3.05 – Ghosts in the Brook

3.04.70 - Cosette
Previously, we had issues with Yttrium going to work; try as I might I couldn’t fix it, so the family has moved. But Fiyero and Yttrium did manage to have a child, the gen 4 her, a girl named Cosette – she has her father’s red hair and her mother’s gold eyes.

So we’re back, now in Twinbrook. I did a normal EA move with them, rather than using nraas Porter, and it has worked brilliantly, pretty much zero lag now.

3.05.01 - new house1
3.05.01 - new house2

Since there are no 64 x 64 lots in Twinbrook, I have built them a house on a 40 x 40 lot; the open rooms are where a laundry and bathroom will be once Yttrium unlocks indoor plumbing.
Boq and Nessa share a room; once Boq turns teen he won’t need to sleep anyway.

3.05.02 - graveyard
New grave area for Bruce and Phoenix, in the shade of a lovely old tree.

3.05.03 - backyard
The backyard/playground is a lot smaller on this house, but I like it – easier to find the kids.

3.05.04 - gnomes and pond
The gnomes, paintings and romantic photos made the move fine. We did lose the fixer upper car, but that’s okay, Yttrium needs handiness, so she can fix up a new one.

Unfortunately, we have lost all Phoenix’s perfect leftovers. That’s okay, we’ll get Nessa (the simbot) onto it. Give her something to do.

3.05.05 - everyone scatters
As soon as I unpause, everyone scatters.
Once again we lost the wooden painting frames; I’ll update these as we go, want to play now!

3.05.06 - Chance upgrading
Chance is on upgrading duty.

3.05.07 - skilling room
Jess and Fiyero find the skilling area.

3.05.08 - Boq treehouse
Boq went straight for the treehouse.

3.05.09 - Yttrium woohoo wish
LMAO, look at the wish Yttrium has rolled. We’ll lock that in!

3.05.10 - library study
So, since Nessa needs to learn how to cook and Yttrium wants to read a gardening book, it’s off to the library for these two – and we’ll take Cosette also, so she can read her toddler books (I made some small modifications to the Twinbrook library to add the skill books, and a better kids area).

3.05.11 - Cosette TSAL
Cosette’s TSAL (toddler skilling assembly line).

3.05.12 - Fiyero new potion
Fiyero has already discovered a new potion, well done!

3.05.13 - Fiyero treehouse wish
LOL, and he’s also rolled the wish to woohoo in the treehouse. I guess that will need to happen soon.

3.05.14 - Twinbrook townies
And we see our first two Twinbrook townies; Silver and Marigold Racket.

3.05.15 - Yttrium and Silver
Yttrium introduces herself.

3.05.16 - Cosette cute
Cosette is a cutie!

3.05.17 - Jess on fire
Argh, Jess is on fire! Good thing Fiyero is right there.
3.05.18 - Fiyero to the rescue

3.05.19 - Jess planting
Since Chance is upgrading the bathtub, Jess can’t wash off the singe just yet, so she gets a start on our new garden.

3.05.20 - Cosette potty
Yttrium has now wished to potty train Cosette. So we’ll use the potty I placed here for toddler toiletry needs.

3.05.21 - two down
Two down, just the toilet and washing machine to go 🙂 Man, it is so much easier to upgrade everything when there is only one ‘bathroom’ and no electronics!

3.05.22 - Chance retire
Since Chance’s lifebar is now maxed, I allowed him to retire; he never wished it, so I hadn’t bothered before.

3.05.23 - jess jailbreak opp
LMAO, that’s a strange opportunity. Sure, Jess will do it.

3.05.24 - Boq bringing home Bunny
His very first day at school, Boq brings home a friend. Well, he was supposed to, but Bunny never showed up.

3.05.25 - Bunny Curious
Oh wait, no, she is here. Man, her face is…unique.

3.05.26 - Boq and Bunny
Boq didn’t get much sleep last night, so he has a nap before playtime. Bunny’s not concerned, she does her homework at Boq’s desk.

3.05.27 - Cosette walk
Chance helps skill his granddaughter.

3.05.28 - Fiyero promotion
Fiyero had a rabbit hole opportunity at work today; completing it filled his promotion bar, so he got a promotion his first day – that’s Level 5! Two careers down, two more to go.

3.05.29 - Yttrium bday
3.05.30 - MLC
It’s Yttrium’s birthday! Oh great, and she’s having a midlife crisis.

3.05.31 - Fiyero bday
And it’s also Fiyero’s birthday; told you they were the same age. He did not have a midlife crisis, but did get some bad hair.

3.05.32 - Boq Bunny water balloons
I forgot all about Boq and Bunny; they’ve been having a water balloon fight for quite a while, judging by Boq’s Chilly moodlet. (I gave Boq the astronaut outfit for outerwear, it works well)

3.05.33 - Yttrium MLC wishes
Yttrium’s first MLC wish! Easy enough, we can do that.

3.05.34 - Boq out of sorts
Ooh, Boq is feeling out of sorts. My first experience with the Unstable trait!

