3.04 – Try and Try Again

3.03.59 - wedding5
Previously on the Rourke Legacy, Yttrium was chosen as our Generation Three spouse, and Fiyero proceeded to break up with the other three. Boq the alien progeny aged up to toddler, and Chance was abducted once again. As soon as Yttrium moved in, we started having issues; much of this chapter is me attempting to fix said issues.

I played this about a week ago, just haven’t been home long enough to upload the pictures; the Asian Football Cup is currently on in Australia, and I’m going to games every other day.

3.04.01 - Boq cute
Boq is a cutie. Though ouch, he seems to have wedged his hand into the toybox.

So I tried having Yttrium quit her job and rejoin. Since we have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works, may as well continue learning skills. So she’s off to the library.

3.04.02 - Rae + Sam
Hey, it’s Raelindolin and Sam! With Tam’s toddler son, for some reason.

3.04.03 - Sam pregnant
Sam is going to pop soon – I’d almost forgotten she was pregnant.

3.04.04 - Yttrium outside library
Yttrium has the best of both worlds; outside where she loves, but also close enough to the library to get the boost.

3.04.05 - Tour theatre TFB
After Fiyero finishes work (and gets another promotion, which I forgot to screenshot), he and Yttrium tour the theatre. And the TFB doesn’t reset this time; plus it works and she’s now pregnant.

3.04.06 - Chance $1m wish
I didn’t notice, but we must have passed 500k in net worth, for Chance has now rolled up the wish to be worth 1 million.

3.04.07 - Fiyero cycling in snow
Fiyero must be insane, cycling home in only his scrubs, in the middle of a snowstorm.

3.04.08 - Chance maxed logic1 3.04.08 - Chance maxed logic2
Chance has (finally) maxed his Logic skill!

3.04.09 - Sam son Manuel
Told you Sam was going to pop soon. She named her son Manuel, cute. That name always reminds me of Fawlty Towers.

3.04.10 - new flower painting
That painting on the left is new; I like it!

3.04.11 - Jess impressive rep
Jess now has an Impressive Reputation at the consignment store, yay! I’ll stop forcing her to paint all the time, now.

3.04.12 - Yttrium nauseous
Hehe, it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these. For whatever reason, Abby in my WYDC doesn’t get nauseous any more (maybe too many kids), but Yttrium is 🙂

3.04.13 - Sam RI
Sam has another RI.

3.04.14 - No work
Dammit, still no luck with the work. I shall have to google solutions. (this was played before Pink suggested I use MC to send her to work)

3.04.15 - Fiyero clinic
Ooh, I forgot that these are part of the Medical career with Ambitions. Get to work, Fiyero!

3.04.16 - Yttrium at bar
I’ve had enough of the rocking chair, the Rourkes now have a bar. Yttrium is not happy about it

3.04.17 - wedding present1 3.04.17 - wedding present8 3.04.17 - wedding present7 3.04.17 - wedding present5 3.04.17 - wedding present4 3.04.17 - wedding present3 3.04.17 - wedding present2
Wedding presents! PMSL, even deceased Bruce bought them a present.

We made over $10k selling those presents, good job guys.

3.04.18 - Fiyero vaccinating
Fiyero vaccinates Duncan Moss with a GIANT needle.

3.04.19 - Sam vaccination
Also Sam Winterwolf, fresh from having her baby. And he heartfarts her, too.

3.04.20 - toddler in snow
This lady put her toddler in the snow, so she could be vaccinated. Oh Sims.

3.04.21 - renaming Science building
We now own the Science building. Maybe that will help Yttrium go to work.

3.04.22 - baby time
Baby time! As I said before, we’ll be sending this baby back to homeworld.

3.04.23 - baby girl
It was a girl, just FYI.

3.04.24 - Jess trampoline
Without the rocking chair, the oldies do stuff again, without me forcing it. Jess has rediscovered her love for the trampoline.

3.04.25 - Master Invention
Hee, the last step!

3.04.26 - pregnancy confirmed
Pregnancy is confirmed! Generation Four is on the way. Don’t ask me why Yttrium is in her formal wear. Random sim is random.

3.04.27 - she wants a boy
But she does want a boy. And I’d like a girl to continue this alternating heir theme we have.

3.04.28 - Fiyero making master invention
Fiyero starts on the mystery invention!

3.04.30 - Jess is freezing
These two geniuses have decided to watch the stars. In the snow. After spending the afternoon in a snowball fight. Jess is about to freeze to death.

