10.01 – Pink Oasis

First post of Gen 10, and the start of SimNaNoWriMo! I’ll be attempting to get through the majority of this generation in September – depends how snap-happy I get with all the babiez.

Welcome to Oasis Landing! It’s a fitting ending to an Evolution & Progress In Change (EPIC) challenge that we finish in the future. Not sure if anyone noticed, but I have been planning this the whole way through, and have moved the family around in a slow progression of time, from farming beginnings in Riverview, to a neighbourhood of today in Monarch Bay. And now we’re in the future! I’m going to try and complete the whole generation actually in the future, but if that doesn’t work, we will move back to Oasis Landing the homeworld, as built by Naiya.

And yes, I was able to bring everyone along; all Rizzo’s siblings with four of the chosen spouses (all the boys; the girls will have to find new ones).

This is the new house; which is actually a premade called The Hot Pad – we kicked out the ‘Longing Gazes’ household and redecorated it for a family. I’ve given it some colour with Rizzo’s favourite hot pink, but it’s mostly black, white and grey as per futuristic living.

Bottom floor; there’s a gym area and laundry/bathroom at the back of the garage to the top right.

First floor; two master bedrooms for Rizzo and Freya/Friedrich. TV area and fun pool/skilling room.

Top floor is for the kids; cribs on the main landing, dorm-style bedroom for the children/teens. Toys and playground on the balcony.

Thank goodness for Master Controller – the game won’t allow splitting of households through Edit Town, but I was able to click on an empty house and ‘add sim’ to get the spares out of the house. They are still connected to the family tree, so we’ll see their updates from the timestream.

The remaining three get jobs in the OL professions; Friedrich in the Bot Arena, RIzzo and Freya will be doing separate branches of the Astronomer career.

This was one of the first wishes Friedrich rolled up. How about no? You have eight grown children, that’s more than enough.

Rizzo’s official trait card, taken while she’s flying around on a jet pack.

Rizzo found her sprite; she will be attempting to complete some of the skill challenges associated with Advanced Technology, so be prepared for a lot of sprite sharing while we try to find all 10.

The photo booth pictures and romantic selfies made the trip ok, however the greeting cards did not. They are not lost, they still exist in the save file, but since there are no festivals (nor any way of getting a festival lot in town – believe me, I tried), the festival greeting cards don’t come. So instead we’ll use the school/city hall/science building for greeting cards, and take them home at the end.

Envy is tasked with upgrading all the appliances, while Rizzo tries out all the futuristic things.

That didn’t take long! Eugene and Patricia are the first to become engaged.

Guys, that’s not how you share sprites. Hannah will be helping Rizzo find sprites, since Rizzo needs to hunt down a spouse as well.

Rizzo makes such amazing faces, you guys picked a great heir.

Aw, bad dream. We will be aiming for 50 unique dream outcomes as per the skill challenge, so there will have to be some bad ones.


Lmao, fighting on minute, engaged the next. These two are going to be interesting.

Lol, Envy failed at a pool trick. She’s going to have to find a new skill to learn, since we won’t have any babies for a while.

Friedrich and Freya both got promotions on their first day. Rizzo is slacking off!

Three of the boys are now married!

Friedrich went to meet the descendants – there are 3 of them, in one of the pier-style houses near the home base. I think the number of sims we brought with us to the future really messed up the game’s calculations, but it’s not a huge deal.

She’s not an elder, she just has really pale blonde hair. I think I see Friedrich’s eyes? Hubby is an elder, and they have a child together. Didn’t note down any of their names, though.

Danny and Beatriz aren’t yet married, but they are the first to get pregnant.

Rizzo got a promotion after 2 days.

She then goes off to Reflection Park; which seems to be the place to hang out today. Besides these four, there are three other sims on the lot.

Nathaniel Zane is the first spouse option; he’s from the
Zane OWBC.

Rizzo rolled this up immediately after meeting him; good start!

Told you there were other sims on the lot; we’ll leave Rizzo and Nathaniel to get to know one another, and just watch the antics of the Rourke spares.

First Eugene tries to fairy prank Jan; she blows it back in his face.

Then Jan shows Sonny a gross video. Lols, these guys.

Whoops, intermission for Full Moon werewolf transformation.

And we’re back to getting to know Nathaniel.

Friedrich’s job has night hours at the moment, so he’s scavenging in the early morning.

Found all the pieces of the key! We’re going to keep doing this and hopefully get all the pieces for the special future gnome.

Sandy has found love.

I like that any sims can share the future beds; fewer issues when the kids come along and steal the beds for bedtime stories.

A good dream about career led to another promotion for Rizzo; now she’s ahead of Freya (yes, it’s a competition, didn’t you know?)

Second spouse contender; Burton Bedlam from the
Bedlam ISBI!

6 out of 10? Really Rizzo, he’s at least an 8. She didn’t roll any wishes toward him, and he kicked her out to go to work, so we’ll come back later.

Friedrich got another promotion.

There haven’t been many pics of the others lately; Envy is boring and Freya+Friedrich do this every time they’re left alone. Thank goodness they’re neutered.

Last of the spouse options is Cherry Pie Terrey, from the
Terrey ISBI.

Compatible signs!

And 10 out of 10, wowsa.

Funny faces, a gift, then it’s time for flirting.

She’s rolled up a bunch of wishes for him.

When Cherry Pie went off to the bathroom, Nathaniel cornered Rizzo (the boys live together – Burton was also placed with them, but he moved out right away).

Now she’s rolled this. Seems Rizzo doesn’t want to choose just one spouse.

And with 9 out of 10 attractiveness, why shouldn’t she have both?

Flirty trait at work here. The rules state that gen 10 needs to product 10 children, nothing about having an actual spouse. So what we’ll do is let each guy have two pregnancies, and any additional children required after than will depend on Rizzo’s wishes.

She’s been here for about 12 hours by now, and is all stinky, but we will persevere! With flowers!

First kiss!

Autonomous massage.

Lols, the Bannisters are pregnant again.

And we have two babies from sims I tossed in pre-paired.

The first grandchild has arrived! Named…Anwar. Wtf, Danny?

This is what Freya and Envy have been doing the entire time Rizzo was out of the house. Enough that they both gained two jock levels.

And thus Envy does school cheers all night, while Freya sleeps. Damn, we need some babies in the house to keep her occupied.

Rizzo slept over, and accosts Cherry the next morning.

Whoops, maybe try some flirting?


And they went straight for woohoo; it’s 25% risky but not TFB; the father of the first child will be random.

Friedrich topped out his logic skill.

Jan got an RI.

After work the next day, Rizzo invites Burton over to fill up that friendship bar.

She’s now throwing wishes for all 3, but only friendly ones towards Burton (thus far).


And we’ll end things there for today. Another update due in a few days!

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  1. Great spouse/baby daddy choices. I’m so glad Rizzo won!


    • I was initially wanting Sandy, because I wanted a fairy and she has a better genetic mix. But Rizzo is so entertaining to play, she has a great combo of traits. And the kids are turning out gorgeous.


  2. Rizzo is so pretty! I love that lipstick 🙂

    I like the idea of playing in oasis landing for the final gen. Did they travel there like normal or with nraas traveler?

    Having kids with all 3 guys, this should be fun!


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