7.07 – Family Bonding

Previously, we had much toddler cuteness, and family socialising.
Update #6 for October! I’m pretty sure I can get one more out by Monday, to get the silver medal for SimNaWriMo.

We begin with another birthday party. All three girls are aging up today. I invited a bunch of the children and teens around town, so the Rourke kids can make friends.

This is Alecia Chappell, she has some cool colouring.

Qiana Slayer-Bloom, one of Frank’s kids. She’s beautiful!

Manuel Martin has some interesting features.

This is Camille Mist, Rocky’s daughter. She has Story’s pink eyes!

The kids are being boring and doing homework.

Though the Rourke cousins found the video games.

Crystal interrupts Audrey’s birthday.

7-07-07-audrey-bday2 7-07-07-audrey-bday3
She was given Rebellious, as per the rules.

Audrey has an interesting look; Riff Raff’s eyes and nose, Hannah’s headshape and mouth. Since she loves all things nature, I went with a rough braid and summery/beachy clothing.

7-07-08-rr-promotion1 7-07-08-rr-promotion2
Riff Raff had to work during the party, and he got a promotion – he’s finally up to the split in the path. We chose Appraisal.

This blue cutie is Doreatha Terrey (weird spelling, I know).

She’s Padme Terrey’s daughter. I guess she got mom’s skintone with her dad’s position on the slider, that’s why she’s such a dark blue.

Seymour meets Alecia; she could be a good match for him in the future.

I was paying so much attention to the kids, I almost forgot that the twins are to be aging up tonight also. Story insisted on taking both girls to their cakes, Ronette first.

7-07-11-ronette-bday2 7-07-11-ronette-bday3 7-07-11-ronette-bday4
She rolled Star Quality.

So I went with that for her look, very child star and girly.

7-07-12-crystal-bday1 7-07-12-crystal-bday2
Crystal goes second, blowing out the candles with her grandma.

7-07-12-crystal-bday3 7-07-12-crystal-bday4
She rolled Loves to Swim.

Since she’s going to be in the water all the time, Crystal gets a summery look.

Before her twin is done aging up, Ronette is outside playing tag with the girls under the full moon.

Toddlers raised, Story has decided to check out of the Rourke hotel.

This is the first time I’ve had a ghost attend a death! Flamingo is shocked.

Death materialised outside, and came through the door.

I was unsurprised to see Story shake Death’s hand and go quietly. She lived a very long life, over 100 by last check.

The poor sad newly-childified twins go to sleep in their new bunkbed.

7-07-17-rr-maxed-photography 7-07-18-hannah-reached-25k
With all the kids now out of the house, Hannah and Riff Raff are very productive.

Oh no, the incest has started. Qiana is Frank’s daughter, while Lamar is Flynn’s son. That would make them…some kind of cousin-something-removed.
7-07-18-family-tree1 7-07-18-family-tree2
Seaweed is Lamar’s grandfather and Qiana’s great-grandfather. I’ll allow it for now, but there will be no incestual pregnancies in my game.

The first childhood afternoon for the twins is spent socialising. Ronette plays tag with her father.

While Crystal plays video games with her sister and mother.

Hannah rolled the wish, so I allow her to help Crystal with her homework. She looks really distracted.

7-07-22-hannah-promotion 7-07-24-authors-honor-trophy
Must be because she’s thinking about her next book. She’s now maxed the skill and received her trophy for $25k in profit.
7-07-23-writing-wish1 7-07-23-writing-wish2
And she’s continually rolling wishes for more books and more royalties. Makes it really easy to accumulate LTH.

The twins muck around in the photograph booth.

So cute!

The ghosts are always fighting over the rocking chair. Now that we have no more toddlers or elders, this is not neccesary.

So it’s gone! Now maybe they’ll do something entertaining.

Hai Velma! Her first reappearance.

7-07-29-play-soccer1 7-07-29-play-soccer2
She’s already showing up the other ghosts by playing soccer with Flamingo. No idea where they got the ball, though.

Rid of the rocking chair, Jess discovers video games!

They both rolled up the wishes, so Riff Raff will be the one to teach Audrey to drive.

Seymour is the first to discover the skeeball upstairs.

While Ronette has rolled up non-stop painting wishes since she aged up.

It’s almost Spooky Day, and Audrey harvested some pumpkins for everyone to carve.

Aw Seymour, why are you crying?

Oh, coz he messed up his pumpkin. That’s okay, it still works.

Here is the completed set; each child carved a different one (Seymour’s messed up one was supposed to be a cat).

And now for moar family socialising! Audrey and Seymour pillow fight.

Hannah and Crystal talk about hail.

While Ronette chases bandits.

Audrey and Seymour take photos as well.

Yay, no duplicates!

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  1. So cute! All the kids are very cute! ^_^ But I think Audrey might be my favorite at the moment, she’s very pretty.


  2. Audrey looks so unique ❤
    The twins are well, unique except for that fact that they're so very identical. It's so rare in this game that twins even look like twins.
    Aaaw, Seymour's pumpkin is my favourite XD


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