3.05.35 - Boq snowman
And later that day, he skips school to make a snowman *sigh*.

3.05.36 - Yttrium makeover
Yttrium wishes to get a makeover, but the stylist is busy chatting, so she’ll do it herself.

3.05.37 - Boq delusional
Oops, I forgot to get Boq to fix up his delusional state. He’ll have to go to hospital, I like him Evil.

3.05.38 - Jess Chance romantic
These two continue to be cute together. They’re always autonomously being romantic.

3.05.39 - Fiyero ghost hunter
The Medical career is taking up too much of Fiyero’s time; he’s made it to L5, which was his wish, so we’ll move onto Ghost Hunting.

3.05.40 - Yttrium working out
Yttrium is working on that ‘become more muscular’ MLC wish.

3.05.41 - Cosette talk
With his time much freer, Fiyero is able to teach his daughter how to talk. Though she’s not very interested in doing so.

Ooh, and I just remembered, I need to put the Simselves back in town. It’s only Tam (autumnrein) and Sam (Griffindork) thus far; once Jess and Chance die, I’ll put in new versions of the others that were in Riverview.

3.05.42 - Yttrium promotion
Yttrium got a promotion! I wanted to send her to befriend Tam and Sam, but there’s no-one home at the Simly house.

3.05.43 - Thomas Castor
This is Thomas Castor; Boq went to his place after school. And, as his friendly self is wont to do, rolled a whole bunch of wishes around making friends.
3.05.44 - friendly wishes

3.05.43 - Rosy Whelohff
The other friendly one in the house, Chance, is befriending Rosy Whelohff, who randomly rang the door.

3.05.44 - Fiyero potions
Ooh, good work, Fiyero. That’s 8 potions discovered. He needs to level up logic before he can discover the final two.

3.05.45 - Whelohff house
His first Ghost Hunting job is at the enormous Whelohff house. Great, that’ll take a long time to search.

3.05.46 - Fiyero promotion
And finishing one job, he gets a promotion.

3.05.47 - Jess sculpture
Jess sculpted something other than furniture! We’re keeping it.

3.05.48 - Boq deep breaths
The next morning, Boq wakes up feeling out of sorts again; I had him take deep breaths right away.

3.05.49 - Yttrium wrinkles
Haha, Yttrium is checking out her wrinkles.

3.05.50 - Fiyero brush teeth
LOL, and Fiyero has randomly decided he needs to brush his teeth…right before he goes to bed.

3.05.51 - banish spirits
Tonight we’re banishing spirits in the swamp houses.

3.05.52 - Fiyero promotion2
And he has another promotion already.

3.05.53 - Fiyero catching spirits
Just to prove he is actually capturing the spirits.

3.05.54 - Ness shorted out
Oh no, Nessa shorted out! It looks like she got wet doing laundry. I didn’t know it was possible for simbots to short out like that!

3.05.55 - Yttrium repairing Nessa
But we’ll take the opportunity to reprogram her; since she’s the family cook, she can be a Natural Cook. And she can be Neat, since she’s also the family cleaner.

3.05.56 - Fiyero award
Fiyero got an award, neat.

3.05.57 - Chance + Cosette
Thanks for putting Cosette to bed, Chance…but she just got up, she’s hungry. That’s your tired thought bubble.

3.05.58 - Fiyero L4
Level 4 already!

3.05.59 - cut hair wish
Another MLC wish we can fulfil, new hair. (please ignore the ‘change jobs’ wish, I accidentally promised it when trying to clear.) Since she’s going up in the science ranks, I gave her a bun for her career outfit; it fulfilled the wish without me changing her normal hair.

3.05.60 - Loving seniors
Lovey dovey seniors. Always the car…

3.05.61 - Boq at Bunny's house
Today Boq is at Bunny Curious’ house after school. He has wished to be good friends with her, so excellent.

3.05.62 - Fiyero L5
Man, the ghost hunter career is so easy. One week and Fiyero is now L5.

3.05.63 - Cosette bday
I missed the sparklies, but it’s Cosette’s birthday. She rolled Brave.

3.05.64 - CosetteC
I think she has mostly Yttrium’s looks, with possibly Fiyero’s nose? We’ll see when she’s older, I guess.

3.05.65 - Cosette bedroom
Her new room is reasonably simple, wood and grey with touches of green.

3.05.66 - Jess maxed scultping
Jess maxed sculpting! *adds point to score*

3.05.67 - Cosette Chance soccer
Cosette really loves her grandpa, this was her first action after turning child. And she’s pretty good, too.

3.05.68 - Fiyero inventor career
For Fiyero’s last career, he’s going to go the self-employed inventor route, as per the rules of the challenge. When he tops the career, the Rourkes will be able to use lightbulbs instead of candles, and they can have a (landline) phone!

3.05.69 - bunkbed wish
And now we start with the bunk bed wishes. I don’t know what it is about these (and indoor planters) that make sims constantly wish for them.

3.05.70 - Yttrium divorce wish
No! Yttrium!

3.05.71 - Yttrium visiting Simly house
As punishment for rolling the wish, Yttrium is sent to jog in the snow all the way to the Simly house.

