7.04 – The Dating Game


Last time, Hannah and Riff Raff had an impromptu beach wedding, and had a baby girl.
Yes, another update already. I’m competing in SimNaWriMo on boolprop, and this is the bronze medal update! I’m finally getting through the photos I took back in August.

7-04-01-claw-attack1 7-04-01-claw-attack2
Now that Audrey is a toddler, Hannah has finally rolled a wish toward her daughter. Attack with the Claw is too cute.

But they still leave the real training to the grandparents. Also, Riff Raff and Hannah’s romantic photo is now added to the wall!

And what are the happy couple doing instead of training their daughter? Playing together on the seesaw.

Oh, but Hannah has to get off to show us than baby #2 is on the way!

These two are still so in love. They have both accomplished everything they needed to, so are on free will a lot of the time, and are always rolling romantic wishes towards one another.

Cutie cherries PJs!

Riff Raff is the first to use the little reading area I built just outside the nursery. For each pregnancy he has rolled a wish to read a pregnancy book, so here we go.

Audrey is not impressed with being taught to talk.

Hannah got another promotion, this is L6 already.

Aw, these two and their synced thoughts.

7-04-11-hannah-velma1 7-04-11-hannah-velma2
Hannah and Velma get along really well; it’s their shared Insane trait.

Aw, listening to belly is cute.

In the background, Story is gardening using the Modular Gardening boxes by Gelina (who also made the shell of this house). Since there’s not much room for a garden outside, this is the perfect indoor solution.

Flynn has another RI…not sure about his hat though.

Riff Raff also got a promotion, he’s at L4.

Hannah does parent on occasion; she has a better relationship to Audrey than Riff Raff does.

That’s because he’s too busy scanning artwork.

I sent Story and Velma out on a date; they’re at the revamped coffee house.

Story bought some drinks, while Velma fought off Mr Lefty.

Rainbow drinks!

They they played with the bubble bar.

And watched the stars.

Meanwhile, at home, Hannah is in labour!

It’s a boy! His name is Seymour, and he’s a family-oriented genius. He likes Seafoam, Dark Wave and Stir Fry.

With baby Seymour dumped into a crib, Hannah is back to enjoying herself. I love the faces she makes.
7-04-23-hannah-games2 7-04-23-hannah-games3

And then, apparently she was chatting to Phoenix?

While Riff Raff takes care of his son.

And Audrey poops adorably.

Family popups:
Barbara is Roxie’s daughter.

And Magenta has an RI. I feel sorry for her, I neglected her while she was in the house. Glad to see she has found love.

The next day, it’s Hannah & Riff Raff’s turn for a date.

7-04-29-rrh-karaoke1 7-04-29-rrh-karaoke2 7-04-29-rrh-karaoke3 7-04-29-rrh-karaoke4
Karoke spam!

The day club they’re at has a pool, so we’re swimming! Hannah in her outerwear, as you do.

She splashes him.

Then makes this very sad face.

They have a breath holding contest.

Hannah wins!

Riff Raff is
not happy about it.

I left them to their own devices for a while; Hannah chose to play video games.

While Riff Raff is oh so graceful in his ‘diving’.

Velma was invited to Ivory Mist’s party…except she’s the only guest (and it’s a full moon).

And Ivory proceeds to berate her. Geez, if you don’t like her, then don’t invite her!

Meanwhile, Story takes care of Audrey. First a ride on the bouncy rocket.

Audrey doesn’t want to get off. Too cute!

Then a story with Grandma Story! It’s been many generations and many toddlers, but I still love them so much.

Aw, Roxie is now an elder.

And Billy has yet another RI. Taking after his great-uncle Marius, is this one.

Hai Brillo Pad! I love that she still has the medieval outfit on, I can always recognise her.

Well, look who’s at the library? It’s Flynn the Bookworm.

She brought her toddler, Lamar (he’s the vampire in overalls with Brillo’s hair colour).

It’s Audrey’s turn for TSAL, with granny Velma watching over her. Not much room to put the books out near the children’s area in this library. But I don’t want Audrey to be too far from the potty, because the toddlers always take so long getting there.

What doesn’t take long is Audrey’s books. She even has time to play with unnamed townie toddler before Velma is ready to leave.

Hannah is accosted by Mr Lefty while out at some
very bright hangout.

And then she pops with baby #3!


See you in a few days for Seymour’s toddler birthday!


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Those modular planting boxes *gasp* Thanks for sharing! They’re so nice! Audrey is cute but I gotta say that Hannah makes some awesome faces!


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