5.04 – Love in the Cold

5.04.80 - matching strides

Previously, well, Seaweed worked on his LTW. And his job. The elders pottered around, the townies bred profusely, and not much else happened.

5.04.01 - Penny 2nd son
The previous chapter we must have seen Penny on the way to the hospital, for we begin this chapter with the announcement of the birth of her second son. Quinton is a weird name, but hopefully he’s cute.

5.04.02 - Seaweed social trait
Befriending nerds Brennan, Giles and Percy has increased Seaweed’s nerd cred, and he’s able to choose another trait; he rolled Night Owl. Works nicely, considering how much of his PI work is done at night.

5.04.03 - Sabrina daughter Kiana
The maternity ward is busy tonight, Sabrina also had her baby! I love the name Kiana, such a cute but unique name *makes note*

5.04.04 - Cosette table tennis
Cosette plays table tennis with Marius at the newly renovated gym, now a three-star venue owned by the Rourkes.

5.04.05 - Flamingo weight room
Flamingo is also there, along with Sean.

5.04.06 - Flamingo skee ball
He was leaving the weight room to go downstairs and play skee ball! I haven’t played with these much, but they’re lots of fun.

5.04.07 - Seaweed stuck
Somehow Seaweed got himself stuck in the garden… >.<

5.04.08 - criminal rabbit hole
Next morning, Cosette goes to buy the final rabbit hole in Barnacle Bay; this is the Criminal Lair, a BB custom one I found on the exchange. It’s an island off the coast, like a real pirate lair!

5.04.09 - take for evidence
OMG, I did not know non-kleptos could do this! There was no-one home at the house of Seaweed’s current suspect, and an option to “take for evidence” came up, so I clicked on it.

5.04.10 - evidence gone
Evidence gone!

5.04.11 - break into home
And then he broke into the house, because he’s a bad-seed PI who doesn’t need to wait for permission to enter (I’m not good at showing it, but he is trying to go the ‘bad’ route).

5.04.12 - witness
More bad PI actions; instead of befriending and interviewing this witness

5.04.13 - beat up
He her beats her up.

5.04.14 - lost the fight
Well, he tries to. Might need to get his mum to teach him how to fight, lol.

5.04.15 - bribe witness
So instead he bribes her. Only cost $100, nothing considering how much money they have.

5.04.16 - gossip w MM 5.04.17 - Flamingo + MM
Flamingo loves the magic mirror; though it’s kind of sad that he’s gossiping with a mirror.

5.04.18 - wake up Seaweed
And annoying that it’s in Seaweed’s room, so he’s waking up Mr Light Sleeper.

5.04.19 - Phoenix tamp
Phoenix really loves the trampoline. I spent a good three sim hours taking photos, trying to show one of the really complicated tricks, but didn’t catch any of them.

5.04.20 - Eponine baby girl
Eponine had another baby… 8 days before she turns elder. At least all her children are with the same father, unlike her twin brother.

5.04.21 - Penny promotion 5.04.22 - Sean promotion
Penny and Sean gets promotions.

5.04.23 - Cosette maxed handiness
And Cosette maxed Handiness! +1

5.04.24 - Sean pregnant
Good thing Sean is moving up the career ladder, she’ll need the extra cash shortly.

5.04.25 - woohoo Percy wish
Seaweed is constantly wishing for all the potentials; obviously he’s having trouble making up his mind.

5.04.26 - Percy makeout
But we’ll fulfil this one right away.

5.04.27 - military base woohoo
In the military base, since their tryst in the leaf pile didn’t work.
I have been googling, and apparently there’s a flaw with this LTW – only the woohoo spots available in and prior to LN count towards the LTW. So tents, hot tubs, beds, elevators, time machines and rabbit holes. Yes, I learned this the hard way, and had to replay a few sim weeks to ensure the next generation comes along before his parents are Adults.

And then I watched the following autonomous actions:
5.04.28 - flowers

First Percy gave flowers.

5.04.29 - massage
Then Seaweed gave a massage.

5.04.30 - embrace
And an embrace.

5.04.31 - snowman
Then they made a snowman together.

5.04.32 - destroyed
Which Percy promptly destroyed.

5.04.33 - reading with fire
This made me crazy happy; Flamingo finally uses the reading chairs in front of the fire for their intended purpose! Reading in PJs in front of a roaring fire is one of my favourite things to do in the world.

5.04.34 - sleeping on bench
Possibly I’m working my heir too hard… (and possibly I should take the moodlet manager out of Cosette’s inventory to give to Seaweed)

5.04.35 - Leliana date
But Leliana had finally accepted a date, so he had to go.

