7.01 – Skills by Starlight

6.16.43 - Story topped career1
Last time, Story finally topped the business career, thus the family can now have computers and video games.

Generation Seven is finally here! It feels like Six went on for a long time, though picture-wise is was shorter than Four (Cosette).

And we have moved – to Starlight Shores! Frank and Jill made the move too, and were separated from the family into their own starter house (with the twins). Ivory and Helen Mist also came along, as did Velma’s brother and sisters with their own offspring and spouses. They’re no longer in the main family, but we will see them again at parties and such.

7.01.01 - new house1
Here is the new house; it’s a converted warehouse, which I felt was very fitting for Riff Raff’s personality. The shell was built by
Gelina, I just converted it to residential and added some walls.

7.01.01 - new house2
Overview of the ground floor; all open except for the bathroom in the corner. I chose to keep the metal flooring and brick walls, and used rugs to bring colour instead of putting carpet down. So there’s a lot less of the heir’s favourite colour than has been in previous houses, but I like how it turned out.

7.01.01 - new house3
First floor; the two heir bedrooms on the right have doors, as does the bathroom in between the kids’ rooms – but the kids rooms themselves don’t have doors. Until gen 7 complete their requirements, we are still abiding by the ‘one room per household member’ rule.

7.01.01 - new house4
Second floor is just displays of all the relics from Cosette’s adventures. Sarcophagi are up here too, so I imagine there will be some sleeping sims on this floor from time to time.

7.01.01 - new house5
On the roof we have a little writing studio for Hannah to work in, and skilling items on the open roof area.

Interior views:

7.01.02 - inside house1
Kitchen and bar area.

7.01.02 - inside house2
Lounge area in the middle of the room, with chess table behind the TV and bathroom in the corner.

7.01.02 - inside house3
Reading nook near the nursery area.

7.01.02 - inside house4
Actual nursery area.

7.01.02 - inside house5
Girl’s ‘bedroom’ – there is no door, and it’s open to the void below. Currently hot pink for Magenta.

7.01.02 - inside house6
Similar setup for the boys bed area; spice brown for Rocky.

7.01.02 - inside house7
The rainbow bathroom between the boys and girls bed areas.

7.01.02 - inside house8
Velma and Story’s bedroom.

7.01.02 - inside house9
Riff Raff and Hannah’s bedroom.

7.01.02 - inside house10
Relic display level.

7.01.02 - inside house11
Rooftop skilling area.

7.01.02 - inside house12
Hannah’s writing studio.

7.01.03 - greeting cards
All the greeting cards safely made the trip.

7.01.04 - ancestors
As did the ghosts; they’re now inside, because I could only fit a 40 x 40 lot in the space, and there’s not much room outside. Below each set of remains is a decoration to honor the heir’s personality/career.

7.01.05 - teens homework
Upon unpausing, the first thing the teens choose to do is homework, right out on the driveway.

7.01.06 - RR street art
Riff Raff gets to work decorating the blank walls.

7.01.07 - athletic ones
Story wants to max athletic, so she pumps iron. Rocky is now done with his homework and works on martial arts.

7.01.08 - view from roof
Here is the view from the roof; the lot is located close to the centre of town, on the corner of
Los Sueños Strip and Via Del Sol (near the billboard).

7.01.09 - RR mixology1
Riff Raff now has his very own bar to practise mixology.

7.01.09 - RR mixology2
He celebrated by making some skill drinks.

7.01.10 - Foul Skill Drinks
Not very well; more practise is needed!

7.01.11 - Magenta on fire
Magenta lit herself on fire at the invention table, but she can’t access the shower, because the inventing table is in the way!

7.01.12 - Story to rescue
Momma Story to the rescue! (and then we moved the table to allow access to the shower)

7.01.13 - Hannah's house
It took a few days before I remembered we had more to do than skill. Riff Raff goes to meet his betrothed.

7.01.14 - Hannah attracted
Attraction thought bubble, good start!

7.01.15 - ask sign
Not sure what conductors have to do with her star sign.

7.01.16 - compatible sign
But it’s compatible with Riff Raff’s, yay!

7.01.17 - Roxie criminal
Meanwhile, Roxie gets a very out of character job, and I realise I forgot to put in the movie studio for her. Fixed that right up!

7.01.16 - Hannah + RR gossip
Hannah and Riff Raff have progressed to gossiping.

7.01.17 - mean high five
However, a mean high five brought out his hot-headed nature, and he learned that Hannah is evil.

7.01.18 - inappropriate
She then decided he was being inappropriate, even though he didn’t do anything. He’s literally in the same spot as the previous picture. Weirdo sims.

7.01.19 - Frank Bot Workshop
LOL, Frank gets a very random job. No bot workshops in this town, have fun with that career.

7.01.19 - Frank married
He did waste no time getting married, though. And their name reminds me I need to change the marriage name to prompt, so we can keep track of the Rourke spares easier.

7.01.20 - Magenta upgrades
Back at home, Magenta is on an upgrading spree to make all the new plumbing self-cleaning.

