I added the Love Day greeting card to the wall; it’s getting so big you can hardly see the individual pictures.

Max plays in the sprinkler.

While Kurt takes a bubble bath.

WTF is a flamingo doing in the ocean??

Aw, Ronette and Crash are getting married.

Max got Spring Fling King! But May Gordon got Queen, not one of our girls.

Louisa got honor roll.

This world is so pretty, I love watching Crystal snorkelling.

Speaking of pretty…

I installed the Money module of Story Progression; now all the deadbeat dads need to pay child support.

And Seymour is adding another child to support. Maybe that’s why he refuses to show his face.

I missed the shot, but Crystal is now so proficient in diving she does somersaults.

She’s also drowning.

Don’t worry, it was intentional. Though I am surprised that Crystal shook hands with Death.

Rose has the Oh My Ghost! opportunity, so we’re earning some more points.

+3 for adding a ghost to the family. And yeah, I changed the ghost type/colour to the Watery Grave, Box of Danger one. The darker blue is more fun.

Welcome back Time Machine woohoo!

The next day, we have a family outing! Rose and Louisa were decapitated by the car, but they survived.

We’re at the pool!

Everyone fights over the diving board. Love Rose’s pout.

Swimming spam:

Holy crap, look how high Gretel goes with her diving!

Kurt quickly got tired of swimming, and chose to meditate in the cabana instead.

Rose starts teaching Friedrich to drive.

Gretel went on a date with her RI from prom (Jeremie Zane).

All she did was greet him, and this was the response.

Damn that Socially Awkward trait.

Brian Langurd is testing out his new YA boundaries. Dating older women – there are so few girls his own age.

Rose maxed out charisma, finally. I love that skill, it’s so handy in so many fields.

Uhoh, we know what that means.  Someone slipped in a risky woohoo.

She is still working on her scuba diving skill – it levels up so slowly! But it is fun to watch her disappear in the water, now that she’s a ghost.

Oops, someone was working out in the sun for too long.

Luckily she’s a little pyro, thanks to the Daredevil trait.

The pool is the closest body of water.

But of course, being Gretel, she needs to do a perfect dive, can’t just jump in.

It’s Max’s birthday! So we’re having a party, because why not.

Tim Rourke-Gordon (son of Audrey and Michael Gordon) and Ronald Holly (son of Swagman Nike and…someone Holly) are the first to arrive. Yes, it’s a swimwear party, because it’s summertime.

Seymour is way excited to be here.

Birthday time!


Dayum. So hawt. His final trait is Adventurous, and his LTW is Seasoned Traveller. (If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m trying to ensure every member of the family has a different LTW. Just because.)

Other than the pointy ears, and eye shape, Max is a clone of Crystal. Just looks a lot different because no freckled skin.

Just because I love the faces Ms Grumpy pulls.

Seymour and Samali had a baby girl!

Ronald really doesn’t like Jerri Zane, that’s the second time they have disagreed. Meanwhile, Jeremie Zane apparently has the insane trait. That will be fun for Gretel when they get married.

As with all Rourke parties, after food we have dancing!

Seymour doesn’t dance. Mr Genius has been playing chess all evening.

Baby! Obviously, this little one won’t be heir. And Friedrich will probably be raising it, at least partially – Rose is about to age up to elder, and Crystal isn’t far behind her.

Since he’s nowhere near maxing his Logic skill, Max will stay with us for a while. I’m hoping he and the triplets can max out their skills in the next 3-4 days, in time for the triplets to age up, then everyone to graduate before all four move out.

Gretel and Crystal play soccer together, since both need to work on their athletic skills.

Haha, bot fairy! Oh, we are going to have so much fun with him. Prior to the poll, Max was my favourite, but now I am really loving Friedrich. So many possibilities with this boy.

Bane and Twi’lek are still in love

Mia and Indie, less so.

Rose is at a free clinic…held at the cemetery. As you do. Meg Terrey and Firefly Tart are in attendance.

Firefly is not impressed with her sister’s diagnosis.

It is a very beautiful place though, good place to read medical journals.

Crystal is asking her boss, Mania Sama, for a promotion. I’m pretty sure Manic is pregnant, too. Gotta love Sims, equal opportunity.


Told you Rose had a birthday coming up.


That night, it’s baby time!

They autonomously decided to go to the hospital.

Oops, sorry Max! Kept him working too long.

And we’ll finish on the cliffhanger; is it a boy or girl? Which Sound of Music character comes next?

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  1. I hate the Money module of SP. They charge child support to everyone because my sims can stay in their pants and have kids with everyone around town, then they’d get broke because of it, need a loan, get kicked out of their houses. So I lowered child support to 5$ x)
    I was so shocked Crystal drowned, until I read it was intentional. Haha.
    Also, yay for Friedrich, I don’t even remember if I voted for him but happy either way!
    Can’t wait to see the baby!


    • Haha, that’s actually a part of why I’m trialling it – to force the deadbeats to commit and stop having babies out of wedlock. No-one has gone broken or been kicked out of home just yet, though some have needed loans to pay taxes.
      You guys haven’t seen my attempts to kill off a sim – has been going on since Seaweed. I’ve been trying to do one of the harder ones, like freezing to death. But I figured it would absolutely fit with Crystal if she drowned…she just refused to drown in the ocean, so had to come home to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bot fairy! 8D Ermahgerd! Best. Heir. EVER! 😀

    Dang, Max is such a cutey! And without the freckle skin, he looks so different to Crystal! Different skins definitely help with face clones.

    Having kids so late in life, what’s up Crystose? Your children will have to raise your child! D: Still, I’m very curious to see if the baby will by ghostly. Possibilities!

    Liked by 1 person

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