9.02 – College Dating

Previously, our gen 9 heir aged up and took over the reins. He wasted no time wooing and moving in his intended bride, Freya Holly.

So here we are at uni! Freya and Friedrich (Freidya? Freyrich?) rented this cute little house, because I didn’t feel like braving the dorms.

They’re inside all of two seconds before they realise they’re alone.

Yep, that escalated quickly. And all before the alert for the Meet and Greet!

This is Friedrich’s first wish upon entering the Student Centre. I’ve not done this before, but let’s try it. After saving, just in case we get a squashed fairy.


Our heroes play pool together; and Freya checks out Friedrich’s ass as he bends over. Yep, they’re typical college kids.

Friedrich is a studious little fairy.

Freya? Not so much.

As I promised, these two are going to date a little while in college. Tonight, we’re at the pool!

…Except I forgot that Freya is Hydrophobic. Her poor face! 😦

So instead they watch the stars together.

Aw, man! We’ve not had any burglars the entire Rourke legacy, and now we get it in the Law Enforcement generation, before our future cops have begun their careers!

She stole Friedrich’s computer, and that got him really upset.

Freya hates seeing her man distressed, so she and her Brave trait took on the burglar.

They won, and the burglar was so humiliated, she stuck her head through the wall.

Yes, we are skilling up while at uni; and even better when they can skill together.

Yet their Technology degrees lend themselves to being Nerds; we’re going to mess around with these brain enhancing machines.

And we will try to get the Nerd skill up, as well. So there will be a lot of video gaming.

Bot fairy! He can fly!

He can also play games.

And go to class.

Oops, too much skilling, we have a feral werewolf transformation.

Friedrich is busy socialising and making friends for his charisma skill.

And playing with fire.

And drinking.

A lot.

And at 2am, we start a video game marathon. Who needs sleep, when you can sleep in class and have your energy bar fill up inside 2 hours?

Wow, that is not such a pretty face.

A quick snack.

And it’s back to skilling; as a werewolf this time, so she doesn’t get tired so quickly.

They’re both up to L8 of the Nerd skill, and can Mind Meld with one another. They also got new skills; Friedrich rolled Great Kisser, while Freya got Good Sense of Humour.

Another date, this time at the Comic Book Store.

Some making out on the couch.

Then romance spam.

About time these two became official.

They’re so cute together.

And scarily similar, sometimes…

First semester is done, now for grades.

Perfect, as expected.

Time for smustling before we head home.

But Freya wants to dance together.

No time to hang around at home, we have one more subject to complete. But first, Leisel wants to tell a ghost story.

Meeting people at the Meet & Greet – both Friedrich and Freya have high enough charisma skill to befriend someone the minute they complete a Charming Introduction.

Studying together outside the library; means Friedrich gets his “Loves the Outdoors” moodlet and also the “Fast Learning”. 😀

Skilling at home – a different one from the first time. Freya is working on her Logic for her LTW, while Friedrich paints.

I love the paintings he produces!

First maxed skill each.

These two nerds broke the TV.

Friedrich to the rescue.

Uh…Friedrich, I think we need your help over here, too. There are 3 broken computers in this picture. Nerds are hard on electronics.

Friedrich is setting pranks all over the place. Poor Freya.

I may need to level up her werewolf skill, if only so she doesn’t turn into a werewolf every time her mood drops.

Moar paintings! I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen these ones before.
Oh yeah, and he’s now completed his degree.

As has Freya. Though her points are for maxing out athletic.

Grades are in.

Straight As!

Friedrich topped out his fairy magic – not sure whether this should be counted as a skill?

Graduation! Friedrich’s extra trait is Family Oriented.

And Freya’s is Schmoozer.

I had grand plans of a snowy sunset backdrop for Friedrich’s proposal; alas uni conspired against us, and we were sent home before the actual proposal took place. So have some romance spam instead.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. The irony of the burglar is not lost on us Game. We see through your coincidences.

    Nerd-Law Enforcement Couple FTW! They’re so cute and all their little dates are such a good idea. They’re gonna make some pretty babies~


  2. What Painting Default replacement do you use? Sorry to move straight to this before praise but I’ve been using Plum’s, but I’ve had it for years and yours are SO COOL!

    And I think Freidya might be my favorite couple name because I keep singing to the tune of that Outkast Hey Ya! song. *dances*


    • I use Plum’s default also! Have used it for years, and am still discovering all the different paintings – the trick is to get sims with different traits to paint, not just your Artistic ones. Which is why I started with Mr Computer Whiz Friedrich, and got new paintings.

      Ooh, I like that, now Hey Ya! is going to be in my head.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That snowy background is so pretty.
    Looking foward to seeing how werewolves ar ein this game. I have all EPs and barely played with any, I’m a shame XD


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