9.01 – Birthdays and Pranks

Previously, Crystal and Rose made a mockery of me trying to move to the next generation, by popping out triplets right before aging up to elder. The older triplets aged up to YA, completed their skills, and were moved out – so we’re down to 1 elder, 1 adult and 1 teen to look after 3 toddlers. This should be fun. But we are officially onto generation 9! Friedrich will be aging up to YA this chapter!

Rebellious fairies are such a handful. Fairy pranks adorn the entire house.

Hai Riff Raff, thanks for helping out with the toddler skilling! I haven’t seen a ghost teaching toddlers before, fun.

Crystal is rocketing up the Education career, this is L5 already.

And the teaching doesn’t stop when she gets home
– we have three toddlers to get skilled up.

When Rose gets home, these two have some fun in the photo booth.

Fun of the PG-rated kind 😛 I really like the contrast of Crystal’s ghost and Rose’s skin in the photos.

Crystal maxed gardening – love those tabcasts.

Aw, Bane and Twi’lek are finally getting married. They’ve been together pretty much since being dropped in town, they have 3 boys together, and it’s only in their elder years that they finally make the commitment.

Curtis and Lorraine had a baby girl!

With the older kids out of the house
, Friedrich still in school, and Crystal working during school hours, someone needs to stay at home with the triplets. Rose topped her career ages ago, so it’s time for her to retire. Fried is on hand to celebrate with her.

And it’s now Crystal’s elder birthday – I didn’t allow her to redo her entire Adult life after she was resurrected, only a few days. Don’t want her too much younger than her wife.

Marta and Liesel are doing their TSAL.

While their mother naps on the couch nearby.

And Brigitta is the only one awake at home, on her xylo.

Max has an RI! Magdalena is Mew Terrey’s daughter with Dawn Gordon.

Rose sets off Freidrich’s fairy prank – she needed a nap anyway.

We have a quad birthday today, but since one of those birthdays is our heir, I wanted to let him have the spotlight (and the party). So began a quest to manually age up the triplets early.

#1: Brigitta. She rolled Nurturing.

Of course I had to give her pigtails and glasses, as per her namesake.

#2: Liesel. She rolled Vegetarian.

Cutie! But a complete faceclone of Crystal.

#3: Marta. She rolled Dramatic. Behind her you can see the guests arriving for the party, that’s how close we were cutting this.

She looks a lot like Kurt, the only two to get Rose’s wide mouth.

Okay guys, the girls are done, you can come inside for the party now!

The only guest to make it inside in time for candles was a party crasher. Sims logic.

But plenty managed to get cake.

Our new heir, ladies and…given the proportion of female/male simmers, I doubt there are any men reading this.

Friedrich’s final trait is Computer Whiz, because of course it is. Added to Loves the Outdoors, Perceptive, Bot Fan and Rebellious, and we have one very strange set of traits. His LTW is More than a Machine – yes, this means the family will get a plumbot!
Such a pretty, pretty sim. Pretty much all Crystal, except for Rose’s ears and eye shape (same as Max – just without the scruff, so he’s more pretty than hot). And Riff Raff’s muddy brown eye colour.

I took out the fireplace, so we can get a better view of the dancefloor. And just sit and watch the kids harass poor Seymour for bedtime stories. Two dozen adults around, and all the kids ask the same person.

Rose is the only one taking care of the garden (admittedly, I did forget about it for a while) – she’s now maxed gardening.

Well well well, look who Friedrich found outside
the police station.

It’s Freya Holly! Heartfarts are a good start. (and it wasn’t until I was typing this up that I realised Freya is supposed to be a ghost/werewolf hybrid. Oh well, she’s just a werewolf in this.)

As is this wish Fried rolled up the second he introduced himself.

Shirtless Jeremie Zane was a tad distracting.

But they do have compatible signs.

Friedrich is way ahead of me, they’re barely friends. However, we will follow or heir’s wishes…

Yay, HOTM kiss accepted!

She starts a conversation about computers.

And Friedrich is head over heels.

Thus, Freya joins the household! I was not planning to bring her in
quite so quickly, but Friedrich just kept rolling the wishes. But they will have some time to date before getting married; we’re going to get the triplets aged up and out of the house before we bring in generation 9, so plenty of time.

Now is as good a time as any to break out the trait cards: lime and green are this generation’s colours, so get ready for many shades of green.

Freya’s first action in the house is to play chess with Liesel.

Brigitta sprang Friedrich’s shower trap; that’s what happens when you bathe in his bathroom.

And then Marta decided to scare her sister. Must be a ghost thing, she doesn’t have any mean traits.

Graduation time! This is just to show off the girls’ formal outfits.

Obligatory diploma toss.

Most Likely to Hack the Military Facility. So perfect for our boy.

Everyone’s starving. I think it’s time for a family outing.

To the bistro!

I had them sit outside, and they even managed to sit at the same tables!

found an RI.

Aw, Corny and Tim are getting married. Not sure what happened to her pigtails, I’ll have to fix that later.

Max is also getting married!

The reason I wasn’t worried about bringing Freya into the house so soon – she and Friedrich are off to university! Synchronised aptitude tests, go!

Lol, Freya has no skills.

Friedrich has a bunch, but none that help him. They are both doing Technology degrees, to help with the Law Enforcement career.

Off they go!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Fried and Freya sound adorable together! :3 Freya’s super pretty for a werewolf, but we’ll see how she turns on a full moon.

    The (younger) triplets are so cute! Pity they were condemned to sparedom even before birth. XD

    Here’s to Fried, already saddled with three kids and heading off to University! XD


  2. Friedrich and Freya look so cute together. I love her hair.
    I love the triplets, they are such little cuties.


  3. I hope you like Friedrich because you’re going to be playing him for quite a while. I like him. Can’t wait to see his and Freya’s spawns, they’ll be such cuties…I hope. But I will have to wait haha 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do love him, he’s great. I haven’t played much with fairies, so it’s such a nice change. The auras are so brilliant.
      And don’t worry, Fried+Freya have decided they are having babies a tad earlier than I planned – you probably only have to wait another 2-3 chapters. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. They are so adorable together!

    I think Marta is my favorite of the younger triplets.

    Liked by 1 person

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