5.04.36 - woohoo Leliana wish
And immediately rolled this. Can do!

5.04.37 - Sabrina pregnant
Lol, Sabrina, you just had a baby!

5.04.38 - Flamingo jelly beans
Flamingo has developed an addiction to jelly beans… be careful, Flamingo, you don’t want to end up like Malissa Langurd.

5.04.39 - Sealiana hot tub1
Seaweed brought Leliana home to fulfil his wish.  Since their shower woohoo last chapter didn’t count either, they get to finish what they started in the hot tub.

5.04.40 - Maybelle son
Maybelle had another boy! So far all of Cosette’s grandchildren are boys…hopefully Seaweed can change that.

5.04.41 - love letters1 5.04.41 - love letters2 5.04.41 - love letters3 5.04.41 - love letters4 5.04.41 - love letters5 5.04.41 - love letters6
The potentials answered Seaweed’s love letters: looks like all of them have fallen for Mr Flirty.

5.04.42 - Giles date
Even Giles, who is yet to become Seaweed’s RI. Though we’re about to change that now.

5.04.43 - shy face
Love this shy look!

5.04.44 - first Giles kiss
And Seaweed is officially a manipulator. Stupid game.

5.04.45 - woohoo Giles wish

Another wish; other than Brennan, Seaweed has wished to woohoo every conquest.

5.04.46 - Giles woohoo
Wish fulfilled!

5.04.47 - Seaweed LTW

I didn’t zoom in quickly enough to catch the points, but that completed Seaweed’s LTW!

5.04.48 - synchro stride
Haha, synchronised strides of pride!

5.04.49 - Seaweed promotion
His sexual prowess got him a promotion, too! (JK, he completed another case)

5.04.50 - elder love1 5.04.50 - elder love2
I pretty much leave these two on free will now, and they’re very much in love.

5.04.51 - Seaweed looking for clues
He’s looking for clues in the snow…methinks that would be a tad difficult, no?

5.04.52 - Penny son
A third baby boy for Penny. Grandson/daughter count is now 5 and 0.

5.04.53 - Brennan + Percy
Seems that our potentials like one another, also. That’s okay, Seaweed cheated on all of you.

5.04.54 - Seaweed client
This is Seaweed’s next client, the first case where we have to fingerprint something.

5.04.55 - toddler with no face
…and apparently her daughter has no face.

5.04.56 - toddler with face
I tried a whole bunch of things to fix it, eventually had to take her into MC, age her up to a child then back down again. Now she has a face! And a very cute one, at that.

5.04.57 - dusting for prints
He’s dusting the TV for prints. Love the animations!

5.04.58 - townie woohoo
While Seaweed was downstairs dusting, these two were upstairs woohooing – you can see over the railing that the room is open to below.

5.04.59 - horny townies
Seaweed bought their kids two cribs, brought both children in out of the snow, then left. This is what the parents were doing that whole time. Seems the townies are pretty horny.

5.04.60 - Percy + Giles
Percy is cheating on both Seaweed and Brennan, with Giles…

5.04.61 - Cosette yellow
Looks like Cosette also got into the jelly beans.

5.04.62 - Penny pregnant
And Penny is still trying for her girl. Seaweed really needs to get a move on. Now that he’s completed his LTW and we’ve decided the poll, we will be working on the spouse.

5.04.63 - Sean triplets
Sean had triplets. Wow.

5.04.64 - Sabrina son
O.o and Sabrina is a father…interesting. I’ll have to check my SP settings, must be a byproduct of allowing same sex couples to have children through SP.

5.04.65 - meeting Penny's family
Since his target is at work, Seaweed went to visit Penny and meet her children. Looks like she has at least one more werewolf in the family.

5.04.66 - Quinton
This is Quinton; he’s a werewolf with Cosette’s gold eyes and Chance’s red hair. Behind him, the child is their first born, Heath (who is also a werewolf with Chance’s hair, and Penny’s eyes). That red hair sure is dominant, Chance was the Gen 2 spouse!

5.04.67 - Arthur
The first one to have Hank’s brown eyes! This one is the youngest, Arthur. He’s human.

5.04.68 - Cosette upgrading stereo
Ouch, that look likes it hurts! Cosette has wished to upgrade 20 appliance, so we’re working on that.

5.04.69 - Flamingo skee ball
Flamingo, he keeps rolling wishes to get so many points at skee ball.

5.04.70 - Brennan + Giles
And the triangle of male potentials is complete (four if you include Seaweed).

5.04.71 - Giles date
Right after the popup, Giles asked Seaweed on a date. Then he showed up as a zombie…

5.04.72 - playing basketball
The family is often awake into the wee hours of the night.

