7.03 – Love in the Photobooth

Previously, Magenta and Rocky aged up, and Rocky was turned into a vampire by his girlfriend Helen Mist.

Yes, another post already; I am participating in SimNaWriMo at boolprop, which means I’m going to try and have as many updates as possible during October. I already have a bunch of pics (Hannah & Riff Raff’s children are now all teens in game), so just have to write em up.

Visiting a beach shack after graduation?

It’s an impromptu beach wedding! Gorgeous view, and such a Riff Raff thing to do, springing a wedding on his family.

Beach Wedding spam:
7-03-03-beach-wedding1 7-03-03-beach-wedding2 7-03-03-beach-wedding3 7-03-03-beach-wedding4

Strangers watch as well as the family.

Afterwards, the family catch some rays. That’s Rocky sleeping in the chair behind Story, and Velma is underneath an umbrella in the background.

Magenta? She chose a more eccentric location to lay out. Not sure there’s much sun under the verandah, but have at it.

7-03-05-sunset-romance1 7-03-05-sunset-romance2
I love this wedding so much. All the pretty pictures!

Aw, Rocky. Maybe I shouldn’t have had him nap in the sun?

Another nephew for Velma.

And another grandchild on the way also.

Smash cut to Love Day the next day.

The boys are starving, so they have to eat.

Velma gets her face painted as a bunny.

Then we can do the greeting card.

Complete with bunny face paint. As you do.

Riff Raff hunts for eggs.

Velma and Story have fun in the photobooth.

Rocky goes for pirate facepaint.

Then goes skating.

Hannah dances.

7-03-18-love-tester 7-03-19-naughty-but-nice
Love Tester; Naught But Nice, aw.

Magenta buys kisses.

And Story also elects for face paint.

First dance as husband and wife. LMAO, Story smustling in the background.

7-03-22-family-dance2 7-03-23-get-frisky
Getting frisky in the photo booth.

7-03-24-scandal1 7-03-24-scandal2 7-03-24-scandal3
LOL, her face.

Almost the whole family is on the dancefloor.

Except Riff Raff, who had to take on the bull.

7-03-26-rr-bull2 7-03-26-rr-bull3 7-03-26-rr-bull4 7-03-26-rr-bull5
He’s not as successful as his grandfather was on his first try.

Aw, Rocky.

He’s finally a vampire!

And goes straight to meditating. Only one more level after that tiny smidge in the skill bar.

Here are the photos Velma and Story took; they’re so cute! I wish there weren’t so many duplicates, but anyway.

Magenta found the nursery! Yes, I’m going to kick she and Rocky out together, so hopefully he won’t take too long.

Especially since we’re about to bring a new member into the family!

It’s a girl! Her name is Audrey; this gen’s musical is Little Shop of Horrors. She’s Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors. She also likes Geek Rock, Key lime pie and the colour black, like her mother.

Just a tiny bit more, Rocky!

And he’s done! Wow, that took forever. The disciplined trait is
so useful for this skill. Cosette did it while travelling, so it didn’t seem like as long.

Uhm…apparently Flynn broke up with her hubby? They only just had a child together a few days ago!

7-03-34-magenta-job 7-03-35-rocky-job
Grr, I don’t like this about SP – it pulls in people to be Riff Raff’s co-workers in the Art Appraiser career, regardless of suitability.

Riff Raff is doing well, I believe this is L3 in only a few days.

Another nephew for Velma! I do believe Billy is still with this girlfriend, too – that’s gotta be a record.

And now it’s time for Mixology spam with Riff Raff!
7-03-38-mix-spam1 7-03-38-mix-spam2 7-03-38-mix-spam3 7-03-38-mix-spam4

7-03-38-mix-spam5 7-03-39-story-maxed-cooking
That points photobomb is Story maxing the cooking skill.

Oops, I don’t think we got a notification about this – maybe because Helen was impregnanted in our house before Rocky was kicked out. Another grandchild for Velma and Story!

Ms Artistic Hannah keeps wanting to paint; it helps relieve her stressed moodlet from writing, so we allow it. Velma’s only wishes these days are to paint things worth more and more money, so that’s why she’s always painting.

Seaweed is downstairs watching over little Audrey.

Story is setting off all the traps the rebellious teens set in this new house.

The painting Velma is doing now is an insane version of the green palms in front of the house. The one on the other easel is an example of her creepy ones.

Velma is Spring Dance Queen? She barely danced. I felt sure it would be Hannah or Story.

Riff Raff is now at the point of his career where one of his metrics is “Artwork scanned”. He’s demonstrating how that works… it’s actually kind of annoying, because you can’t do it over and over again in a row, gotta wait a while, and I always forget to do it again.

On another note, he’s now maxed out the street art skill.

And Hannah has a promotion also.

The family is also now worth over $6.6m (stats thanks to nraas Tagger).

Hannah barely sees her daughter, but she’s about ready for another one.

Photobooth woohoo ftw!

Billy has moved on again.

Velma continues to paint creepy paintings.

Triplets, wow!

And this prompts both Velma and Story to roll up this one.

They already have 7, and 6 of them girls!

Speaking of grandchildren, it’s Audrey’s birthday!

She has Hannah’s hair colour!

And Riff Raff’s freckled skin, plus the giant Rourke eye shape, and Velma’s brown eyes.


See you in a few days for the next update!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. The beach wedding was gorgeous. I loved Hannah’s dress. Magenta sunbathing on the veranda, so funny.
    Audrey is so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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