3.04.31 - fire inside
The fire inside should warm her up nicely.

3.04.32 - Chance guitar
It must be Jess’ Loves the Heat trait, since Chance is only chilly. And autonomously on his guitar once again; if he’s not flirting with Jess, he’s on the guitar. Virtuosos…

3.04.33 - Phoenix drawing
Without the rocking chair, the ghosts do interesting things also. Hai, Phoenix! (unfortunately, she didn’t finish it before dawn)

3.04.34 - Fiyero wants a girl
Though he didn’t roll it straight away after Yttrium popped, Fiyero has caught on that his wife is pregnant. He now wants a girl, and to read a pregnancy book.

3.04.35 - Boq loves cars
Boq loves cars.

3.04.36 - Yttrium day spa wish
Yttrium is a high maintenance pregnant women; this is the second time inside 24 hours that she’s wishes to go to the day spa. We have plenty of money, so why not?

The first Google suggestion of giving Yttrium a new career outfit didn’t work, so I replaced the rabbithole. But now she’s pregnant and can’t get a job, so we’ll go back on Sunday after the baby is born.

3.04.37 - Fiyero bubble bath
Stressed from work, Fiyero chooses a bubble bath to help fix it. But, er, he seems to be missing some bubbles…

3.04.38 - Yttrium watermelon
Just a bit of insurance 😉

3.04.39 - working on car
Then she goes outside in the snow to work on the car. They love this thing. Easy Handiness skill, I guess.

3.04.40 - big belly
Her outerwear hides it, but Yttrium is pretty big now! Won’t be long before gen 4 is born.

3.04.41 - listen to tummy
Naw, they’re so cute.

3.04.42 - Yttrium pregnancy book
Since we couldn’t find the pregnancy books at the library, Fiyero bought both. Yttrium is getting her chance to read the book, as she wishes.

3.04.43 - Fiyero invention
Fiyero is still working on his mystery invention. It takes so long to build!

3.04.44 - wish fulfilled
Wish fulfilled! Now she wants Fiyero to read the book.

3.04.45 - Fiyero reading
So he starts to, except…

3.04.46 - baby coming
The baby is coming! Still no hospitals for the family, so Yttrium will be giving birth at home. But inside, preferably.

3.04.47 - Fiyero freaks out
Haha, Fiyero freaked out as soon as she came inside.

3.04.48 - baby girl
It’s a girl, yay! Her name is Cosette, after the character in Les Miserables. She’s a Heavy Sleeper who Loves the Cold. She likes grey like her mother, classical music like her father and grandfather, and mac and cheese like her great-grandfather. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, lol.

3.04.49 - 5 grandchildren wish
Upon completion of his “become a grandparent” wish, Chance has now rolled this. Sorry man, not happening. Boq may have some children, but Chance is unlikely to see them.

3.04.50 - master invention complete
Fiyero has created a SimBot! We’ll add it to the family, and take the points for our first second occult type. Oops, almost forgot about Boq! I’ll have to add points for him also.

Fiyero’s simbot is named Nessa, after another character in Wicked. Though it was only after I named her that I realised Nessa is considered Fiyero’s daughter, not sister. Ah, well.

3.04.51 - a simbot!
Ugh, that “a simbot!” interaction is already old after 5 minutes. I was just about to take a picture of Yttrium autonomously feeding Cosette when she cancelled it out to exclaim over Nessa.

3.04.52 - Boq bday
But anyway, showing perfect timing, it’s Boq’s birthday tonight. He rolled Unstable. Fun, I haven’t played this trait!

3.04.53 - BoqC
Yes, I’m going by the overused “dress alien in ITF” stuff, because why not? I so rarely use these clothes, and they work for aliens.

So in a few hours we’ve gone from 5 people in the house to 7, and now the lag is really bad. I’m going to wait for Cosette to age up to toddler, then move the family.

3.04.54 - Boq sleeping bag
Accordingly, I haven’t redecorated the nursery, nor built a room for Boq. He can have a customised sleeping bag for a few days.

3.04.55 - Ness drinking
Nessa is the first one to find the bar, lol.

Boq’s first evil action…
3.04.56 - Boq scaring Jess13.04.56 - Boq scaring Jess2
3.04.56 - Boq scaring Jess3
3.04.56 - Boq scaring Jess4
to walk straight past Jess to behind, then scare her. She watched him walk, but was still scared. Sim Logic.