5.04.73 - interrupted
And the elders are constantly interrupting one another for fun times.

5.04.74 - igloo woohoo
I would not have ignored them if I were Seaweed.

5.04.75 - Seaweed's discoveries
These are all the discoveries he’s made; really in love with his RIs, this one is.

5.04.76 - Flamingo maxed fishing career
Flamingo finally maxed the fishing career! I’d given up on it, but he kept fishing on free will, so I sold what he caught.

504.77 - simself gifts2 5.04.77 - simself gifts1
Rad and Sean continue the tradition of simselves wanting the active heir.

5.04.78 - Cosette braking rocks
Cosette is being very productive on free will; and because she’s completed all the athletics challenges and doesn’t get fatigued, she’s just cranking out the gems.

5.04.79 - Flamingo jelly beans
Flamingo is not so productive. He’s already blue, and has just earned an adrenaline rush as well.

5.04.80 - 5 toddlers
The townies are doing a very good job at procreating; this one house (I think it’s the Caliente house?) has five toddlers!

5.04.81 - Penny daughter
Penny finally has her baby girl. And I will be changing that name right away, can’t stand misspelled names.

5.04.82 - Maybelle pregnant
And Maybelle is right behind her. Seaweed needs to get cracking!

5.04.83 - Seaweed promotion
He’s working on the other part of his heirship, at least. Up to level 7!

5.04.84 - party setup
It’s Snowflake Day, so we threw a Gift Giving Party. Seaweed and Flamingo photobombed my picture of the party setup; trying to get across the idea of pulling extra chairs and seats out of storage.

5.04.85 - nobody likes Julia
Nobody likes Julia 😦

5.04.86 - Percy swimmers
…wow, nice outfit, Percy. o.O

5.04.87 - Brennan flirting
Brennan really liked the view, so started flirting with Percy.

5.04.88 - negatives
Which didn’t sit well with Giles or Seaweed.

5.04.89 - hard finding seats
As always at these parties, there are either not enough seats…or maybe too many guests.

5.04.90 - Giles and Rad
Giles and Rad chose to sit in the kitchen to watch…not sure how they can see through the wall, but anyway. Sims logic.

5.04.90 - all seated 5.04.91 - present1 5.04.91 - present2
There were too many people to get many presents, but these are the popups the family received.

5.04.92 - Leliana daughter
Oh right, this was the reason Leliana didn’t come to the party. Better than arriving and going into labour, I guess.

5.04.93 - Seaweed scan room
I had Seaweed do a scan of the room, and Percy blew it off the charts! Also, Sean, nice one.

5.04.94 - killer party
Nice one, Seaweed. We didn’t do anything but eat and open presents, but it worked somehow.


Next chapter, you’ll find out who won the poll! And hopefully get cracking on the gen 6 heir.

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  1. First off, WOW, my simself is fertile. O.O Triplets. I mean, yeah, she currently has a ton of kids in my game, but they were all singletons! Also, wow, second highest attraction rating. XD Good job simself. But oh my word, Percy’s rating! That’s amazing! I have never seen a rating that high before. I knew I liked Seaweed and Percy together.

    FLAMINGO, COSETTE, you two better not pull a Malissa (even if jelly-bean ghosts are pretty). That’s seriously a no-no. I will be very angry.

    And that love square between the boy options and Seaweed.. wow. Guess they all have the same taste in guys? Gotta say, they all have good taste at least.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I have a mod that increases the rate for multiples, since I like them. But still, the triplets rate is like 1%, your simself is pretty damn fertile.
      Makes sense that all the boys have the same taste, since they’re all pretty similar – all three boys have the evil trait and are in the criminal career. Seaweed is the odd duck, lol, but his Rebellious trait fits nicely.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to see who won the poll! And congrats on completing the LTW! You made it look so easy! Now Seaweed, babies…. babies….

    I am really impressed at how well your town is procreating. That is a tonne of birth notices. Must have been a cold winter lol.

    I am in love with all of Penny’s children. The Rourke genes must be very strong for so few of the Zale genetics to show up. They are all ridiculously adorable! XD


    • That LTW was not easy; I played up until three days before Seaweed’s adult birthday and still hadn’t finished it, couldn’t figure out why. So I went googling. Much easier to finish the second time around, when I knew what I had to do.
      The Rourke genes are pretty strong; we’ll see what the kids look like when they grow up a little, maybe they got some Zale features other than hair/eye colour.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So many kids. o.O So many cheaters.
    Penny’s kids are sooo cute though!
    Seaweed is moving up his career ladder pretty quickly.
    I count enough seats at the party, they just can’t find them, is all. The chess table chairs would have been better, in the same room at least.


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