3.03 – Making a Choice

Gen 2 Results

 So you guys have voted, and Yttrium is the winner, receiving 5 votes. Dixie came second with 4 votes.

I apologise for the long delay; I had no internet for the entire Christmas period, since we went over our bandwith limit, and also had some family issues to work through. But all that is sorted now, so we get onto bringing our scientist into the family!

3.03.01 - maxed inventing1
I missed the shot, but look, no skill bar! Fiyero maxed the inventing skill. He’s already made all the inventions, so the first part of the mini challenge is done.
3.03.01 - maxed inventing2

3.03.02 - net worth wish
Chance has rolled this wish; so once again I can see how much these guys are worth. Almost back up to the value from before they moved.

3.03.03 - meeting Yttrium
Completing Fiyero’s wish to Hang Out with Yttrium, he meets her at the theatre for a movie.

3.03.04 - watch the stars1
Except it’s too late for a movie, so they’ll just watch the stars, as he has wished.
3.03.04 - watch the stars2

3.03.05 - kiss Yttrium wish
He rolls another wish, to kiss her, but she leaves too quickly, so Fiyero heads back home to sleep.

3.03.06 - Spooky day
Today is Spooky Day! Fiyero wants to go to the festival and also go on a date with Dixie, so we’ll kill two birds with one stone.

3.03.07 - Rae at festival
Look who else is at the festival; Raelindolin and her two sons, one of whom has inherited Rae’s green-tipped hair.

3.03.08 - apple bobbing
3.03.09 - win contest wish
Fiyero challenges Dixie to an apple bobbing contest, then rolls the wish to win it. We’ll see!

3.03.10 - apple bobbing1 3.03.10 - apple bobbing2 3.03.10 - apple bobbing3
And win he did, well done! His enthusiasm for the win is so cute.

3.03.11 - Fiyero haunted house
Dixie runs off, but Fiyero isn’t yet done at the festival; he enters the haunted house, looking for a witch gnome. He didn’t like it much.
3.03.12 - haunted moodlet

3.03.13 - break up with Dixie1
He then follows Dixie home, to break up with her.

3.03.13 - break up with Dixie2
She doesn’t take it very well.

3.03.14 - Lavender breakup
Since it’s only 2pm, he goes off to see Lavender; he’s going to break up with the other three before asking Yttrium to go any further.

3.03.15 - woohoo Lavender wish
After he breaks up with Lavender, he immediately rolls this. No, Fiyero!

3.03.16 - Lavender upset
Poor Lavender is very distressed. Sorry, hun, the people have spoken.

3.03.17 - Harley Quinn breakup1
These two are dripping puddles everywhere; good thing there are no neat freaks in this house. But Harley Quinn makes a brilliant grumpy face!

3.03.17 - Harley Quinn breakup2
And with that, Fiyero has only one romantic interest. Time to head to Yttrium’s!

3.03.18 - Jess consignment
Meanwhile, Jess is selling more paintings.

3.03.19 - speak madness
Oh Fiyero. I left him alone and he has chosen to Speak Madness to Yttrium. She’s a little freaked out. But she also makes awesome faces.

3.03.20 - flowers for Yttrium
Flowers quickly fixed that mistake.

3.03.21 - Yttrium kiss
And then fulfils his wish to kiss her.

3.03.22 - embrace Yttrium 3.03.23 - Yttrium girlfriend
A few more interactions, and she agrees to be his girlfriend. They are so cute together!

3.03.24 - door
And they’re interrupted by someone at the door.

3.03.25 - trick-or-treaters
It’s a trick-or-treater. At least it’s the right time of year; it’s still Spooky Day.

OMG, and this save file is so laggy; literally every two sim minutes, my game freezes for twenty or thirty seconds. No crashing, but it’s so annoying. The Maloney file isn’t nearly as bad, despite many more people in the family tree and in the town itself. I may have to move them again.

3.03.26 - ask to move in
But first, Fiyero asks Yttrium to move in. She accepts, as expected.

3.03.27 - Sam pregnant
Sam is having a baby!

3.03.28 - Jess + Boq
Jess is happy to have another baby to look after, even if it’s not her grandchild.

3.03.29 - sleeping together
Naw, Yttrium and Fiyero’s first night together. I love that Yttrium is the big spoon.

3.03.30 - off to work
Today is Fiyero’s first day of the Medical career! Yttrium is also off to work.

3.03.31 - Master Invention
Ooh, Fiyero has already received this opportunity! I haven’t actually built this, only bought the My Best Friend reward, so this should be fun! Jess found palladium way back when she was a child in Riverview; we’ve been saving them.

3.03.32 - Fiyero promotion
And on his first day, Fiyero gets a promotion. L5 will come in no time.