3.04.57 - Eternally Faithful1 3.04.57 - Eternally Faithful2
Naw, Jess and Chance have Eternally Faithful reputations. So cute!
(unlike Fiyero, Jess never cheated on her highschool boyfriend, Applejack, she broke up with him before so much as kissing Chance)

3.04.58 - Fiyero visiting boss
Fiyero is close to maxing his promotion bar, so he’s gone to his boss’ house to ask for a promotion. Except his boss is apparently no longer at home; stupid bikes taking way too long to get anywhere.

3.04.59 - Fiyero boss
SP allows us to know where Fiyero’s boss is, so he follows.

3.04.60 - Fiyero promotion
Yes, success! Fiyero is now L4 in the Medical career, only one more until he can switch.

3.04.61 - Lyle Simly
Lyle Simly, Tam’s son, comes over to trick-or-treat, but Boq has it in his mind to make a friend.

3.04.62 - Yttrium upgrading
Yttrium has wished to upgrade something, so she’s making the sink self-cleaning.

3.04.63 - Harley Quinn RI
Harley Quinn has moved on from Fiyero; good on her.

3.04.64 - Fiyero's potions
Wow, Fiyero is powering through the potions. He’s discovered 6 already, and only blown himself up once.

3.04.65 - Fiyero + Cosette1 3.04.65 - Fiyero + Cosette2
He loves his daughter, keeps rolling wishes towards her.

3.04.66 - Yttrium broke the sink
Oops, Yttrium broke the sink trying to upgrade it. That’s okay, she can fix it.

3.04.67 - grandparents
The grandparents also love Cosette; I was just about to send Fiyero in here to feed her, but Chance got here first, and Jess was also on the way.

3.04.68 - destroy snowman wish
Wow, I have never seen this wish before! I’ve know some sims are more likely to destroy snowmen than others, but never seen them wish for it. Maybe he is evil…

Nope, replacing the rabbithole still didn’t fix Yttrium’s work. And neither did anything fix her TFB issues – touring the theatre was a workaround, they still can’t woohoo or TFB at home.

3.04.69 - Cosette bday
So I’m going to age Cosette a few hours early – it is her birthday today, but I normally wait until the auto aging – and then the family is moving.

3.04.70 - Cosette
She’s a cutie! Chance/Fiyero’s red hair and Yttrium’s gold eyes. It looks like Yttrium’s nose as well. Since she Likes the Cold, I gave her snowflake patterns.
Her hair is a conversion of the child hair from Generations, made by simsxolove. She has some great stuff, including almost all the EP and SP hairs made base game compatible; great if you want to uninstall something but keep the hair.

And now we pack up and move to Twinbrook. Hopefully the problems are fixed there.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Cosette is so cute!


  2. Yttrium not happy about a bar?

    She has betrayed the Mendeleev family.

    But OMP Cosette is a cutie! : )


  3. Wow! I love Cosette! And I am so glad someone is getting my simself’s toddler out and about. By the looks of the popups from her, all the girl does it work anyway lol. I sometimes wonder if I should get rid of some of the rocking chairs so my elder sims wouldn’t forget to live but then I remember haunting, and they I think all the ghosts would drive me bonkers. Its so nice to see everyone using some interactions again though.
    I really thought Yttrium was going to have twins. Her belly was so big towards the end!


    • Haha, you’re right, Sim Tam does seem to just work – though she did have enough fun to produce a baby, so…

      I have a mod to remove the reactions to ghosts, so they don’t bother me so much – and now they can do stuff without fighting over the chair!

      Big belly is probably just due to the morph, though I think it’s a good size. Way better than the belly in some of the TS4 pics I’ve seen, that’s just crazy.


  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaw! Cosette ❤


  5. Something about Yttrium crying over the bar is depressing…
    I LOVE vaccination clinics! Even in the snow storm.
    Old people and trampolines are almost as bad as old people and rocking chairs.
    Chance playing the guitar in the snow reminded me of Angelina. 🙂
    Its fun watching Fiyero work in the invention! Cosette! Love the name!
    Ha! I did the same thing with Juniper, dressed her it ITF stuff! And I love Boq’s sleeping bag.
    Yay for eternally faithful!
    OMG Cosette and her snowflakes. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Haha, vaccination clinics are great fun – especially now that the issue of losing performance while not in the hospital has been fixed! I had a clinic with a doctor in game yesterday – in the graveyard!
      OMG, Cosette and the snow is a running theme. I have had other sims with Loves the Cold/Heat traits, but none of them *loved* weather quite so fiercely as Cosette did.


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