7.01.21 - Rocky meditate
Rocky is meditating, since he’s fatigued from all the block breaking. Maybe it’s the lack of disciplined trait, but this skill seems to take forever to build.

7.01.22 - funny faces
Funny faces!

7.01.23 - give gift
And a gift.

7.01.24 - H+RR romance1
Leads to amorous hugs!

7.01.24 - H+RR romance2
However, further flirting attempts bring this face.

7.01.24 - H+RR romance3
And then he’s kicked out. Good one, Riff Raff.

7.01.25 - scary face
I missed the scary face shot, but Rocky laid a trap on the computer, and Magenta fell for it. Rebellious teenagers on a mood swing, so much fun

7.01.26 - Roxie movie career
Yay, much better career for Roxie! (that’s her LTW, in case you forgot)

7.01.27 - Hannah moved out
Oops, guess I should have put more beds into the spouse house.

7.01.28 - Helen moved out
Helen also moved out; guess she and her mother don’t get along so well. She’s already a YA, but Rocky will be aging up in a few days.

7.01.29 - new trait
Riff Raff is up to L8 of the Rebel social group! His new trait is Artistic.

7.01.30 - ghosties
Ghosties are out! Flamingo stole the rocking chair; Seaweed and Phoenix are unimpressed.

7.01.31 - Story raise
Story got a raise; the business career seems to have so many fun opportunities.

7.01.32 - Billy RI
Billy starts up again with the many romantic interests.

7.01.33 - Flynn distancing
Flynn, on the other hand, is not having much luck in the romance department.

7.01.34 - Hannah RI
Oops, and we better grab up Hannah before she’s taken!

7.01.35 - RR show gizmo
Riff Raff quickly asked her on a date. Then used one of his new rebel interactions on her: show gizmo.

7.01.36 - both artistic
With his new social trait, they’re now both Artistic.

7.01.37 - flirt accepted
This time, she accepts the flirt.

7.01.38 - HOTMK1
7.01.38 - HOTMK2
And the HOTM kiss.

7.01.39 - romantic selfie
Romantic selfie!

7.01.40 - girlfriend
And then they go steady. That should keep her out of mischief for a while. Padme is being a creeper and wondering what could have been.

7.01.41 - Jill party
Jill (Frank’s wife) is throwing a party. Maybe we can see the twins!

7.01.42 - dropsies1
7.01.42 - dropsies2
But first, he practises mixology a bit more. I
love the facial expressions with this skill!

7.01.43 - RR look out window
The ‘party’ is just Riff Raff, Frank and Jill. Riff Raff thinks looking out the window is the best option.

7.01.44 - talk to Frank
But Frank wants to talk.

7.01.45 - Reynaldo 7.01.46 - Qiana
Here are the twins! They both have Frank’s black hair and Jill’s high cheekbones. We bought a couple of baby swings for the house, so they poor tired toddlers could sleep.

7.01.47 - Magenta maxed inventing1
7.01.47 - Magenta maxed inventing2
Meanwhile, Magenta maxed the inventing skill!

7.01.48 - Magenta whoopee cushion
She planted a whoopee cushion in celebration.

7.01.49 - Ivory RI
Ivory snatched up Hannah’s old RI.

7.01.50 - Ivory boyfriend
And then went steady a second later.

7.01.51 - teens play tag
I forgot Childish sims could play tag! Rocky and Magenta both wished to make a friend, so they befriended each other.

7.01.52 - Magenta play in sprinkler1
Magenta then autonomously played in the sprinkler, and made some adorable faces.
7.01.52 - Magenta play in sprinkler2 7.01.52 - Magenta play in sprinkler3

7.01.53 - gem collection
We’ve also started on the gem collection; conveniently stored in the foundation, so we have plenty of space to lay everything out. These are just the cut ones that Cosette and co found in their travels. Velma’s new task is to cut all those uncut ones Penny found during her werewolf hunts.


See you next time!

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  1. gee all those gems hidden under the floor boards! >.< I find that so funny for some reason.


  2. Turning the warehouse into a home was a brilliant idea! I love the layout and it’s perfect for a sim like Riff-Raff. Glad to see the new spouse has been snagged, babies soon yesh?


    • The many many levels does get a bit annoying at times, especially with all the skilling things on the roof. But I do love how it plays, and there are no route fails, so plus 😀
      Yesh, babies very soon!


  3. I love your idea to make the warehouse into a home. People do stuff like that in real life, why not in the sims? I also can’t wait to see Riff and Hannah’s babies! >w<


  4. Very cool house! And that’s brilliant hiding the gems in the foundation! 😀


  5. Given how it’s an Apocalypse Challenge, I love the concept of a converted warehouse into a living space.


  6. Love the warehouse! I am so going to have to put my gems in the foundation now. What a space saver!


  7. Love the house, looks really nice. Loving the gems in the foundation, I’d never thought of doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It did get kind of annoying when the ghosts wanted to ‘view’ the gems, then stamped coz they couldn’t reach them. But it was a great way for me to lay everything out and figure out the cuts that were needed.

      Liked by 1 person

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