3.03.33 - wooing Yttrium1
When Yttrium gets home, it’s time for some speedy romance. They’re the same age, they both have 8 days til adult, and Fiyero’s parents are over 90 (on a 100 day lifespan) – so we need to get cracking on the baby!
3.03.33 - wooing Yttrium2 3.03.33 - wooing Yttrium3

3.03.33 - wooing Yttrium4
They take a romantic photo, for us to put up on the wall next to Jess and Chance’s one – I may try to make this a thing…if my game allows us to keep them, that is.

3.03.34 - propsal1 3.03.34 - propsal2 3.03.34 - propsal3
Yttrium is thrilled with the proposal, fast as it is.

3.03.35 - synchronised swooning
Naw, synchronised swooning.

3.03.36 - pillow fight wish
PMSL, and the first wish Fiyero rolls after getting engaged? Pillow fighting, of course. He’s always rolling these wishes. Boy is obsessed with pillows.

Since we did an indoor wedding last time, I’m going to try for an outdoor one tomorrow; if it’s not raining, that is.

3.03.37 - maxed Gardening
Chance finally fulfilled his wish to max gardening, good work!

3.03.38 - Boq bday
It’s Boq’s birthday!

3.03.39 - Boq
As expected, he’s an alien. He’s pretty cute, though, even has pointy ears! I chose to leave him with a buzz cut; I think it suits him. As a reminder, his traits are Evil and Friendly, which seem conflicting to me, but hey.

And it’s about time for Yttrium’s title card; her name is pronounced “ee-tree-um”. Her favourite colour is grey, meal veggie spaghetti and music pop. She’s so pretty!

3.03.41 - Yttrium gardening
Yttrium gets straight into the garden, showing off our new scarecrow, and the very nice view from the lot.

3.03.42 - first woohoo1
Fiyero interrupted her, deciding the car would be a great place for their first woohoo.
3.03.42 - first woohoo2

3.03.43 - new bedroom
I added some grey to Fiyero’s new bedroom, and I love how it turned out.
Once Yttrium has maxed the science career and unlocked indoor plumbing, we’ll be building a new house (with a bathroom!)

3.03.44 - Boq walk
Chance is teaching Boq to walk. I love his car-print shorts!

3.03.45 - kissing in the nursery
Boq needed a food break, and Jess swooped. Really Jess, in front of the baby?

3.03.46 - Chance abducted
*sigh* and guess what interrupted? I swear, if he gets pregnant again…

3.03.47 - Story twins
Story had twins! I don’t know if I showed you guys the pregnancy popup, but anyway. Fiyero’s bff now has twin boys.

3.03.48 - romantic photos
Fiyero and Yttrium’s romantic photo goes up on the wall next to Jess and Chance’s.

3.03.49 - Boq sleeping
Toddlers are always cute when they’re asleep.

3.03.50 - Fiyero discovering potions
Fiyero starts on the second part of this generation’s mini-challenge; discovering all the potions.

He discovers one so quickly (sleeping potion), that he’s able to deliver the palladium to the science facility before work.

3.03.51 - Yttrium work on car
Yttrium is also up early, and has decided to work on the car. Good thing, too, she needs handiness for work.

3.03.52 - Master Invention2
That is easy, we have life fruit in the fridge.

3.03.52 - Master Invention3
And this is why Jess bought the heart-cut pink diamond when she saw it at the consignment store. But first, it’s time for Fiyero to go to work.

3.03.53 - work opportunity
Uhm…that’s a weird opportunity. But sure, we’ll do it.

3.03.54 - potty train Boq
For some random reason, Yttrium has the day off work. So she’ll take the time to help train Boq, and brush up on her own skills.

3.03.55 - gnomes
Hey, we have another gnome! I have no idea where this came from, but yay, witch gnome. Her name is Kelly, after Kelly Clarkson.

3.03.56 - own science
Fiyero is buying up some more property in town; this makes 7 fully owned and an additional 2 partnered.

3.03.57 - weight gain
Dammit! We will not be raising this baby. Fiyero is going to have his own shortly, we don’t need another member of gen 3!

3.03.58 - wedding setup
Very lazy wedding setup. When we can throw a party, it will be better.

3.03.59 - wedding1
Insane Fiyero has chosen to wear his PJs to get married in. Oh well, at least it’s not swimmers or tighty whities.
3.03.59 - wedding2 3.03.59 - wedding3 3.03.59 - wedding4 3.03.59 - wedding5 3.03.59 - wedding6

3.03.60 - grandparent wish1 3.03.60 - grandparent wish2
LAMO, both Chance and Jess rolled the same wish the second the wedding was done. That’s the next order of business, guys!

3.03.61 - first woohoo wish
Uhm…this won’t be the first woohoo? First as a married couple, first when Yttrium has his surname, not actual first. Anyway, free lth, woo!

3.03.62 - playing soccer
The first thing Yttrium chooses to do after getting married? Play soccer, of course. Oh, Sims.