3.05.72 - meeting Sam
Here’s Sam; though Yttrium can’t do anything more than do a friendly introduction before she’s off to work.

3.05.73 - instability wish
LMAO, check out this wish of Boq’s. We’ll do that as soon as he eats breakfast.

3.05.74 - Yttrium + Tam friends
Tam is in the political career again, so she’s not working on Saturday. Yttrium is able to make friends reasonably quickly. Haha, and they’re both clumsy!

3.05.75 - Cosette + Chance tag
Cosette and Chance play tag in the snow. They’re best friends already, though she barely knows her mother.

3.05.76 - Fiyero selling inventions
Fiyero goes to the consignment shop to get a start on selling his inventions. Except they don’t seem to count towards his career; maybe he has to make the inventions after commencing self-employment? That’s annoying, I’ve been saving all the inventions he made as he levelled up, especially for the career.

Yep, selling the inventions he’s made today do count. He goes from L1 to L3 selling a single Flying Fighter.

3.05.77 - Chance skills
Since they’re both at the end of their lifebars, I thought I better check out the skills Chance and Jess have earned. They have both maxed four actual skills, with a bunch of random points in other hidden ones.

3.05.78 - Jess skills
Jess’ list is huge; I guess this is what happens when you raise kids from babies.

3.05.79 - Tam is bisexual
Lol, Tam is bisexual! I set SP to have half the town gay or bi – it makes it easier for everyone to find a partner that way.

3.05.80 - best friends
She and Yttrium are well on their way to best friend status.

3.05.81 - Cosette hugs Chance
Naw, Cosette keeps rolling wishes toward Chance. First a hug…

3.05.82 - Cosette gives Chance a gift
Then a gift.

3.05.83 - Cosette bunkbed
I gave in to the constant “buy a bunk bed” wishes, and bought one for Cosette’s room.

3.05.84 - Cosette sleep on top wish
She then promptly rolls this. Sure, sleep on whichever, they’re both yours!

3.05.85 - Boq checking for monsters
Both of the children do this every day. Cosette I know has the Brave trait, not sure why Boq does it so often. But, thankfully, they usually check one of the adult beds, so they can still sleep in their own.

3.05.86 - Jess + Chance date
Both Chance and Jess have wishes to go out on a date with the other, so off they go. They go to a concert, then out to eat.

3.05.86 - Boq bday
It’s Boq’s birthday! Since he only had a C in Twinbrook, Supernatural Skeptic is locked in.

3.05.87 - BoqT
I dressed him in ITF clothes again; let’s just pretend his alien parent gave him the futuristic clothes.

3.05.88 - Evil idle
And the first thing he does as a teen is cackle evilly about someone’s discomfort.

3.05.87 - Amy watching date
A pregnant Amy Bull watches Jess and Chance; who managed to sit at the same table on their date!


And we’ll end things here; next time, more inventing, teen aliens and perhaps a teen romance.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Cosette is so cute. She is completely adorable.


  2. So if Boq’s a Supernatural Skeptic, does he not believe in himself?


  3. I have to agree with pinkfiend1, Cossette is such a cutie. Her new room looks really nice too. I had to laugh at Boq getting the supernatural skeptic trait. Always amuses me when supernaturals roll that trait.
    I love that Jess & Chance are still cute together. That pic of them cuddling in the car, so cute.


  4. Wow! I cant wait to see Cosette when she is a teenager. I think she is going to turn out beautifully! I can’t believe those guys are adults already. Time is going by so fast with these guys. How did you make people in your town bisexual? I don’t think I have any same sex couples in DV except for my paparazzi. Did you do it with SP or master controller?


    • I know, their little lives go so quickly! I’m trying very hard not to rush through, but I also don’t want to bore everyone by documenting every minute of every day. It’s a fine balancing act, as I’m sure you know!

      Sexuality is in SP – under Flirts, there’s options for chance of gay sim and chance of bisexual. Just have to remember that chance of bisexual sim is rolled after the chance of being gay, so do the maths carefully unless you want most of the town bi.


      • Awesome thanks. I’ll take a look this weekend and see if I can find it to tweak the stats. I don’t have any mods for male pregnancies so it might cause a few snags but maybe there is a place too I can up the likeliness of adoptions.


  5. So true the ITF clothes fit the aliens so well…
    Cosette is such a cutie, I love her!


  6. You know the TSAL? I can’t get that to work as well as everyone else. Just sayin’
    That is an EPIC garden! Love it!
    Boq in the astronaut outerwear is brilliant! Gold star!
    OOH, so that’s how you bring IFs to life! Got it!
    I love Chance & Jess’ night out. Concert and dinner ❤
    Ha, Boq is supernatural skeptic, but he's rather supernatural himself! He looks nice in orange.


    • ‘As well as everyone else’ – what does that mean? Assuming you can control everyone, just doing all the books counts, there is no winning 🙂 Unless you’re talking to spouses, in that case, we win the Sims 3 just by not shutting it down in frustration every 5 min. 😉


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