3.03.63 - Harley Quinn moved
Harley Quinn has moved in with Dixie. So Lavender is the only one still living in the house I placed all four potential spouses in.

3.03.64 - Tam RI
Hey, Tam is still in town! She’s not been very active lately. But now she has a new RI. 🙂

3.03.65 - first woohoo
Yttrium chose the location for the first woohoo. And apparently Fiyero thinks this is a more formal occasion than his wedding. LOL, their glasses look like sunglasses in this light.

3.03.66 - not your work
And now the glitches start again; Yttrium can’t go to work; it says she has work in one hour until 9am, then it resets to tomorrow. And she drops her queue if I tell her to Try for Baby (the above photo was a regular woohoo). Resetting (both normally and with MC) hasn’t worked, nor did moving her out and back in. I’ll have to google some more things, to try and fix it.

So we’ll end the chapter here.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Yttrium is so beautiful. They actually make a really lovely couple. I don’t think any of the potential spouses would have been a bad choice. But I can’t wait to see what their kids are going to look like. And two alien pregnancies in a single generation. This is starting to get a frequent as the Kooks legacy I’m reading lol.
    Hooray SimTam! A new RI. Looks like she’s finally going to take a break from working to have a life lol.


    • I agree, Yttrium was my favourite for spouse, glad everyone else agreed.

      I read the Kooks too! They have *so* many alien babies. I usually have a mod in to have less frequent alien invasions, must have forgotten to put it back in when I moved to the new laptop. I’ll have to remember again, at least for this challenge.

      She starts having a life and now I’m going to need to move them 😦 But hopefully SimTam will find love again in the next save file!


      • My fingers are crossed for poor Sim Tam. I has her pump out children in another save file. I think the beginning of the ISBI and she gave me two girls and a boy. I never did see the boy but the girls looked just like her.

        Congrats again on the new laptop. When I upgraded from my old laptop to my new desktop I couldn’t believe the difference. There was virtually no lag. I haven’t had any alien babies, ever, in any of my save files. Maybe my game is borked lol?


  2. Aw, how cute are they! I’m sorry it’s being so glitchy. I refuse to play with that every so many seconds freeze, I flippin’ HATE that. You might have to move…

    Yeah, another alien baby is the last thing you need, I’d send it back too! Don’t blame ya! I can’t believe you’ve come so far! I’m excited to meet the next generation.

    Yttrium looked stunning on her wedding day, btw. ❤


    • I love these two, they are possibly the cutest couple ever. I can’t wait to see what their genetics do when combined.

      Yeah, the freezing is the worst thing ever; crashes are less painful if the game at least runs smoothly until the crash. Definitely moving soon.


  3. To fix the career issue you can just use Master controller to send her to work.
    As for the other glitches I find if you exit the save and re-enter then most things go away. That’s what fixes all of my relationship panel issues which tends to effect all of that Sims social interactions.

    Love the family so far. Sad that you aren’t going to keep alien 2 though. It’ll be good company for Boq and the grandchild if you ever get one.


    • I did try exiting and re-entering the save, the TFB/woohoo issue was still there. Never had that before, no idea what caused it. I did not know I could use MC to send her to work, thanks! Will try it out.

      Don’t worry, there is a grandchild! And Boq being friendly, he has friends over or goes over to a friend’s house almost every day (as a child), so plenty of kids around.


  4. Aw, I love seeing my sims in other people’s games! It’s like watching my babies all grown up and out on their own! xD I can’t wait to see the babyyyy… after the glitches get fixed. Glitches stink.


  5. Gliiiiiiitches!!!!
    Yttrium has such nice hair ❤


  6. Looks like I commented on this one a long time ago… but I have new comments!

    Alright inventing skill! The Rourke house is SO cute. LOVE it to bits after all this time.
    Aww, all the breaking up… and looks like he and I BOTH would have liked Lavender to stick around. hee hee
    Ugh, I hate that laggy game! My game before I upgraded my PC did that SO BAD in the world that came with
    celebrities and stuff.
    Did Boq show up as step-child to Jess? I think Juniper did for Tahiya.
    Boq IS cute for an alien baby! Great nose! I have alien nose envy. And I agree, the buzz suits him.
    Amazing trait cars, graphics and skins… SO good! Oh and I was saying “yee-tree-um” so I was close!
    OMG! Chance is preggo again! That alien ‘hoo is too good for Chance to resist, hee hee hee!
    You know, I think that little rustic wedding set up is adorable. ❤
    Maybe it's the first woohoo with Yttrium Rouke, before she was Mendeleev

    Boo on glitches!


    • I was rooting for Lavender too, but I am glad Yttrium was chosen – it meant we got to have a Chimeree as a later spouse! And Yttrium gave us a nice gold eye colour, which is still going in my current game.


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